Tid Bits

Tid Bits: Progress

Just got back from a whirlwind trip to Scotts Antiques in Atlanta then directly to Montgomery, Alabama to check on one of my babies projects. Remember my whimsical/elegant client? Although all of the rooms are still under construction, I had to share some progress pics. 

Update: the marble is in, and the tile is up. I squealed when I saw it!

It. is. stunning.

It's such a happy kitchen. Can you tell?

More progress in the Master Bathroom...

*One of my new favorite combinations. Kohler's vibrant brushed bronze finish (this one is the Purist faucet) + calcutta gold marble = perfection. It seriously makes my mouth water!@ I know, I'm weird.

(disregard the sawdust and fingerprints--- oh the joys of construction!)

A glimpse of the master shower… which literally used to be a closet.

The wet bar...

*Soapstone hasn't been sealed yet but I already love it. See the tiny dark mark right above the faucet? That is where I licked my finger and rubbed on the stone. Once sealed it will turn that charcoal color and really show off the veining. (just in case you weren't familiar with soapstone)

And the den…

Which is quickly turning into my favorite room.

Yay for progress!

More to come… 

 Marble and stone slabs are from Artigiano Stone -New Orleans, LA; Master shower tile from Mission Stone and Tile - Nashville, TN; Kitchen tile is Walker Zanger Ashbury tile from Crossville Tile in Montgomery AL

Tid Bits {take 1}

I'm back. From a long weekend at High Point market.... It was my first time and I had a blast! I have many stories and pictures to share with you soon.

In the mean time... I was unloading all of my iphone pictures from my camera (since I took a million at market- as in-I exceeded the limit) and found old snapshots of random 'tid bits' of my work. It's hard for me to let go of perfection when it comes to these crummy phone pictures ("OH no, there's a trash bag in the corner of this shot. Delete.") but I'm beginning to learn that, for me, it's the process that is most interesting. So I'm starting a 'tid-bit' series- in hopes that you might enjoy some of these random "along the way" pics with me...

{take 1}

This past summer I installed some new outdoor furniture for a dreamy pool area...


Relaxing much?

And here's a custom table I designed and had made for a client- (Thanks to Woodstock Vintage Lumber!) I was so pleased with the end result...


Can't wait to show you where this table ended up- pictures to come.

A small swing, mid-construction:


A gorgeous custom light fixture installed... (inspired by one I adore from Niermann Weeks- unfortunately theres was too small for the space so we had a similar one custom made in town)

I'm in love.

Another thing I love to do is draw and sketch. (I'd like to think I get this from my mom.) I sketched a series of black ravens for a certain project. Sounds eerie, but hey- Tis the season!

Exhibit A:


I had them framed with old barn wood and crisp, white mats....


Then hung the series in a powder room...

See, this is where the iphone doesn't suffice. I'll have to come back with my real camera so you'll believe it's actually a bathroom.

Speaking of sketches...

Apparently I parked illegally somewhere- or in front of a store that didn't appreciate me walking right past them to go to dinner next door. So I walk out an hour later and found a folded note attached to my car. Anticipating a HATE message I was surprised to find a nice little drawing... that got the point across clearly.

I laughed by myself for a good 5 minutes...I kind of want to frame it.

And I kind of want to end this tid-bit post on that note. 

Be back soon with Highpoint pics!


(and be careful parkin')