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Wallpaper & Cool Kids

Join the wallpaper club. "All the cool kids are doin' it."

O& little asuka
If you haven't caught on already- wallpaper has come a LONG way. It's not what it used to be. Although some designs stand the test of time most of your grandmother's wallpaper is, in fact, outdated. Exhibit A:

Grandma wallpaper

(via flickr)

Wallpaper NOW ? Exhibit B: 

Satc2 apt wallpaper

<Also refer to Exhibit B for current hairstyle and fashion trends.>


Still not convinced?

Feast your eyes on these new collections…

Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 12.12.33 AM


GP wallpaper 

Galbraith & Paul. They have the most fabulous, energetic fabrics and {now} wallcoverings! Used in small doses these patterns could update any room.



Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 12.13.00 AM
Phillip Jeffries- one of my faves. I'm a huge fan of grasscloth and he has the best selections out there. Classy with a capital C.

Phillip-Jeffries-ltd_-GlamGrass Pjeffries rivets

Their new collection features seagrass with a little bling in it. The one to the right and below is his new Rivet collection- looks like nailheads from afar but actually is just little blobs of paint. (Sorry- I couldn't think of a technical term for it. But they do remind me of those stick-on earrings I used to wear as a {cool} kid)


They also have a graphics collection that's SO pretty and sophisticated.

Phillip jeffries grasscloth print

Screen shot 2011-03-15 at 10.50.36 PM

I just ordered this grasscloth to put on an accent wall in my clients new home. I love how masculine it is- I can't wait to see it installed!

Screen shot 2010-11-18 at 8.39.29 PM

Several years ago Lori Weitzner out of NYC came up with a genius wallcovering….magnetic wallpaper. 

Why didn't I think of that?

Screen shot 2011-03-15 at 11.45.47 PM

I also love her more classic line…StudioLimited08

 And last but not least, her denim design… 
  Screen shot 2011-03-27 at 11.27.22 PM

Anyone? Cool kids?


*All wallcoverings are sold to the trade but are available through RH Designs- contact us for more info

Opinion Game

Sometimes I accompany Hoyt to his business school functions. And find myself standing in a circle with a bunch of people talking about equity markets. I smile and nod hoping someone will bring up a topic I can remotely relate to. ... or just hand me a drink.
Hoyt always assures me that if he were standing among several designers he would feel like an idiot too.

He usually doesn't care about house stuff and patiently plays along when I rearrange our rooms every 3 weeks. He pretty much keeps his opinions to himself and lets me do my thing.. which I am very grateful for! But he has to have an opinion- everyone has an opinion, right? So one night I tested him.  (I'm in PINK) (Hoyt's in BLUE) 

Want to play a game??  - me

... Not really. 

You sure?

Okay, what game...?

(I hold up my computer screen with this picture on it)

Bedroom_elle decor
 What do you think about this room?

Love it. Except- I hate zebra rugs...

 But I like that- ya know-headboard thing.....And I like those little lamps that stick to the wall.


.. yeeaah. 

Ok. What about this room?...

 I like the simple frame. It's not ornate..

You can be really honest in this game. It's your personal preference.

(He glances at my expression, making sure it's truly safe)

 The dog looks weird and the chandelier is ugly.


What about this?

LOVE that.

I like wood. Wood's good.

I pretty much love anything with tons of wood and metal.

Hmm.. Shocking! 

And did you seriously just say 'wood's good' ? 

Mirror sunburst083 

That's cool. I like red lamp shades.. I mean, who has those?? Can WE get red lamp shades? We can put it on that lamp-? (points to our floor lamp)

No, we can't do that.

Well whatever- OR we could get a green one to go with the-

No babe- let's stick with the lamp shade we have.


 It looks like Grandma's Pottery Factory. 

And what's so bad about that?


Not practical.

Fair enough. But I like it.

 Nothing about that photo I like. I mean... not at all. 

You know it's Chris Martin's dining room. 

Well his dining room must be from 1972- from the TV show Dallas.

Uhh... it's okay.?.... I like it.

Really? I thought you wouldn't.

Well, the chairs are the same as the---I need more contrast!!

(looks at me with a smirk as he proudly uses his new design word)

The bed needs to be darker too. Contrast. YOu know how I love contrast..

I think you just like to say your new design word.

That too.

Last one-

Elle decor mischka
I love that.

Me too. Glad we can agree on something. :)

 Does your significant other have an opinion about design?


(1) via elle decor (2) via veranda (3) via house beautiful (4) designer William Waldron, via Southern Accents (5) Designer Kathryn Ireland, via Veranda (6) via urban grace (7) designer Suzanne Kasler, via House Beautiful, photo credit: Frances Janisch (8) Badgley Mischka's kitchen, via Elle Decor, photo credit: Roger Davies

Rooms I won't get tired of...

When I saw the latest House Beautiful in the mailbox  I did the usual:

(gasp!)- quickly grab the magazine- YESSSSsssss!


And then I read the feature title: Rooms You'll Never Get Tired Of

This oughta be a good one...

But while flipping through I found myself getting tired of some of the pictures. Don't get me wrong- some of the rooms are beautiful but I wouldn't label them with "Never get tired of." For example:


I think I would get tired of that. Just my own personal opinion!- take it , leave it, or leave a rebuttal comment.

But, assuming you might be here because you like my opinion I thought I'd give it a whirl:   

 if they asked ME ??

A bedroom I'd never get tired of...

Jeffrey bilhuber bedroom via flickr

foyer I'd never get tired of...

Barbara westbrook house b

dining room I'd never get tired of...


kitchen I'd never get tired of...

Kitchen urban

A porch I'd never get tired of...

Outside love

kid's room I'd never get tired of...

Via katy elliot

wet bar I'd never get tired of...

Habitually chic

A sunroom I'd never get tired of...


living area I'd never get tired of...

Martha stewart living room

home office I'd never get tired of...


bathroom I'd never get tired of...

Bathroom david kleinberg

screened porch I'd never get tired of...


.. but that's just me.


(1) jeffrey bilhuber via style chronicle (2) barbara westbrook via house beautiful (3) via W magazine (4) via urban grace (5) via house beautiful (6) via katy elliot (7) via habitually chic (8) elle decor (9) via martha stewart (10) barbara westbrook (11) david kleinberg via elle decor  (12) bobby mcalpine

mary evelyn

I'm in love with this kitchen by Mary Evelyn McKeeIN LOVE:

Picture 1

It's what 90% of us strive for in a kitchen-

open, inviting, family-friendly

and yet she adds a contemporary element by using a bulthaup kitchen right in the middle of a very American cottage.

This is actually her current kitchen.

In the LAST issue (*sniff) of Southern Accents there's a Molly Pastor writes a lovely article about Mary Evelyn. At one point she reveals how to achieve a modern- but not cold!- kitchen:

Kitchens that invite cooking together seem to have more celebration about them. All of our boys cook, and we like to cook as a family, so in my kitchen I want plenty of air and multiple workstations so everyone can pitch in. For floors, I favor wood (Amen!!). For countertops I like natural stone, such as marble or limestone, or a combination of teak, stainless steel and stone. It gives the space a contemporary edge. As for my backsplash- stainless steel or tile with contrast grout that is hand-hewn.

I used to work for Mary Evelyn in Birmingham and feel that it was such a stepping stone in my career path. She is like a walking art history class- always tying in the story behind a particular fabric or an architectural element. It was fascinating to be around, and inspiring to say the least.

You've got to go get the lastest AND LAST Southern Accents- not only to read more from this article but because it also includes her favorite paint colors, fabrics, and a chart titled "In Mary Evelyn's Opinion". I want to share this with you because trust me- You want to know this woman's opinion.

(and it helps that I agree with almost everything she says)

In Mary Evelyn's Opinion...


Love it: A One Color House     Leave it: Unbalanced color intensity

Picture 11


Love it: Conte crayon drawings Leave it: Excessive personal photographs

Picture 9 


Love it: Wide-plank wood  Leave it: Composite; man-made



Love it: Dish pantries  Leave it: islands that are too large

Picture 2


Love it: Simplicity of Line  Leave it: ruching or frills

Picture 10


Love it: LEDs; dimmers  Leave it: too many recessed cans and ceiling fans

Picture 12

If you are ever in Birmingham you should definitely go by her beautiful interiors shop...

Picture 13

Click here for more information on Mary Evelyn.


<all images from her website>