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Dressing Rooms

This weekend I am planning on organizing my closet.


It's in writing so I am now fully committed to it- which is a good thing because mine is a DISASTER right now. Tidy closets are not my strong suit.
I have one fabulous client who cleans them out for a living as a wardrobe stylist(Tina- this is a cry for help:) And another client who insists on having an entire 100 sq. ft room to call her 'dressing room'- preferably one suspended in the trees with windows and sky lights.(We're working on that!)

 As for me, I have a 20 square foot room that I share with this guY: IMG_4772 

Can't complain.... 

but I can daydream!!

Closet elle decor may 092_thumb[1] 

 I really like this layout. (via elle decor)

Closet domino_thumb[1] 

I love the idea of having an island in my fantasy dressing room. And a flokati rug... why not?

(via domino)

Windsor smith HB 

TTN: Windsor Smith's stylish dressing room featured in House Beautiful this past year. Her effortless style carries throughout her home and into her closet- even her clothes complement each other!
James radin hb 

James Radin (the set designer behind Something's Gotta Give!) is an interior designer by trade. This is his client's dressing room/dream come true.

Robert Couturier 

If this was MY closet I would:

a. be motivated to keep my shoes organized 

b. need new shoes. (10 yr old new balances wouldn't look fantastic up there- just sayin)

c. store my mismatched socks in the little drawers on the chaise.

.. am I ruining it for yall?

Moving on.

Southern accents dan carithers 

TTN: the beautiful hardwood floors and detailed, mirrored doors

(Dan Carithers via Southern Accents)

Nicky_hilton, paloma in style 

Life must be hard for Nicky Hilton. I love her shoes that match her dress that match hercoat hangers. Very niiiice. (via La dolce Vita, seen in In Style)

Cottage living 
Simplified and chic. (via cottage living)

TTI rabaut design associates 

A closet after my own heart... centered around a light fixture!! Love it.
(Rabaut Design Associates via Things that Inspire)

Elle decor 

(via elle decor)

Can you imagine having a closet this spacious and glamorous? 

I would take FOREVER to get ready in the mornings. 


I'm ruining it again.

Have a great weekend!



A few weeks ago my client handed me these pictures out of her 'inspiration file' and I gasped. 

Love it. 

The rustic, the antique, the elegant, the modern, the classical, and the drama of mixing it all...


Picture 1 

Isn't it awesome?!

Speaking of drama... While Hoyt and I were at the beach we saw a beautiful sunset and the photograph turned out to be quite dramatic...

And then I got bored with my magazines and picked up.... Twilight. 

(dum dum dum DUM)


Gotta go back to it. Can't help myself...


 *the first three photos are from Connecticut Home & Garden--I think?? The designer is Gretchen Mann*


Dream Tile

Apparently you all know me well because every time I get an email from a reader saying "I think you'll like this..." I open it up and my jaw hits the floor. A few days ago I get an email with a subject that reads "amazing tile"- I was skeptical only because I rarely find tile that really excites me. 
I clicked.....I opened..... I gasped.

Beautiful marble tile1 

These marble tiles from Studium NYC were featured in the recent House Beautiful... have you seen them? (last page or so) 

Beautiful marble tile3

Beautiful marble tile2

This one is called Maharajah Stripe..... I think I'd faint if I walked into a floor done in this. (Or I would atleast pretend to faint so that I could be lying on the floor closer to it)

 But I'm not going to lie- it's pricey. So while I am in my pricey, fantasy bathroom with my Maharajah Striped floors I'd like to throw in a few finishing touches...

Gabrielle Chest f2 

This pretty chest from Tritter Feefer- I might darken the hardware a tiny bit and add a white marble top to match my gorgeous floors. With one of these for the sink...

Picture 1 

Paired with this Rohl country wall mount bridge faucet...

Rohl bridge faucet

Hmmmm... what else?....

Scalloped mirror windsor smithPicture 4

an antiqued scalloped mirror from Windsor Smith Home and two Mel sconces from Urban Electric.                

Clear Glass Pharmacy Bottles Picture 5
Apothecary Jars from Restoration and the Sunwashed Suzani hand towels from anthropologie.

 I am behind on returning emails but I really do appreciate all of your feedback and design finds. You guys keep me on my toes! And thanks to Jeana for the tile email... you were right. It's amazing.


Nursery Winner

After over 125 votes (WOW!) we have ourselves a nursery winner....

number twenty!!

Thanks to a reader I was able to locate the source. I apologize for not finding it the first time- I swear I tried!  The source is Theophile-Patachou..  If you liked this nursery you'll LOVE their website. 

So, like I promised, I recreated #20 on a budget...

Nursery winner
 the walls: *please keep in mind that the digital images of paint colors vary from the actual color*

Bmoore shaker beige Bm-06

Benjamin Moore, HC-45, Shaker Beige... and OC-17, White Dove (ha, you can't even see it)

** I would paint the entire room one or the other. If it were up to me? Shaker beige. Baseboards and crown mldg. can be white dove (or existing trim color)

the rug:

West elm jute rug
 West Elm jute rug, $89

the furniture:

Picture 2
Crib from JCPenney, $179 

For the chair, the closest thing I could find for less $$ was this one:

Bergere chair 2 Bergere chair 1 
the Louisa chair from Ballard Designs, $599  

 Ikea leksvik chest 
The Leksvik Chest from Ikea is perfect for doubling as a changing table. And for only $249, Iwould paint it *white dove* and change out the hardware with these:


Classic Ring pulls for $5 each

the bedding:

White crib bedding? Easy.. go to Target. Or for a step up:

Pb white sheting
From pbkids white bedding 

Throw blanket overstock

Throw blanket in tan, from Overstock, $25

For the detailed canopy design over the crib... I'm actually going to choose to NOT copy this part. Not because I don't like it (I do) but because this part, on a budget, could get ugly fAST!! For an example of what I'm referring to click here

So I'd go with something similar but much more simple:

Picture 3

Indian Gauze Canopy from World Market, $49.99- I've seen this in person and it's great... very ethereal and not cheap looking!

And for the windows I would mimic the design of this canopy and get basic white drapes, apply grosgrain ribbon to the edges of the panels and make ties at the top as well....

Pb drapes Grosgrain ribbon 

White drapery panels from PB for $69 
Taupe grosgrain ribbon from here, or just about anywhere that sells ribbon. 

the lighting:

Camilla chandelier 

Whimsical chandelier on sale for $129

For the little lamp on the dresser I'd go with one of these 2:

Chelsea lamp RH  Rh shade smallRh shade small

Chelsea table lamp for $59 with your choice of shade color (an additional $16),


Picture 4

A simple gourd lamp, $79.95

the walls:
When I saw the artwork the first thing that came to mind was: Eddie Ross. Have you read the post about what he did with baby clothes and accessories? Seriously, it's SO cool.

Eddie ross baby art
  As with most of Eddie's inspiring posts he will have you heading up to your attic in a heartbeat. Click here to read it. 

So if you can come up with something sentimental to frame, GO FOR IT. If not, these little prints from Etsy would be pretty cute:

Peace  Dream big  Love makes

 from Barking Bird Art, $18 each

RAM frame 3 pack ikea 

5x7 frames, only $1.99 for a 3-pack! From Ikea, ofcourse. I repeat- One dollar and ninety nine cents!! I'm pretty sure I can't even buy a Gatorade for that much!

Paint them several shades darker than the wall color-

Alexandria bei
I'd go with HC-77 Alexandria Beige 

and wrap my mats in off-white burlap which you can find in pretty much any local fabric store. JoAnns for starters...

Offwhite burlap 
For a great DIY post on custom matted framing click here.  

the shelf:

Plow & hearth shelf 

peg shelf, $49
(paint it White Dove*)

OR add a little personality and get a basic wall shelf-

Picture 9 

from Target, (paint it White Dove*)

with any of these hooks mounted underneath:

Picture 6 Picture 7
Picture 8 Picture 5
 all from anthropologie



Braided basket 

A pretty braided basket- for $19

Cuddle plush bunnies
Cuddle bunnies from Restoration... $10-$39 

AND just because they match are tooooo cute to pass up:

Baby uggs 

[cue baby voice]

baby Uggs. OH-my-goodness...

And just so you know, the runner up was number ONE:


It's good to know y'all like rooms with color. :) ....Hey, I'm with you.

Speaking of white- we have been covered in SNOW here in Nashville! 

Yes, that is Hoyt sledding face first on a piece of cardboard.

Thank you so much for all of your comments and votes! Have a great Monday.




Rooms I won't get tired of...

When I saw the latest House Beautiful in the mailbox  I did the usual:

(gasp!)- quickly grab the magazine- YESSSSsssss!


And then I read the feature title: Rooms You'll Never Get Tired Of

This oughta be a good one...

But while flipping through I found myself getting tired of some of the pictures. Don't get me wrong- some of the rooms are beautiful but I wouldn't label them with "Never get tired of." For example:


I think I would get tired of that. Just my own personal opinion!- take it , leave it, or leave a rebuttal comment.

But, assuming you might be here because you like my opinion I thought I'd give it a whirl:   

 if they asked ME ??

A bedroom I'd never get tired of...

Jeffrey bilhuber bedroom via flickr

foyer I'd never get tired of...

Barbara westbrook house b

dining room I'd never get tired of...


kitchen I'd never get tired of...

Kitchen urban

A porch I'd never get tired of...

Outside love

kid's room I'd never get tired of...

Via katy elliot

wet bar I'd never get tired of...

Habitually chic

A sunroom I'd never get tired of...


living area I'd never get tired of...

Martha stewart living room

home office I'd never get tired of...


bathroom I'd never get tired of...

Bathroom david kleinberg

screened porch I'd never get tired of...


.. but that's just me.


(1) jeffrey bilhuber via style chronicle (2) barbara westbrook via house beautiful (3) via W magazine (4) via urban grace (5) via house beautiful (6) via katy elliot (7) via habitually chic (8) elle decor (9) via martha stewart (10) barbara westbrook (11) david kleinberg via elle decor  (12) bobby mcalpine

'Oly Moly I love Oly

A package arrived in the mail last week with the lastest catalog and price list for Oly Studios (pronounced: 'Oh-Lee'). I flipped through the pictures and had to intentionally close my mouth for fear that my drool would mess up the beautiful pages. I've always had a love affair with Oly- I'm infatuated with its beauty but distressed with its price tag. 


I know this is supposed to be a budget conscious blog- less money out of your nestegg, etc., etc.- but there are several reasons I wanted to show you these pictures:

1. For inspiration when you are sprucing up your own house! Much like this earlier post.

2. Oly is one of those companies that proves less is more*- In each of these advertisements there are only a few big pieces that make a statement. So you may want to consider saving up for a big ticket item instead of spending money on lots of little things that never satisfy. (I'm preachin' to myself here) 

Helena bedIngrid_bed

3. On the same note, it's important to edit your rooms. Be your own editor! Imagine your room to be like a paper that you're fiercely editing- getting rid of run-ons and other wordy nonsense


3. Oly carries very unique pieces that are a part of what I like to call transitional design. Classic with a twist....  blending the traditional with the contemporary. For example:


The reason I say this is because Oly furniture would go in just about any home. Even just one of their pieces would transform a room. In other (wordy) words- a little bit goes a long way.

Willa bed room

Taylor sofa room

Stella shelf room

Serena chandelier room

Rocco room

Robert cabinet room

Marco bed

Jacob sofa room

Jackson buffet room

Isaac sofa room

Gabriel chair room jpg

Frank table room

Flower drop chandelier room

Fiona mirror room

Dakota bed room

2 armchairs room

Bruno cocktail table room

Elisabeth cabinet room

You should check out their website- there is much more where this came from. And most of it you'll probably recognize from magazines, books, etc. (Be sure to look at their lighting!)

If you just can't live without one of their pieces contact me for pricing. 

Signature * I, Rachel Halvorson  , hereby disclose that I am not responsible for any love affairs caused by this weblog post.

The Hickory Chair Fluff

Hickory Chair's ads are impeccable. 

When I worked for Mary Evelyn I helped her open up a showroom that carries a lot of Hickory Chair products. Ron Fiore, creative director for HC, came down to help stage the new showroom. Not only was he hilarious but the guy is a creative genius! He would get bolts of old fabric from the closet and throw it across a bed or get a stack of books and put it on a dining chair. It was always things that had you thinking "Really???" and then "Oh yes. Perfect." I finally came to the conclusion that this man has truly mastered the art of arranging.

The pictures in their catalog are no different. Not only is the furniture exquisite and timeless but the way in which they arrange it is perfect. They make the rooms look so realistic that sometimes I feel like a woman is going to walk across the page and set a cup of water on the table.

Whenever I'm in the mood to rearrange things in my home I always go to the Hickory Chair website, look at the pictures and think "What would Ron do?" (WWRD?)

I call it the Hickory Chair Fluff.... (only to myself)

 The key is making the room look beautiful and refined while at the same time liveable and relaxed. Because, let's be honest, that's how we exist anyway. Here are some details I notice and try my best to emulate:

TTN: 1. Pictures hanging behind lamp, one is hung- the other is propped against it
2. Ottomans at the end of beds that match the bedding... very cute
3. Putting a vase of flowers on an tray- ottoman level- rather than putting it in the obvious places

TTN: 1. Love this bedroom! Can anyone guess why??
Click here for the answer.
2. Notice the throw blanket in this picture... It was like someone just dropped it. It looks so much better than if it were folded. That is why they call it a throw !
Now start to notice all of the blankets in these pictures- 
TTN: 1. Stack of books used as a side table
2. That dark chocolate brown pillow ties everything together. Imagine the room without it- it wouldn't work as well...

TTN: 1. Mix of chairs around a table (including another little table under the table)
2. The bookcase in the background... nice placement of books/pictures/etc.
3. Nice arrangement of hydrangeas to match the chair fabric 
TTN: Glass sideboard- you don't see that very often!
2. a tray with potted plants- almost looks like they were going out to the garden with it but the phone rang so they put them down on the table. Genius.
TTN: Love the rolling cart next to the bed- great idea! That way you don't have to junk up that beautiful chest
2. Layering artwork and flowers 
3. Notice the relaxed way they made the bed- relaxed, no pillows propped up... very welcoming
TTN: 1. Awesome floors
2. Use branches from outside to add a little life to a room

TTN: 1. Layering artwork above the armoire- awesome.
2. Layering rugs!
3. The simple, identical lamps are important in this room because they really create a sense of balance. Don't you think?

TTN: 1. I'm not a big fan of footboards but this one is beautiful... so I take it back.
2. The door/window looks like the panes are actually mirrors which is interesting... and fabulous.
3. Using a desk as a bedside table- great idea. The little swing arm floor lamp is perfect so that you can use it both ways! 

TTN: I like the color scheme in this room- very calming... notice the throw
2. The arrangement of artwork/flowers/lamp
TTN: 1. The mantel arrangement is beautiful
2. Ferns in the fireplace. Great idea for what to do with those inoperable fireplaces in older homes...
3. Lamp shades are all the same material and are all at the same eye level. Dorothy Draper would say this is a MUST!
TTN: 1. Framed prints above headboard
2. Layering rugs again!
3. They are using the pillows they sleep on in front of the more decorative pillows. Try making your bed like this tomorrow morning... just do it. 
TTN: 1. I love a round table in a bedroom. I don't know why... I've always wanted one.
2. What would we do without orchids?
3. Ottomans in this room can either sit at the foot of the bed or around the table. 
4. Love the wall-to-wall sisal.
TTN: Look at the way they staged the top of the chest. Notice the layering, the way they stacked the books, etc. Try to do this on one of your dressers...
TTN: 1. Baskets above an armoire- I almost like it better than when they stacked artwork up there
2. long bench with a tray of books sitting on it- and let's not forget the throw!

So this weekend when you are sitting around the house try to think like Ron would... In other words:
Get your fluff on!
(Oh no, Am I turning into Rachael Ray?)
Throw some blankets around, stack some pictures, move your desk by your bed, switch out family photographs and move them to another room. Before you know it you'll feel like you just redid your entire house! 
I hope the pictures inspire you...

Happy Weekend!

Sea Glathroom

I'm calling this the Sea Glass Bathroom-- but it keeps coming out (in my head) as the Sea Glathroom. 

Must be the whole sally shells shee shells thing...

Inspirations: the towel:


AND this incredible shower I just saw in the recent MetHome:


Metropolitan Home, designed by architects Joe Tanney and Robert Luntz

This single piece of glass is the only wall in this shower... how sexy great is that?!

(DRum Roll please....)

Seaglass room

The Floors:

Main_492_Lagos Azul

Lagos Azul Tile 18x18 laid straight

The Walls (the ONE and ONLY shower wall, and the wall behind the sink) 


Lagos Azul Tile 2x2, laid straight

with a wide horizontal stripe of these green tiles that runs behind the pivoting mirrors-- 


Bistro pivot frame restoration hdw

Are you still with me???

Bistro Pivot Mirror from Restoration Hardware

Vitreous glass tiles from modwalls

Lagos Azul tiles from Mission Stone and Tile

Yes, I want two. 
(If you are married or live with a man you will surely understand) (No more stubble shavings mixed with toothpaste powder and scum)-It's too early for that-

Prod1290049_BB07 restoration hardware

Gramercy single metal wallstand

 Vintage collection faucet

Blue stripe plate
Blue stripe soap dish found here on etsy

Ashbury sconce wshome
Ashbury sconces from William Sonoma Home

Vintage clawfoot tub

Vintage clawfoot tub
with the base painted Paddington Blue by Benjamin Moore
Paddington blue benjamin moore
Garnet hill shower curtain

Eilien Fisher airy voile shower curtain by Garnet Hill
(only if you want to add a shower part to the footed tub)

Mercer bathtub caddy
Mercer bathtub caddy by Pottery Barn, *with that blue cup too
Holy stump
One of these "holy stumps" that will sit beside the clawfoot tub for towels, drinks, books,etc. from Design Public


Lagos Azul hexagon tiles in the shower floor, framed by the larger floor squares- also from Mission Stone & Tile
(I'm LOVING these tiles)

Turkish towels, breeze collection- from Restoration
I'll just go back to Cabo, sell sea shells on the seashore with Sally, and come home with a nice supply of the inspiration towels:

Last But Least $
Kohl bath accessories

Bath accessories from Kohl

The Sea Glathroom.

Going to go clean the sinks. Oh yeah, and get to work!