Notes to Months

Note to Year {2010}

Dear Two Thousand and Ten,

It's time to say goodbye.

Just when I got used to writing you down,

you leave me high and dry.


You were a good one, and I'll try to recap-

but there is no way to attest.

The adventures of this year- seriously-

I've never felt so blessed.

Market trips and antique shows-

I've become quite the scout.

But after a full day of shopping,

I'll admit- I get WORN out.


Wrapped up some projects and started new ones,

Taking (few) pictures along the way... 


Lots of work and travel, 

including a trip to Santa Fe.

SF sky

Fell even more in love with light fixtures,

and porch swings- for an outdoor recline.

So I decided I wanted to make my own

and dabbled in product design...

Screen shot 2011-01-02 at 9.56.32 PM


We experienced a FLOOD in Nashville-

Boats were cruising down streets.

Then suddenly it was summer

and we fled to avoid the heat.

Went up to New York and the Hamptons

IMG_8575 IMG_8878
and on tour with Brooks & Dunn-!

Then back to Nashville to find a familiar face

on the cover of Garden and Gun. !

Spent some time outdoors,

fishing with my favorite guy-


Planned a big party and a "Haunted Trail" 

IMG_0452 IMG_1581IMG_1583 

And that mask makes me want to cry.


I've moved to a bigger office

piles of fabric books galore.

But I don't care how messy it is,

I'm happy to spread out on the floor! 



This year I've struggled with balance-

business woman + friend + wife,

but I listen to the advice of my coffee mug-


"Don't let your inbox run your life!"


Just went to Sunny California to visit Hoyt's family-

it rained the entire time!


then down south to Alabama- 

first White Christmas since 1889.


(OKay it was 1880-but a girls gotta rhyme.)

For me, the best "recharge"

is time with the people I love.


So tell 20 11, I'm officially ready  !!

Well….. sort of.



{note to months} September/October/November

Dear September thru November- oops, I dropped the ball.

I said I'd do a note each month but, alas, it's already fall.

I barely found time to blog, much less write you a letter

but Autumn is my favorite season!.. does that make you feel better?


Now Thanksgiving break is behind us

and my office is in complete disarray-

but the good news is, these past 3 months-

I have learned something new every day:

1. There are not enough teal fabrics in this world - I, for one, can attest,

Turquoise fabrics
and no matter what the sources say, simple is always best. (2)


3. When you finally receive a chandelier, 

and before you watch it glimmer,

make sure it is hung in the perfect spot and put it on a dimmer.


4. Whenever you fold your laundry 

and put your clothes where they belong

if your mismatched sock pile looks like this-

 something is clearly WRONG.

5. When packages arrive for clients,

 don't throw the box away yet!

instead cut out a window and Voila! A home for your pet.


6. When magazines go out of business 

and you cry out for the sake of design- :(

Be hopeful for the future and check out this new mag online:

Lonny mag

7. If the bad weather keeps bringing you down,

 making you quick to complain

buy yourself some killer boots and you'll find yourself praying for rain.

8. When you go to the flea market and find nothing

your plan B is totally wrecked-

Take some time to walk around and appreciate what others collect...


9. Spend quality time with family (my nephew & 2 nieces below)


And watch this modern one on ABC- it's definitely my new favorite show.

Modern family

10. When you're working hard on a jobsite

 and the problems keep getting thicker,

No matter what happens my friends-

Don't turn to the LIQUOR!


Things got hectic through {you three}

-I guess the days of boredom are gone.

So tell December that I'm ready.

 The holidays??? Oh please... Bring it ON!

 <Lonny mag photo from their website; rest of photos by me>

{note to month} August

-since you liked my last note-to-month so much, I thought I'd do it again. Once a month, a little recap rhyme. Hold me to it.-

Dear August,

I feel like it was yesterday-writing a note to July-

You two get together and manyou fly by.


Enough activity for one month- and a little rain
but you ended a good summer so I really can't complain.
Week 1 kicked off with a trip to Carolina-
with hiking and picnics- <TTN: the fine china>

Naps on the porch, cheese and Melba Toast

dressed up like bears..?
- well, that's for another post. :)
It was hard to leave- and I'm sure you're aware
but you're a heck of a lot nicer with the weather up there!

Back in Nashville, I wanted to cry 
when Hoyt left for his first day at business school (bye!)

As for me? Back to work- and right back on my feet-
forgot to water my herbs, then blamed it on your heat.

{..oops }
Went to Crossville with a client and stumbled upon heaven-
(miles of flea market tents right by the seven-eleven)

I did a lot of shopping, and sifting through some junk-
and spent most of {You} with this wheelbarrow in my trunk-
three page TO DO list...really, you'd be appalled.
but a great day at a jobsite- countertops were installed!
Countertops smartt 

One of my friends got a puppy- I was aching with jealousy
Nothing cuter than a baby lab- so I had to go by and see...
OH mygsshhh- I want to squeeze him, and pocket his puppy smell
Right up there with the countertops- he made my month as well.


Although you worked my b*tt off, August
I've never felt as blessed as I do.
So before September shoves you away
I gotta say..... Cheers to you.


*all photos by me, and yes- you are allowed to use the puppy picture as your desktop background. (join the club) Catherine- thanks for letting me publicize your puppy. Puppy publicity.