Trad Home / My Nashville Tour

Recently TradHome asked for me to be their tour guide through Nashville for a day highlighting my favorite local shops, venues and artisans. After five years of living here I have fallen in love with this city and have found some truly special spots. I was thrilled to get the chance to show them off.

What is Tradhome?: TradHome is the fairly new online magazine that is a collaboration between Traditional Home and Lonny. If you like this blog you will love this magazine- trust me. 

They sent over photographer Colleen Duffley, (that has shot for every cool magazine you can think of!) to follow me around Nashville for a day. And I mean one FULL day. We hit it off immediately and had the best time running around town in her assistant Kevin's pickup truck. Colleen is so talented- as you flip through this entire issue you'll see what I mean. 

We went by my favorite spots including Peter Nappi, The Perfect Pair, Imogene and Willie, Preservation Station, Burger Up, etc. This city has so much to offer it was hard to narrow it down!

Sign of a good photographer...

I know, I may have you intrigued with the popsicles and the antelope. Read all about it in the new TradHome magazine:


10 pages full of pictures and the adventures of our day (my hit list) can be found on page 164. Followed by two local homes by the talented architect Bobby Mcalpine and designer Ray Booth. As always they do not dissapoint. And I am beyond honored to represent Nashville with these two. 

The magazine also highlights San Antonio, Washington DC, and Scottsdale- with gorgeous homes by David Michael Miller, Mary Douglas Drysdale, and more. 

This issue is really good. 

Check it out.

...And I hope you enjoy my favorite Nashville spots!

Y'all come back now,

All photographs by Colleen Duffley Photography. She's also in charge of studio b.- a creative venue that brings together the best of the best and the up and coming in the fields of photography, art, design, literature, food, and wine. Brilliant idea. 

Lifting Up Nashville- A Flood Story

As most of you know Nashville experienced a record-breaking flood back in May. (If you need some background/ or have time- watch this video.)

It truly was a disaster. Some places were hit a lot worse than others. Houses were completely gutted with ruined possessions stacked into a trash pile in their front yard- for weeks, even months.  I wanted to help (in ways other than sending in money), but didn't even know how or where to start. 

The week after the flood I got an email out of the blue from Katie, a loyal blog reader and a recent victim of the flood. She explained her situation... Recently married. Living in their very first home in Bellevue right by the river. The water came through the windows so suddenly that they had minutes (literally) to grab their dogs and run for safety. They were able to make it to a family friend's home and turned on the TV to find the news zoom in on THEIR house. They sat there in shock as they watched their beloved home go under water... 

(their home is the middle one, and this was MID flood)

I find all of this out later but in the initial email Katie basically said, "We lost our home in the flood... and we're trying our best to piece it together. I'm overwhelmed. And was wondering if there was any way you could help me with some design advice- ?"

Are you kidding?- an answered prayer! I called her immediately. 

She told me how scared she was. And how the waters came up above the lower kitchen cabinets, ruining nearly everything on the bottom floor. Once they were finally able to make it back into their home (after the waters receded) they walked into an eerie MUD pit- 


 that didn't feel a bit like home.

Katie kept saying: "I know I'm grateful to own a home, but the thought of moving back into the exact same house where we ran for our lives makes me sick to my stomach." 


Honestly, it made me sick to mine just hearing her shaky voice over the phone. After a long discussion I insisted to meet them at Lowes one day to help knock out the decisions.

And we did. We were running around Lowes making selections right and left! Extreme Makeover- Super Speed Edition. (It was fun!.. right guys??:)

The kitchen used to be really dark so I knew lightening it up would make a huuuge difference. They were able to salvage their granite (yay!) so we picked neutral paint to go with it. Katie also has a great eye for design and she did a lot of this herself, so it was really fun to work with her.

Ok, I'll stop talking. Before & After pictures are much better!



after !!


To save some money, we decided to leave the doors off on one section of the kitchen. I think the open shelving ended up adding a lot to the room.


after !!




(this was all Katie- she picked out those awesome lamps at a flea market. I love them.)

before (master bath)








after !!




Remember the cool posters designed to raise money for the flood? They are perfect for this spot. 


I cannot take credit for putting this home back together. A wonderful team of volunteers worked long hours (of manual labor!) to rebuild it. Not to mention- Katie and Austin (above) poured their hearts into putting comfort and life back into their home.  I just helped with selections, made new friends, and blogged about it. :) 

So, you can join me in saying:   Welcome home, Katie & Austin!!

(Bus Driver, Move that Bus !! >?)

Happy weekend,


THE DETAILS: (all from Lowes, who were supporters of the flood, where Home Depot was NOT)

Kitchen cabinet paint color (and trim): Valspar, Del Coronado Taquila

Living Room & Kitchen walls: Valspar Light Raffia 

Bedroom walls: Valspar, Cincinnati Hotel Brigg Beige

Bathroom walls: Valspar, Bay Sands

Bathroom tile: American Olean, white ceramic, 3x6 

Kitchen hardware: Gatehouse bronze cup pulls and knobs 

Kitchen pendants (another one of Katie's fab selections!): Ballard Designs! You can pick a fabric.



 I have had several people email me when they are coming into Nashville for a weekend wanting to know what home decor shops they should hit up. I have lived here for 3 years and still feel like I'm being introduced to new stores. But, for what it's worth- I have compiled a list of my favorites.

First of all, if you want to know hot spots in this town you need to visit my trusty Nashville blog- Style Blueprint. You'll find everything you need to know about the hip spots in this town. I basically stole most of these pictures from their blog so a big THANK YOU to them for doing all the busy work and going above and beyond.

(And because I feel for all of you who are directionally challenged like myself -I linked the titles to the maps of each place. If you click on the name it'll take you to the spot on google maps.)

Now, let's go shopping!

In Green Hills you'll need to go to Bandywood Drive...



Owned by Meg Turner and Becky Webb, Digs Interiors recently opened their very own retail store.  You'll see beautiful antiques, lighting, and other unique finds. (I've always been jealous of the name they chose for their interior design firm- Digs. So clever and catchy!!) Oh, and they're also on Taigan

Then right across the street you'll find AshBlue

Screen shot 2010-07-11 at 12.49.02 PM
It's a really cool store that has everything from furniture to jewelry. Great gifts! You can also shop online- here.

And before you leave Bandywood go by The Perfect Pair. My good friends, Casey and Whitney, own it and they have the coolest shoes in town. Seriously, you can't leave Nashville without a good pair of cowboy boots!

Screen shot 2010-08-01 at 9.17.16 PM  Screen shot 2010-08-01 at 9.28.11 PM

Now on to Berry Hill...

Gilchrist & Gilchrist

 shabby chic, vintage, charming

You walk in and feel like you're in a winter wonderland. Gina, the owner, is so helpful and sweet. You've seen her fabulous house before in this Christmas post!

 Seriously- you can't help but smile when you walk in. Especially when the face that greets you at the door looks like this:

That's Norman.

Next door to G&G you'll find an equally charming store-


Amy and her husband Earl Smith have an eye for style. Their taste is spot on! If you love this blog you'll love this store. Trust me. 

On 8th Avenue...
A la Maison

Screen shot 2010-07-11 at 1.19.15 PM
French style with New Orleans flair

This store always has something to offer. Lots of quirky antiques, beautiful artwork, and unique accessories- and I find that they are very affordable!  

Down the street you'll find....

Preservation Station

Preservation station 

Full of architectural antiques that will make a statement in any room... old salvaged doors, chandeliers, mantles, newel posts, hardware, the list goes on... I love to add pieces like this to a home. It adds instant character!

 If you like this sort of thing then you'll LOVE

 Garden Park Antiques

 It's kind of off the beaten path but only because it's attached to their giant manufacturing facility. Think goggles and propane torches.

 But what's better than a hidden secret resource? (Consider yourself an insider:)

Everything is grand, large in scale, and jaw dropping.

Screen shot 2010-07-11 at 1.53.32 PM
Keith Merry, the owner, is a master artisan. And he has the eye to go with it!! He's also really fun to collaborate with. Here's a custom outdoor coffee table he just finished for one of my clients...

Coffee Table 

(shop online here)

If you have time and you really like to shop you need to venture out to Franklin, TN. About 30 minutes south of Nashville, this quaint town has SO much to offer!

Scarlett Scales

 When I first saw the outside of this store I knew it would be one of my favorites.

Screen shot 2010-08-01 at 9.49.26 PM 

If you've ever been to a flea market you've probably felt overwhelmed at some point and thought "Gosh, I just wish someone would pick out all the good stuff FOR me." Well, good thing Scarlett has done it for us! She has such a unique sense of style... and is sweet to boot.

(why yes, that would be me in the background- from when I went shopping with Liza. I told you I stole her pictures! :) 

Next door is the Arbor Antique Mall.

If you're the type that likes to sift through junk to find quirky things (ME, Me!!) then you'll love the antiques stores like this one. There are several great ones on that same street that will keep you entertained for HOURS. (i.e. leave your husband at home for this one).

A funky old typewriter?
Typewriter RH

or a creepy clown mannequin? Yes please. 


The Iron Gate

This is probably my favorite store in the Nashville area. If you want to know what my style is... this is it. I will gladly take anything in that store and put it in my own home. 

You can atleast come home with one of their amazing candles.  

Screen shot 2010-07-11 at 1.52.12 PM

I'm SURE I left out some great stores but these are the ones I go to most often. 

I think you'll like them too... 

Happy shopping, Y'ALL! 


I have been working on this post for a while and just got around to finishing it- so I apologize if you emailed and I didn't get back to you in time! (first picture is from Hatch Show Print, others by Style Blueprint and the stores websites)


Well guys.... 

Nashville has flooded.

14 inches of rain in 2 days- the highest amount of water to EVER be recorded. (And if you think I'm talking like a meteorologist, you are right.) 

Picture 2

The rain was like a conveyer belt across the state. It just KEPT coming...

It was insane! And still is. Thankfully our place sits up on a hill so we did not have any trouble. But others are looking at extensive damage that could take weeks (months!) to clean up. 


Some of our streets have turned into rivers. 

Homes, Schools, downtown businesses are completely flooded.

Thousands are without power- some with no place to go.


Nashville people: My thoughts and prayers are with those of you whose homes are under water. Thankfully the rain has finally stopped and we can start to pick up the pieces...

Everyone else: Never underestimate the power of water.

Noah: Seriously, where's your ark when we need it?

Reporting from Nashville,


image from Tennessean, Weather, via Pink Wallpaper