Kids Rooms

Cece and Elle's Room

One of my first experiences with long distance clients (true E-design/ without ever seeing the space in person) was a bedroom for twins girls. After having everything delivered and installed a while back I have been anxiously awaiting pictures. 

Last week this little gem popped up in my inbox:

First we should introduce you to the owners of this sweet room... Meet Cece and Elle (the most adorable twin girls I've seen since Mary Kate and Ashley. For reals.)

Seriously?? I know you're looking at the headboard...

For long distance clients the process is a little different. The client does a little more leg work on the front end- sending pictures, measurements, and inspiration images. 

With that information I come up with an initial floor plan and a presentation board that looks a little something like this...

I then mail samples, memos to the client to finalize colors, fabrics, bedding, etc. 

Obviously some things change from the initial plan once we get started. I always like to include atleast a few old, unique pieces and those require some searching. For example, I found these cute antique chairs at Scotts that I wanted to use in front of the window.

Perks of being a long distance client? You receive "insert Rachel for scale" pictures. Where you can really see the scale of the furniture-.... I'm basically a virtual Vanna White.

See.?? The chairs are small. Kid size.

And perfect for bla-bla dolls....

*custom game table painted "Borrowed Light" by Farrow and Ball 

*is anyone impressed that I know what a bla-bla is. 

*Headboards from Hickory Chair- available through RH, bedding by Serena and Lily, bedside table by Bungalow 5, lamp from Arteriors- both available through RH

*light from Ikea!

*view from the room- can't help you there* 

*Vintage suitcases from various different sellers on etsy. We had a mirrored top made for it. 

We are still working on this side of the room, but waiting on the right piece of artwork is never a bad thing. Chest by Bungalow 5 through RH; custom made bookcase tower, artwork through etsy; lamp base from Pottery Barn, lamp shade through etsy seller. 

I always say to keep kids rooms simple. Sure your kids will cry for a cobalt blue room and accuse you of trying to ruin their life... but that's besides the point. Think about the tone, the mood you want to set for the room. 

While the twin's room still feels young and full of life, it is also very serene and peaceful. Which is exactly what you want to encourage in a bedroom with two 4 year olds. If you took out the artwork, and a few accessories you'd still have a neutral palette to work with. And when they come in with their hot pink superman capes and polka dot beach balls?? There's your pop of color.

Ok, one more.. because they are just that cute. And so happy in their new room! :)

(Thanks to Fireflies 3 photography for sharing most of these images; and to my clients for giving me permission to show off their beautiful girls!

Virtual Vanna- don't wear it out. 


First things first-

The comments from my last post were so refreshing and honest- As I read through them all I laughed and cried. Thanks for taking the time to share the little snippets of your life that make you happy. Seriously... I am going to make y'all talk more often. 

On a totally separate note- I've been working on several bunk rooms and have been searching for inspirational images.

I'm referring to a bunk room as a room with multiple built in beds- they don't have to necessarily be stacked on top of one another. I guess I shouldn't call it a bunk if it's not stacked...OK now I'm curious...

Ahhh yes, a tier of berths. Thank you for clearing that up, Merriam

Anyway, you get the point. Maximizing the space to sleep as many children or traveling musicians as possible. Kids LOVE them.

If your budget allows I think building them out is the best solution for both function and overall aesthetic. 

Here are a few...

{above 6}; justine hugh jones; domino magazine; suzanne kasler; via material's girl; alys beach bunks via wide open spaces

{above 5}  via cottage living; via dwell; via elle decor; via flickriver/ pinterest, via swish and swanky

{above 5} giannetti via velvet and linen; bunks by Kelly Harmon; bunks by Steven Gambrel; Studio ohm via remodelista; bunks by Suzanne Kasler

{above 4} Tracery Interiors; Turner Davis Interiors; via pinterest; via nooshkids

{above 7} via marie claire maison; BPC architecture; via pinterest; Kristen Panich Interiors via twoellie; via the zhush;  Tracery Interiors; via Apt Therapy

(Bottom bunker 4 life)

Boys Room- Winner!

And you thought I forgot… :)

Just to recap: Two months ago (wow, that's scary) I posted a bunch of pictures of boys rooms.  If you missed it- click here. Y'all voted for your favorite(s). The judges deliberated. (my mom volunteered to count up the votes. Thanks Mom. I think she got the hint when she asked me nicely one day while I was up to my eyeballs moving the house, scheduling subs, answering millions of phone calls,TOTAL chaos-

 "Have you counted the blog votes yet?"-Mom

<insert jaw-dropping death glare>

"….. Hmmm… Ok.-Why don't I just do it."

Anyway, back to the game. If you're not familiar- I basically piece the winning room together on a budget. Yay! Game for me. Treat for you.


  A tie!!  between #6 and #17


Peter dunnham boysroom


 Kristen Buckingham  elle decor 

Nice choices!

I've noticed from past voting contests that y'all always choose the room with the best view and the most amount of built-ins. Either y'all are trying to torture me or y'all just have good taste. I'm thinking the latter… :) Obviously the #6 room is more difficult to recreate without a big window and a trim carpenter (unfortunately neither are on sale at Pottery Barn).

So, with that being said, I recreated a hybrid of the two rooms… a room that would last a while. Not too "baby boy" but still youthful and cute at the same time.

1. Slipcovered Twin Headboards in Espresso French Stripe from Pottery Barn {on sale now}

2. Garnet Hill skier sheets (Apparently these aren't available anymore? I'm not surprised considering I started this post months ago. Darn! But Garnet Hill always has really cute sheets for kids. Sheets are also the place where you can do whatever THEY want. Let the boys pick them out. If they are heinous you can cover them up!)

3. Quilted Pillows from West Elm

4. Wool coverlet from Ralph Lauren Home {on sale now}

5. Ceramic table lamp from Pottery Barn

6. Hand Embroidered Turkish Pillow by sukan on Etsy

7. Tribal prints from Panteek

8. Woven basket from Pottery Barn

9. Kilim rug from West Elm

10. Benjamin Moore HC-80 Bleeker Beige

GiRLs… coming soon.


Boys, Boys, Boys

Oh boys,…. People seem to get stuck with decorating boys bedrooms- whether they are age 3 or age 13. In fact, the difficulty increases with age. 

This calls for….. Voting time!!

Home magazine 

So, please cast your votes for your favorite boys room!

 If you missed out on the previous Super-fun game ..(-sometimes I feel ridiculous saying things like that- like I'm turning into a crazy woman who forces her internet friends to play this weird game she made up -that may or may not include quotes by Bob Barker ??)     I digress. If you missed out and want to check out what everyone voted for click on these:: (white kitchens) :: (twin bedrooms) :: (nurseries)

And like these previous posts you voted on - I will piece together the winning bedroom on budget! (to the best of my ability!)

So make sure you vote. (Even if you have no interest in boys bedrooms-(although some are clearly gender neutral) it's just fun to see what you guys like! :)

Here are the first items up for bid today  a few rooms that I think any boy (from tot to college Dude!) would like.


ANgie Hranowsky




Kids Room source unknown


Kids rooms via ivillage erin renzas


Lulu De Kwiatkowski via Lonny


Peter dunnham boysroom




Serena and lily


Victoria Borus Elle Decor 


Ashley Putman via decorpad 


Sg map boys room



  Via katy elliot


Bunny williams boys room


Tori burch sons room-



Anne Hepfer House & Home


Bilhuber kids room 


Kristen Buckingham  elle decor

Then Peter Pan is forced into to growing up… and he starts to show his true colors. (hints: wood, metal, footballs, antlers) 



Cheryl Tague



Berkus elle decor


House to home boys room

twenty- one.

Southern living boys room 



Elle decor hamptons house 


Chad Eisner House Beautiful


Via Apt Therapy 


Tracery Interiors Boys Room


Gambrel via flickr 


Which one will it be??

 Cast your votes in the comments section below.

And stay tuned- Girls Rooms are right around the corner.! 

(Come on DOWN!!!)


(Please excuse me- I didn't have the energy to cite all these but if you click on the picture the info/source should be in the window title. I'll try to fix this later.. Night!.: )