Scotts, Market, Lake Rats and Bee Stings

When I write a blog post I always enter the title last. Because even if I have intentions to write about a certain subject you really never know what's going to come out. 

Looks like we have some hot topics today!

Let's start with Scotts Antique Show in Atlanta.

Here are some of my finds...

I love a good pile of babydoll heads in the morning. 

Next day: Market

Quick trip, but I took a bunch of pictures so I could remember what I saw. 

Nancy Price/ Design Legacy showroom...

Blue Ocean Traders...

BoBo's Intriguing Objects (always a favorite):

Then I headed down to Lake Martin for a much needed girls weekend. Felt good to be a lake rat. 

Oh, and I was excited to finally eat brunch at Spring House- the new(ish) restaurant that people have been raving about. If chef Chris Hastings has anything to do with the food I'm there!Tracery Interiors also did such a great job with the furnishings and details. 

I loved the plank walls...

and the rock garden...

To see more pictures of the restaurant (I was clearly too busy stuffing my face) visit their portfolio here

Last Topic:

My dad has recently become a beekeeper, which I find really cool. (Yes Dad you read that correctly) It's such an intricate, fascinating process.

So despite my minor fear of bees, I got all strapped in, zipped up and ready to enter their busy territory.

"They won't bother you, Rachel."

Riiiight... Honey badger don't care. 

I learned the hard way that bees don't mind stinging you through custom fitted skinny jeans. Ouch. 

Note to self:Don't try to be a hipster while harvesting honey. You already lost the battle when you put kitchen gloves on.


Let's play catch-up.

REWIND: to my Highpoint market trip back in... November!

One of the highlights of my trip was meeting the famous London based interior designer- Kelly Hoppen.


(Here I am at Highpoint with my designer friends! Kelly in the middle- with the effortlessly gorgeous hair.)

She's a total bad*ss. Like- the Queen of England awarded her an MBE for her contributions in the field of design- THAT kind of woman.

She started her own design business at the ripe age of 16- i repeat- SIX.TEEN. And is now designer to the stars, has her own home furniture line, lighting line, several published books and has even started Kelly Hoppen School of Design in London. (My friend went- she said it changed her life.)

 Anyway, we went to hear her speak at Highpoint and I took notes... And sketched her hair. 

(Not sure if the "really listen" message was intended for myself or part of her message ???)


Here are some of her quotes (with photographs of her work)-


"Home has finally become what it really ought to be."

"You don't need so many overhead lights. Consider the reflection and shadows. Light up textures, surfaces, art…"

Only ONE STAR piece per room.

Kelly hoppen met5


"Trends are all a bit bubble-gum. Great designers stick to who they are."


"It's all about compromise."

(All of my couple clients: NOD your heads. :)

Hoppen 1 archdigest

"Get involved with the spirit of the home before you start work on it."

Kelly-hoppen loft

One of my favorite comments she made was when she was talking about the influence of growing up and going in her grandmother's home- 

"It wasn't the way it looked- it was the way it felt."


Love that. She's speaking my language.

I could hear her talk about design all night-- preferably on her London rooftop terrace...


Kelly hoppen met9

…maybe with The Queen?


To see more of her work visit Kelly Hoppen online. Her books are great too! 

Piggy went to Highpoint Market

I realized today as I was looking back through my blog that I have posted 4 times in the past month.!! I really have been slacking. I'm going to get back in the game- not only for you readers but for myself! I need the inspiration-- the less I blog/catch up on other blogs, the less inspired I get. I start to feel stagnant. I try not to blog during work hours (which is why you may get a blog post before you get a returned email or phone call-sorry!), but it's important to me to make time for this creative outlet. And I'm trying my best to find balance... if that even exists.?

Soooo.... we have some catching up to do. Let me back up to a few weeks ago... when this little piggy went to Highpoint Market! I had never been before and it was quite the trip. This post could last for days (my intention,perhaps?) so I'll start out with my a few highlights:



In the Oly Showroom I had to pick my chin up off the floor... several times.


Feast your eyes!










Moving along to some more rustic finds...





One of my favorite spots was the Hickory Chair showroom- After a day of seeing a lot of "trends" it was SO refreshing to see quality pieces that stand the test of time. 

And the people!! Everyone that works there is so friendly and great (Ron!)... I could have stayed and talked for hours. Not only that but I was lucky enough to be in the presence of some of the most talented designers in the industry. STARS, if you will. :)

Then I found myself smack dab in the middle of them for a picture..?


Left to right: Barry Dixon, me (in heaven), Melanie Benecki, Mariette Himes Gomez, and Suzanne Kasler.!! Seriously... I'd like to get in each of their heads for a day.- even an hour. 


Suzanne and me- after I gushed about her furniture line, her lighting line, and everything in between. She couldn't be more friendly and gave me some great advice.

Then I met Alexa Hampton at her book signing- she's so down to earth..and hilarious! 


That blurry ghost of a human being on the left? That would be me. Doesn't that always happen when you meet someone famous? You muster up the courage to even ask for a dumb photograph in the first place- This is it. Don't blink, don't blink. The picture turns out bad but you're not ABOUT to ask her again: "Oh, hi- Alexa? Can you stand up one more time so I take another picture with you? This one looks like my face is melting off-Thanks." 

Remember that post I did a while back about the creative couple in Atlanta, The Beneckis? Ran into them there too... 

And for the record- they are not only talented (and attractive), but they are so sweet. As well as the girls that work for them. And they all read nestegg- which is crazy- and awesome!!! (hey guys!) 

Eye candy hickory chair

Anyway, I loved the Hickory Chair Social Hour.. I would like to attend it monthly (minus) heavy market bags +(plus) cocktails. Ron Fiore?? Can you make it happen? :)


Much more to cover, but sleep comes first.