Who knew?

France Answers (Franswers)

The title of this post explains a lot about me.

a) I think it's funny.

b) I talk really fast- so in real life it probablydoes sound like Franswers.

c) The thoughts in my head run together, often merging and creating NEW thoughts.

d) I entertain myself with these things and quickly deRAIL. 

Where was I?

France Answers:

Thank you so much for your kind comments! Keeping honest- When I share a lot on the blog I sometimes wake up feeling.. sheepish. Like- oh no, maybe I shouldn't have included my dad doing a JIG. But your comments remind me that y'all actually like reading my weird commentary… and that makes it all worth while. So thank you for your feedback- it means a lot. 

I thought I'd answer a few frequently asked questions. 

 I love your boots! Where did you get them?

Thanks. I love them too. And I'm about to give you an answer that is just as annoying as "I got them abroad."… They're vintage. 

But the good news is: they are from Imogene and Willie in Nashville.

If you've never been to their store, you need to go. They are friends of mine- (actually I've had a crush on them since the moment I walked in and then I just forced them into being our friends. It worked.) But seriously, it's one of the coolest stores in Nashville… and home of hundreds of vintage boots and jeans. A few months back I did a last minute photo shoot with them, sporting their Chambray dress. They put me in some of their vintage boots they had lying around and I would not. could not. take them off. 

So they went home with me. 

They have plenty of vintage ones- all shapes and sizes. Give them a ring and they'll hook you up. 

Where did you get your green shirt?

Get ready…..


Mossimo Military Tunic in "seaweed". Nothing special.. but it's super comfortable and I liked the color. (and yes I like that y'all notice my Target shirt while I'm on the coast of the Mediterranean) 

Is your brother single?

Yes, he is.

Will he kill you for sharing that?

Yes, he will.

Can you share more of your mom's sketches?

This one she did of Shakespeare and Co.- 

She's good.  I'm going to convince her to open at etsy shop.  If it follows through y'all will be the first to know!

In other news...

When we got back from France we had a lot going on with our own house, I was playing catch up from all the work I missed, and Hoyt had one week of freedom before starting his job. One morning he asks "How can I help?" To which I spout out a million things that are running through my head, things that I expect to be written down but not necessarily executed in the way I delivered them (girls at the office call it my "word vomit"--- it's a daily thing.) 

I actually didn't think he was listening… but I found his little working "to do" list later that day: 

Hmmm.. Not sure what to think about the fact that the two NOT crossed off are still pending completion. But really- it's the list listening that counts.

We didn't have plans for the 4th but ended up sitting in a field with some friends watching the U2 concert in the Vanderbilt stadium. We could hear it perfectly and practically see everything. It was great...

It was a pretty laid back weekend which we both enjoyed thoroughly. (And for the record, we did kill the house spiders… and somewhat clean.)

Last week highlights in design world:

Wallpaper was installed in a clients house...

Love. Phillip Jeffries grasscloth is always so handsome.

That little side table to the right I actually spotted in an antique store in Birmingham- for a steal!

I thought the top was interesting but the legs were a little too traditional. So I had my wood guy make a more modern base that fits the style of the room much better.

AND these amazing counter stools I ordered for my client finally came in last week: 

Casamidy's Varenne Counter Stools in Perennials Pygmy Stripe Fabric. 

I'm obsessed.

diary of a trucker… or something like that.

It's June, folks. JUNE.

I had every intention of sitting down tonight a week ago and blogging about Linville, Camp Cousins, some recent installs, other lovely things. (And I will- I promise.)  But you know I love to remind you that my job/life is extremely UNglamorous. And honestly, after 12 hour work days I can't help but want to sit in front of the computer and mash the keys like a toddler. These are the things that run through my head as I try to come up with a decent post. Some complaints, some praises, a few things I hate (excuse me- my grandmother taught me to use "strongly dislike"!), a few I love, and some good ole' random thoughts.

I've decided I...

Strongly Dislike: Uhauls.

Yes, I drove one by myself this past week to a clients house. Had to get a few things down south prior to an install and just made sense (at the time) to take matters into my own hands. So, I tried it. And now I think it's safe to say this trucker has retired. Every time I jumped {a good 4 ft} down out of the front seat I felt like I was in the traveling circus. And my leg was sore for days from pushing the accelerator. Who knew?

Love: Cruise control. Missed it.

Oh, and LOVE: what was INSIDE the Uhaul: Some pics of a few...

An antique french chaise lounge- love the legs on her. 

A new headboard- this fabric is so much prettier in person. Wool heather gray with soft pink… Yum.

OK, back to complaints.

I Strongly Dislike: Cicadas. Ever heard of the Cicada Swarm in middle Tennessee? Neither had I- until a few months ago. Every 13 years millions emerge from their underground nests and swarm the air. It's kind of like Leap Year but with bird-size loud flying red-eyed creatures that look like this

and sound like this

And they emerge from the ground by the millions. 

They latch on to you when you least expect it. Today I was on the phone with a client and had my phone sandwiched between my shoulder and chin. Reached up to pull my hair in a pony tail and BBBRRRRRRRRRZZZZ A giant cicada nested IN my hair, rattling behind my ear. I screamed, yelled a very enunciated curse word, threw my phone across the room and did what appeared to be an African tribal dance across my office. Luckily my client is a local Nashvillian and didn't think anything of it.  Rattle-Scream-Cuss-Stomp? Must be cicada.

Although I do appreciate getting the experience of living through a natural insect phenomemon- who am I kidding- GO AWAY CICADAS.!!

Love: Home cooked dinners out on the porch with people I love. 

Cicada Enchiladas- dig in. I'm kidding, but some people aren't.

Love: little makeovers- making average things look fabulous.  

Tolias chair before. 

After a little custom fit mini-skirt in Donghia vinyl fabric (with a little sheen!) you get Sassy Tolias Chair! Form, Function, glam it up. Check.

That bird claw coming into the photograph would be MINE. I try to illustrate that the top slides off the barstool in an effortless, Vanna White way and my hand defaults to claw position., which I strongly dislike.

Love: Owning my own home.

Strongly Dislike:Construction on my own home. Especially when you don't have the time to manage it.  I deal with unreliable subcontractors and vendors ALL day long (everyone has their days)- and yes, it is difficult to manage at times. But now I fully understand the client's perspective. I become a raging bull when people are careless and forgetful with my home. We're having the roof replaced. Today I showed up at 7pm to a explosion of old rusty roof debris all over my kitchen. (A month ago I took down the microwave that goes above the stove and gave it to my electrician.) Exhaust fan/hole in the wall is still there- OOPS. Debris-everywhere! Sure wish I kept that microwave there. Minutes later I get a knock on my door- one of the roofers who doesn't speak English asking if he can use my microwave to heat up his dinner. I laughed. I communicated that actually I had ROOF on my stove and in fact, NO microwave. ROOF… ON THE STOVE.!! I think he thought I was speaking another language so I just gave him a fork and said I was sorry about his frozen dinner. I still feel bad about it. 

Love/Strongly Dislike: when my mom sends me text pictures of puppies down in Hale County, AL that need homes.

I'm on the market for a dog- a medium sized, rescue dog that desperately needs someone to love him or her. But I can't get one until July, so don't worry-Y'all have some time to help me.:) I would prefer puppy. I love labradors, golden retrievers, boxers, spaniels, any medium sized dog will do. However, I have found a love for a small little friend that lives with one of my clients named Cricket. She likes to show off when she just gets her haircut, so she runs up to me and snuggles everytime I come in the house.

Can't get much done with that face…

Love: The new Calypso Line at Target- I recommend their travel bags and their jewelry. Go getcha some.

I've been wearing these earrings non-stop lately….

Confession: I buy too much crap at Target. Not enough groceries.

Love: this photo I saw in some coffee table book I was perusing through recently: 

Despise: Packing and Unpacking within 2 short days.

Love: when clients turn into good friends and ask you down to their beach house for the long weekend. 

Rosemary Beach of all places- heaven on water.

Loved: getting to relax, enjoy the ocean, sit on the beach at sunset and drink a Corona while the sun goes down. 

Strongly Disliked: Leaving.

Although we did fly back from Panama City Airport (took ONE hour to fly back to land-locked Nashville! Love.)  

Thanks for listening to the Trucker Diaries. 10-4, good buddies.


I've been cheating on the blog… with Pinterest.

I can't. STOP. pinning.

Please join Pinterest so you can sympathize with me. It's highly addicting. 

What is it? not sure. I'm still learning to navigate it but it's basically a virtual pinboard. It's like the concept of ripping pictures out of magazines- except there are no magazines, or stacks of folders, or pages you can't remember where it came from. Like I said- addicting!

And you can follow each other too. So you basically just share inspirational, pretty pictures with people who appreciate the same thing. 

This is an example of my board...

And you can start folders about all sorts of interests- like this is my board called "Style"-

If you're wondering how I go about blogging and coming up with ideas- THIS is essentially what I do. Look through pictures, save them in folders on my laptop, and come up with blog ideas that pull it together. Pinterest is going to make this so much easier because it has the link from where I originally found it!! 

Here are some recent pictures I found pinteresting...

It's never.ending.!!!

So, please follow me as I PIN my life away!! (For research, of course.)

*the only set back is that it's like a darn club. You have to either be invited in or you submit a request for them to invite you. Oh don't worry- I did the latter. No cool kids over here. I knocked on their door and said LET ME IN. To no avail, I waited my turn and finally got the acceptance letter 3 days later. And the PINS came flying...

If you're having any trouble signing up- leave a comment with your email address and I'll see if I can send you an invite. 

First Home! And Opinion Game-Take 2

Happenings in the Halvorson Household: Hoyt and I bought our first home!!! We are beyond thrilled to be new homeowners. We have lived in 2 rented places over the past 3.5 years. Obviously, we've been comfortable but my heart has never been in either of them, which has driven me  c r a z y. (Good thing I can take my creative energy out on everyone else!!) But I knew that God had a plan for us and so we waited patiently until the time was right. A few weeks ago a tiny, old Tudor home in a fantastic neighborhood became available so we jumped. I walked in and immediately had that good feeling (which I believe goes a long way in home buying!) We are currently refinishing floors and painting everything so we can have a clean slate to move into in a few weeks. There's a LOT more to do- the old house needs work!- but I PROMISE I'll post before/after pictures as soon as the paint is done. Y'all will probably want me to shutup about my little cottage by the end of it. (click to unsubscribe?)

Anyway, all that to say- we are SO EXCITED and can't wait to share the process with you! In the mean time, I've realized that Hoyt and I have never really made many joint "design' decisions together. As visions of Jill Brinson's house dance in my head, I have to remember that only numbers are jumping around in Hoyts. So I thought I'd bring back the Opinion Game, a game I invented to help me figure out what my husband likes and dislikes. And apparently it was a hit- or so some of you say! (if you missed out on the first one: Opinion Game 1)

Here we go.
(I'm in PINK)  (Hoyt's in BLUE)

Hoyt, do you like this room? (I hold the computer in front of his face)

Atl hms

That's awesome. Nothing bad to say about that…

I take that back- The goose over the table is a little weird.

It's ART.

What about this room?

Via elle decor

Absolutely not.

Really?? ! I like it.

Looks like a hotel room in Vegas.-Wait, are you making me play that blog game again?


What about this?

That's awesome.

Does it remind you of anything? Any.. STORE?

… Nope.

It's a Restoration Hardware room. You really don't even glance at the catalogs- do you?..

Do you WANT me to??

Moving along.

Everything is great, except those chandeliers. I just don't like chandeliers.

Yeeaaahhh….. that's going to be a problem.


I LOVE chandeliers. We WILL have them in our home.

Ugh...I just don't like them. They make me think I'm old.

I'll make you change your mind- just wait.

Vincent wolfe via rue
Love that. That's really neat.

I'm not surprised you like it. A man designed this room. Do you want to guess his first name?

Mikel?-- I don't know... somebody Polish.

Vincente Wolf- he's genius.

Of course. Vincente would have been my second guess.

She's pretty hot.

I'm talking about the floors.

I actually think that's really cool.

Still talking about the floors….

OK, yeah- I like the floors.

Umm, I REALLY like that room. -Hoyt

It's pretty masculine, but a gorgeous room. -me

I love books… I mean, I LOVE books. They're the easiest decorating pieces-… right?

Riiight. (may or may not have rolled my eyes)

You like this kitchen?



Do you like the hardware?

Not particularly.

I like the simple, sheer roman shade….

(silence from Hoyt's end)

Do you know what a roman shade is??

Yes..A shade from Rome.

Ha! I love you.

.. But we're getting nowhere with this game.

Domino Oct 2006
Is it a bedroom?? I mean, WHAT room is that?? I'm so confused.

Babe, it's a den.

A den?!!!….I don't get it. It's a BED covered in painter's cloth.

You're right- it might be a bed.

These people need to make up their mind. Is it a bedroom or is it a den?? (clearly flustered)

*Note to self: Don't let our bedroom look like a den, or our den look like a bedroom. Husband. might. fall off his rocker.


I like this kitchen- you have an island and a table all in one spot. -me

Yup- that's awesome- Wait,.. is THAT a "chandelier"??? (points to the light above the island)


LOVE that!!! So.. I DO love chandeliers!! -Hoyt

I'm sorry, could you repeat that? I couldn't hear you.


Aaaaaand my work here is done. :)


 (1) Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles (2) via Elle Decor (3) via Restoration Hardware (4) Vincente Wolf via Rue (5) Tory Burch Home (6) via Saladino (7) via House Beautiful (8) via domino mag (9) AHL via delight by design 


Opinion Game

Sometimes I accompany Hoyt to his business school functions. And find myself standing in a circle with a bunch of people talking about equity markets. I smile and nod hoping someone will bring up a topic I can remotely relate to. ... or just hand me a drink.
Hoyt always assures me that if he were standing among several designers he would feel like an idiot too.

He usually doesn't care about house stuff and patiently plays along when I rearrange our rooms every 3 weeks. He pretty much keeps his opinions to himself and lets me do my thing.. which I am very grateful for! But he has to have an opinion- everyone has an opinion, right? So one night I tested him.  (I'm in PINK) (Hoyt's in BLUE) 

Want to play a game??  - me

... Not really. 

You sure?

Okay, what game...?

(I hold up my computer screen with this picture on it)

Bedroom_elle decor
 What do you think about this room?

Love it. Except- I hate zebra rugs...

 But I like that- ya know-headboard thing.....And I like those little lamps that stick to the wall.


.. yeeaah. 

Ok. What about this room?...

 I like the simple frame. It's not ornate..

You can be really honest in this game. It's your personal preference.

(He glances at my expression, making sure it's truly safe)

 The dog looks weird and the chandelier is ugly.


What about this?

LOVE that.

I like wood. Wood's good.

I pretty much love anything with tons of wood and metal.

Hmm.. Shocking! 

And did you seriously just say 'wood's good' ? 

Mirror sunburst083 

That's cool. I like red lamp shades.. I mean, who has those?? Can WE get red lamp shades? We can put it on that lamp-? (points to our floor lamp)

No, we can't do that.

Well whatever- OR we could get a green one to go with the-

No babe- let's stick with the lamp shade we have.


 It looks like Grandma's Pottery Factory. 

And what's so bad about that?


Not practical.

Fair enough. But I like it.

 Nothing about that photo I like. I mean... not at all. 

You know it's Chris Martin's dining room. 

Well his dining room must be from 1972- from the TV show Dallas.

Uhh... it's okay.?.... I like it.

Really? I thought you wouldn't.

Well, the chairs are the same as the---I need more contrast!!

(looks at me with a smirk as he proudly uses his new design word)

The bed needs to be darker too. Contrast. YOu know how I love contrast..

I think you just like to say your new design word.

That too.

Last one-

Elle decor mischka
I love that.

Me too. Glad we can agree on something. :)

 Does your significant other have an opinion about design?


(1) via elle decor (2) via veranda (3) via house beautiful (4) designer William Waldron, via Southern Accents (5) Designer Kathryn Ireland, via Veranda (6) via urban grace (7) designer Suzanne Kasler, via House Beautiful, photo credit: Frances Janisch (8) Badgley Mischka's kitchen, via Elle Decor, photo credit: Roger Davies

Another one bites the dust...

Metropolitan Home is shutting its doors. :(


There are no words.

Just pictures...

10-9-ron marvin 


ED07-0807_Turk-living_H met home 


Living room_art wall_Metropolitan Home via Point Click Home


Metropolitan home

Methome white


I pray for all the people that worked so hard for this magazine and are having to pack up their belongings and start over. Especially my dear friend Lenora Jane- who wrote in an email today:

 " I know 'when one door closes another one opens', 

                                      but damn- I did not want this door to close."

Neither did we.

We will miss you, Met Home.


Tree Hugging Home

Recently I got an email from a good friend about a very interesting home featured in The New York Times this past week. Have you seen it?


Architect Roald Gunderson and his family (below)


Is it just me or does he look exactly like Liam Neeson

Anyway, this talented man has made a career out of working with trees.


He built his home and greenhouse using WHOLE trees for structure after many years of bending and pruning them...

“Curves are stronger than straight lines,” he explained. “A single arch supporting a roof can laterally brace the building in all directions.”

According to research by the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, run by the USDA, a whole, unmilled tree can support 50 percent more weight than the largest piece of lumber milled from the same tree....(What!?? Crazy.) So Mr. Gundersen uses small-diameter trees as rafters and framing in his airy structures, and big trees felled by wind, disease or insects as powerful columns and curving beams.


Love this room! And love this fact:

“For every ton of wood, a ton and a half of carbon dioxide is locked up,” he said, whereas producing a ton of steel releases two to five tons of carbon. So the more whole wood is used in place of steel, the less carbon is pumped into the air."


<Talk about a railing design>

“I’ve taken 20 trees per year off one acre, for 12 buildings,” Mr. Gundersen said. “You can never tell that we’ve taken out that much wood.”

After he built the house for his family he built this solar greenhouse for his wife with thick straw bale walls...

and to top THAT off: Ms. Baxter manages a community forest project modeled after a community-supported agriculture project, in which paying members harvest sustainable riches like mushrooms, firewood and watercress from these woods.

I wish I had time to manage a project that cool. 

And I wish I had a greenhouse like the one above to nurture a garden. But as I look at my DEAD herbs I think I should wait on that...

Garden rip

via wide open spaces

Back to the amazing tree house...


"In architecture, how materials come together and how they are connected is really the god in the details," Gundersen said. "The connection is where things will fall apart," he said, adding that the crook of a tree "has been time-tested by environmental conditions for 200 million years."


Driftless Farm Bookend Branching Columns_small_crop_001

If anything makes me want to GO GREENthis article does. I have a heart for trees and it has always made me sad when I see one go. :(

 Powerlines, shmowerlines.

 Instead of knocking down trees why not build a house with them or around them?


For the Whole Trees Architecture website click here.

Click here to read the full article by Anne Raver

Photos by Paul Kelley for The New York Times

It's a Swing Thing

If you have been following the blog lately you probably know two things about me:

1. I have a THING for BARNS

2. I have a THING for SWING(s). Porch swings to be exact. 

I've been tearing them out of magazines, sketching up designs, blogging and daydreaming about a giant porch swing for YEARS.... just waiting for a client with an open mind and the right amount of porch space. Preferably porch space in or around a barn.

Well guys, my little dream has already come true. I've designed the unthinkable- A giant swing on a barn porch.       

Swing pic 

<This photo was taken a few weeks back when the frame was finished and hung- The builders had me stand on it to illustrate the SIZE of this sucker. <insert Rachel for scale> 


Let me back up...

and give credit where credit is due. This could not have happened without several key players:

1. The client- for graciously letting me design my dream on 25 square feet of his porch. (thanks RD)

2. The builders- for creating such an awesome structure based on my really rough sketch.... amazes me every time.

3. the rope-  I had a hard time coming up with a rope resource (there are no giant ROPE stores in Nashville, Tennessee-- shocking, I Know!!!) so I did what any 21st century designer would do- I googled, ordered, and hoped for the best. The rope ended up coming from none other than Christian's Fitness Factory. (who knew?) And it could not have been more perfect.


5. The Knot Magician- this key player was one I did not see coming. (Meaning- I did not plan for him but looking back I don't know what I would have done without him) So one day I show up at the barn and a guy named Leo (a worker there who I hadn't met) was sitting on the porch weaving a fabulous knot into our christian-fitness rope. I gasped.... "Hi!! WHO ARE YOU? AND HOW DID YOU DO THAT??!!!"

Ends up- Leo is from Mexico and his grandmother taught him how to weave this perfect knot. Valuable team player? I think so.


Once again, <insert Rachel for scale>

6. The Workroom- for making these cushions in such speedy time.


7. And lastly,  The setting- What's a good porch swing without a beautiful view?? <I can't claim this part>


This swing has been the highlight of my month... and it might even carry over to the next one. It turned out better than I expected and I owe it all to our speedy team:

We drew out the design, found a spot, measured for scale, built the frame, found the rope, tied the knot, hung the swing, picked the fabric, chose the stain,  made a template, rushed the cushions, fluffed the pillows, tested it out, took a picture..... just in time  for Halloween.

<insert Rachel for scare>

Happy Halloween!


Let's play Rachel

I went over to a clients' house yesterday to go over their new master bedroom plan. This particular client has a house full of excitement- five adorable young kids from the ages of 4-months to 11 years....never a dull moment! I've met at their home several times--- hauling in wallpaper books, carpet samples, fabrics, etc.- the kids always helping me carry things. Within minutes the table is covered with materials as the parents and I discuss their home. The kids come and go- sometimes the girls sit and listen for a minute, others just breeze on by with a posse of neighborhood kids following closely behind.

Today I get an email from the mom. Apparently, early this morning the kids were playing in their room and she heard Lucy (age 7ish) saying to the boys: "OK, now, let's play Rachel."

Mom popped her head in and asked, "What is 'playing Rachel'?"

to which Lucy responds:  "It's where this girl comes and designs a new house for all the playmobil people!"



If you are like Lucy you might think that my daily life is glamorous and fancy-free. If that is the case I have misled you! This blog tends to show the best parts of my job and the little tidbits of my life that are fun and entertaining. Well, let me give you a glimpse of the {ugly} truth: I haven't cooked a meal in months, done laundry, or even unpacked my bag since Rye. I am always at least 10 minutes late, even on my best days. I have rolls of fabric, lamp shades and misc. furniture spilling out of my car at ALL times. I take weeks to call my friends back and even longer to return some emails. I keep forgetting to feed my fish and my precious herbs are beyond dead. I moved my office out of my home so I could keep both of them clean and organized but now instead of one disaster-zone I have TWO. I continue to find myself wearing the wrong outfits to construction sites, lifting furniture that is 4 times my size, spending hours in a small bathroom with a plumber discussing toilet placement, or on the side of the road cursing at my iphone for giving the wrong directions to a meeting that started 10 minutes ago!!  SO, before you opt to play Rachel I would highly consider drinking strong coffee and wearing shin guards.

Playmobil knight 

You'd think I'd choose to unpack my bag before I sit down to blog. I can't really explain it other than blogging is like writing in your diary or scrapbooking, but better. Therapy for me, really. Did I own a diary before blogging? No. Am I still using the analogy as an excuse for not returning emails? Yes.

Trivial complaints aside- I love what I do. God has truly blessed me and continues to open new doors.. I am living out my dream job and for that I am extremely grateful. One reason I enjoy it is because I get a chance to work on all kinds of houses- each client challenging me with a different style.  Every project starts off with a stack of magazine pictures that eventually widdle down to one or two: the ones that either inspire us or just simply capture what the client loves. Here are a few of those images that I refer to often.... (let's play Rachel, shall we?)

TTN: the variety of styles

Spider chandelier brass 

Nathan egan 

Country modern 1 

Susan tully houseb

Sarah room

Bedroom riverside martha

Domino sept 07



Windmark 2

Is there a magazine picture you keep going back to?

Happy Weekend everyone.

And to all my playmobil people... Thank you for being patient with me!

(1) via domino mag (2) Nathan Egan (3) via urban grace (4) Susan Tully (5) source unknown (6) via martha stewart (7) Johnson Hartig via domino (8) Hattie Wolfe (9) via domino mag  (10) Phillip Sides, via Southern Accents....*and all playmobil pictures from their website :)

Garnet Hill Steps it UP

I used to associate Garnet Hill with J.Jill, L.L.Bean,and to be honest: Mom jeans. (no offense) But I was perusing through their website recently and thought- Daaaang! Garnet Hill's steppin' up in the world!

Either that or I am getting older.

Check out what I found for very reasonable prices....

Garnet lamps   Floor lampGourd  Spindle lamp  Simonpeirce lampQuiltT_Detail
T_Detail3 Zinnia shower curtainState fair pillow
State fair pillow2 
Perhaps a play off Peter Dunham's fabrics?

Go Garnet-!
Out with the Mom Jeans, in with the Cool Beans!

{Yup, I'm getting older.}