I Wish---

Tool Belts

Almost daily I find myself at construction sites saying things like "Where did I put my phone? Did someone take my tape measure? Can I borrow a piece of paper? Please excuse me while I dig through the dark corners of my bag to find my pencil.

It's annoying. If everything were in hand's reach I would save hours* a day!               *slight exaggeration

So I've been thinking.... 

Sister needs a tool belt. 

And not just your regular one..

I have to alternate colors a lot. It makes my day better.

The architect scale: for figuring out the dimensions of the plan drawings while on site. You can also use it as a weapon. It really came in handy when we were swarmed with cicadas.. like batting practice. 

The 7" hammer: (for effect)

A client gave this to me as a gift- isn't it the prettiest hammer you've ever seen? I've never actually used it but that's beside the point. It looks good and it plays the part for our stylish tool belt. You can get them here

A notebook: These hold up best. I prefer graph paper. 

Heavy Duty Tape Measure: If you ever find yourself on a jobsite trying to balance a cutesy tape measure 11 ft in the air while everyone stands around watching you're history. Believe me, I've been there. Get one that works...

Fat Max is your friend.

The chocolate: For your 3pm meetings...

This local treat is my current favorite. 

Burt's Bees: A must have. Do not offer it to workmen.

So there you have it- The Lady's Tool Belt.

Who's in?


I want to....

Wake up in this bedroom:

Good mix domino mcgee052
via Domino Mag 

Get ready for my day in this antique chair...

Designer Amy Morris; photography by Emily Followill

Open the windows in my bedroom to check the weather... 

Tammy connor 
Designer Tammy Connor via AHL

Make my coffee and breakfast in this kitchen...

Renea abbot kitchen:vvl 

Designer Renea Abbott via Velvet & Linen

Catch up on wordly news design blogs cuddled up in this spot (puppy included)...

Mary evelyn settee
designer Mary Evelyn McKee 

Read my latest Elle Decor beside this pool (as I dip my feet in the water to cool off)...

The Perfect Pool - Martha Stewart Living
Martha Stewart Living via Limestones and Boxwoods

This becomes exhausting so I probably should take a nap. In the guest bedroom... 

Melanie turner
Designer Melanie Turner Benecki via Benecki Fine Homes

Then have friends over for an early dinner in my pretty dining room...


and play a group game of Balderdash in this room...

Both pictures above: Designer Sara Scaglione via House Beautiful

And end the day with a glass of wine {and something sweet} in my favorite spot in the house...

Westbrook porch HB 
Designer Barbara Westbrook via House Beautiful

Is it TOO much to ask ??? 



Dressing Rooms

This weekend I am planning on organizing my closet.


It's in writing so I am now fully committed to it- which is a good thing because mine is a DISASTER right now. Tidy closets are not my strong suit.
I have one fabulous client who cleans them out for a living as a wardrobe stylist(Tina- this is a cry for help:) And another client who insists on having an entire 100 sq. ft room to call her 'dressing room'- preferably one suspended in the trees with windows and sky lights.(We're working on that!)

 As for me, I have a 20 square foot room that I share with this guY: IMG_4772 

Can't complain.... 

but I can daydream!!

Closet elle decor may 092_thumb[1] 

 I really like this layout. (via elle decor)

Closet domino_thumb[1] 

I love the idea of having an island in my fantasy dressing room. And a flokati rug... why not?

(via domino)

Windsor smith HB 

TTN: Windsor Smith's stylish dressing room featured in House Beautiful this past year. Her effortless style carries throughout her home and into her closet- even her clothes complement each other!
James radin hb 

James Radin (the set designer behind Something's Gotta Give!) is an interior designer by trade. This is his client's dressing room/dream come true.

Robert Couturier 

If this was MY closet I would:

a. be motivated to keep my shoes organized 

b. need new shoes. (10 yr old new balances wouldn't look fantastic up there- just sayin)

c. store my mismatched socks in the little drawers on the chaise.

.. am I ruining it for yall?

Moving on.

Southern accents dan carithers 

TTN: the beautiful hardwood floors and detailed, mirrored doors

(Dan Carithers via Southern Accents)

Nicky_hilton, paloma in style 

Life must be hard for Nicky Hilton. I love her shoes that match her dress that match hercoat hangers. Very niiiice. (via La dolce Vita, seen in In Style)

Cottage living 
Simplified and chic. (via cottage living)

TTI rabaut design associates 

A closet after my own heart... centered around a light fixture!! Love it.
(Rabaut Design Associates via Things that Inspire)

Elle decor 

(via elle decor)

Can you imagine having a closet this spacious and glamorous? 

I would take FOREVER to get ready in the mornings. 


I'm ruining it again.

Have a great weekend!


martha, martha, martha...

I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day!! 

This "holiday" always reminds me of.... 


Martha Stewart.

(Bet you didn't think I'd say that one!)

Maybe it's because I'm always reminded of all the things I'm NOT doing for the one I love. When I grab a Hallmark card and sign my name at the bottom I should be doing things like... making customized tea bags or fortune cookies.

Martha tea bags  Martha fortune cookies

I have to constantly remind myself that Martha has an endless staff of helpers. I repeat: She. Has. Help.

With that in mind, I'd like to introduce you to her SET kitchen...  (originally spotted on remodelista -thanks to Angie for sending!)

Martha set

I guess if my 'pretend kitchen' looked half as good as this I'd be happily making custom fortune cookies too.

Martha set kitchen1

TTN: *the vintage rolling pins

*the brackets (below the upper cabinets) are such a nice detail that help make the cabinetry feel more custom

* the paint color for this cabinetry... love it. So subtle and different. If all of your bathrooms have the standard 'trim color' cabinetry consider repainting one of your bathroom vanities a soothing color like this one. According to this blog post- the paint color is, in fact, one of Martha's colors. Mourning Dove Gray (MS 151) 

*The simple, tiny knobs. I think this is a great addition!! Seriously, I'm thinking about switching out all my knobs to these:

Round cabinet knob
Baldwin Round Cabinet Knob, can be found here for $6.  

Martha set kitchen2

TTN: Notice how Marthagroups similar items together when accessorizing her kitchen. 

TTN: That marble butler sink paired with the two bridge faucets... love.

And the VIEW!! (kidding)
Set kitchen  

For a complete list of resources click here.

Martha's fabulous set kitchen is modeled after her real kitchen in Bedford, New York. I'm sure you've seen it many times before but for kicks, here is the original...

Martha kitchen 4 

Marthas kitchen2
Marthas kitchen 5 

Marthas kitchen 6
Martha's kitchen

To get this look combine all shades of white, cream and tan dishware together...  And please invite a small army over for dinner. 

Picture 3
 Crate and Barrel's classic pottery

Putty pottery
Pottery Barn's pottery in Putty

And ofcourse...

Martha's dinnerware at Macys. Can't go wrong there!
Picture 4 


Ivory pier one 

Pier One Ivory Dinnerware

*** Sidenote: I have been a bad blogger. For all of you who are everyday readers, I am sorry I have been MIA. I've been busy with work, traveling a lot, fighting off the southern snow storms (okay- just one), and haven't had much computer time this past month. I plan to be more consistent with my posts. Promise!

Now, if only I could locate my endless staff of helpers...


 all martha's images from martha stewart website

Dream Tile

Apparently you all know me well because every time I get an email from a reader saying "I think you'll like this..." I open it up and my jaw hits the floor. A few days ago I get an email with a subject that reads "amazing tile"- I was skeptical only because I rarely find tile that really excites me. 
I clicked.....I opened..... I gasped.

Beautiful marble tile1 

These marble tiles from Studium NYC were featured in the recent House Beautiful... have you seen them? (last page or so) 

Beautiful marble tile3

Beautiful marble tile2

This one is called Maharajah Stripe..... I think I'd faint if I walked into a floor done in this. (Or I would atleast pretend to faint so that I could be lying on the floor closer to it)

 But I'm not going to lie- it's pricey. So while I am in my pricey, fantasy bathroom with my Maharajah Striped floors I'd like to throw in a few finishing touches...

Gabrielle Chest f2 

This pretty chest from Tritter Feefer- I might darken the hardware a tiny bit and add a white marble top to match my gorgeous floors. With one of these for the sink...

Picture 1 

Paired with this Rohl country wall mount bridge faucet...

Rohl bridge faucet

Hmmmm... what else?....

Scalloped mirror windsor smithPicture 4

an antiqued scalloped mirror from Windsor Smith Home and two Mel sconces from Urban Electric.                

Clear Glass Pharmacy Bottles Picture 5
Apothecary Jars from Restoration and the Sunwashed Suzani hand towels from anthropologie.

 I am behind on returning emails but I really do appreciate all of your feedback and design finds. You guys keep me on my toes! And thanks to Jeana for the tile email... you were right. It's amazing.