Running with Cookies

First of all, thank you for sending in your resumes! I have been reading through them and interviewing like a mad woman and am happy to say that the position has been filled. I have found someone that I think will be a great fit! More later. But I can't thank you enough for your interest- it means so much to see people excited at the thought of joining our little team. I'll hang on to the resumes I received and keep you guys posted if anything opens up in the future.

In other news.....So Instagram sold to facebook for 1 billion dollars... Which leads me to believe that people really DO just want to see pretty pictures. Pinterest? Fasting growing website EVER?! Pretty pictures.

Pretty pictures + personal pictures. 

Which all happen to be on our phone. My phone pictures fall in these categories: Finley, orders that come in damaged, furniture finds, my clients kids, concerts, food, and trees. The billion dollar industry at it's best...

You know you live around great people when you try to go for a run and you end up outside your down-the-street neighbors house with a bag of homemade Snickerdoodles.

Crap, now I'm the girl that runs with cookies. 

I found this old front door for a job just outside of town...

I took Finley with me to see the progress...

He did not last long...

Why doesn't he get tired of digging a hole to China Murphy,the lab next door? 

Speaking of a minor disaster...A little rearranging in the office...

A tornado-warning-turned-hail storm while stuck at a client's house...

And then I furberized my puppy... and pretended we had created a new friend for Finn. He was not into it... AT all!! I guess it would be like if your hairdresser swept up all of your hair after a big haircut, put the hair in a bag, and continued to show you how to play peakaboo with your mound of old, wet hair. 

Yuuuup. I deserve this look...  

Oh, this is when I go shopping at Scotts in Atlanta alone and feel sorry for myself. I send pictures of the moon at 5am to Hoyt. 

I end up having a foggy recollection of what I buy this early in the morning. Like these chairs for example... 

Don't be fooled. This is my golden hour!! I have high hopes for these two. 

Went up to NYC and Brooklyn...

Got to spend quality time with best friends I haven't seen in years,

and go to our friends "gig" at Madison Square Garden... (which was amazing!)

After a weekend of partying with the rock stars I found myself in the middle seat on the airplane staring at this SkyMall man with envy. To heck with the tool belt, I'll take a SkyRest thanks.

 And a teepee in my backyard...

On the way to Easter in Birmingham I crammed my car full of things to take down to Alabama for delivery. 

Finley was pushed to the front seat where he quickly realized he is too big to curl up anywhere so he began to bob in and out of sleep looking exactly like an uncomfortable human on an airplane. "I've been there, I told him. Trust me- I took pictures of the SkyRest and am now blogging about it. Try pushing your face on the glass."

While taking this packed SUV down to Montgomery I made a pit stop in Birmingham to see my family... who welcomed me with LOSER signs on their foreheads.. how nice.

Over Easter break I did a lot of... laying around with dogs. My work weeks are overwhelmingly busy so it's nice to go home to my parents house and be able to REST, eat healthy and recharge. Which is exactly what I did...

Then I went on to Montgomery, where my newly pregnant client thinks it's appropriate to sit on the toilets in the Fergusons showroom and read the news. Anyone want to tell her she can't sit there? ... didn't think so.

I wore a Brazilian headdress and did my neighbors zipline upside-down this week. Chicken with its head cut off? The girl that runs with cookies?

Might be best to stick to blogging.

But before you go....

I stumbled upon this in my photo library- it has been making me laugh for weeks.

A self portrait of the Finn man himself: 

Hmmm... a mystery how he managed to hold the camera out in front of him with muddy claws and no opposable thumbs. But nevertheless, the best picture in my phone. 

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for all of you who have emailed or called recently- thank you for bearing with us. We are working hard to get to everyone. We have been transitioning email accounts so if you haven't heard a response please try re-emailing us at mary(at) Thank you!

Loved like crazy

This weekend I went up to visit my precious nieces and nephew that live in Louisville..  


Every now and then I take off my career woman hat and put on my Auntie Rach hat. It's one of my favorite things to do because my full time job is to love on these munchkins... and squeeze on those little thighs (seen above). 

Don't get me wrong- I know a house full of kids is hard work. It's non-stop and tests your energy, patience and... I'm getting tired just thinking about it. If any of you are stay-at-home parents, props to you! 

But all tantrums aside--- their joy is contagious... you can't deny it.

So here are some pictures I captured this past weekend mixed with Sugarboo Designs artwork (a company that I fell in love with at market- and you will too!) and some other random tidbits...

Picture 4 


Picture 6 IMG_7465 


Picture 2 Picture 5 

Picture 7 


16_TangerineRope_M 20_MagentaBead_canvas_M 20_PinkFlower_cvs_M 

IMG_7451 Picture 13 6a01156e5d7bde970c01347ff7c359970c-800wiIMG_7512 

 Picture 11 

 IMG_7485  Picture 9


 Picture 8 Fuchsia


( uh oh ) Can't help but laugh at Miss Thang. 

Picture 10

All kid photographs by me ( Except that last one- that would be Julianne/Super Mama!.. You've seen her before on the blog- here)  

 This is ( my camera ), I never use a flash, and I'm still learning. :)

All artwork and signs by Sugarboo Designs; navy/black stripe rug from william sonoma; pillows from hable construction; lamp from stray dog designs; pink/orange fabric from Quadrille via house beautiful; hot pink moroccan pouf from John Derian

Hanging Advice

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I saw this picture in the most recent anthropologie catalog and thought it captured my excuse quite well:

<except that I don't look near as cute as that little precious>

Switching gears....I've been wanting some sort of change in my home and this usually results in me rearranging artwork and pictures. Why? Because it very often requires no money, it is instant gratification, and it always makes each room feel brand new. It does not have to be artwork- it can be anything that hangs on a wall: mirrors, photographs, sketches, pictures, quilts, you name it. Here are a few things to keep in mind when hanging artwork or picture walls:

1. *One of the biggest mistakes people make is hanging artwork too high or too low. The center of the piece  should be 66" from floor. So basically it is hanging at eye level (on an average person).. if you are taller than the average person, hang it a touch higher. You're the one who will enjoy it every day so hang accordingly. 

Elements of style art 

via elements of style

2. Try to avoid hanging photographs (or anything with glass) in spots that get direct sunlight. You'll end up seeing GLARE more than anything...

Picture wall ED031 

via Elle Decor

3. When you are hanging mirrors on a wall make sure they are positioned in a way that does not reflect the ceiling... Who wants to see the ceiling??

Picture wall Domino025

4. Position them on the floor in front of the wall before you hang!! This is where most of the rearranging happens. When it comes time to hang I usually start with a middle piece and work out from there. For a quick tutorial on how to do it the right way: click here.

1miles redd
miles redd

5. Use a leveling device*- your eyes will undoubtedly play tricks on you. Which brings up my next tip- as much as hanging pictures makes you want to drink alcohol and curse at anyone who offers help, keep away from the glass of wine. There's nothing worse than tipsy pictures :)

6. Use picture frame bumpers to prevent your frames from sliding around every time someone slams the door or sneezes.  They are right next to the picture hooks at Target. You put two at the bottom 2 corners of each picture frame- (i like the clear ones)


7. Most importantly***- Find the style you like. There are many more tips when it comes to hanging pictures and artwork but it depends on the look you are going after.

Do you like this look?


Design esquire 

or this look?

Picture wall domino035 

 Lana beale designer 

(1) Erin Martin (2) Steven Gambrel (3) via domino mag (4) source unknown

Let's do that again. 

Do you like this look?

Style court 


or this look?

Dominomag blue room
Picture wall SA028 

(1) via style court (2) via velvet & linen (3) via domino mag (4) via Southern Accents

To be honest I usually opt for the 'mix it up' walls... but this week I am really liking the more structured hanging style. There's something about that simple continuity that is speaking to me. 

So, what picture wall style do you prefer?

Martha stewart 

image via martha stewart