House Stalking

Eye Candy Friday

Benecki Homes. Stan Benecki (luxury builder in Atlanta) and his wife Melanie Turner Benecki (of Turner Davis Interiors) are quite the creative couple. Here's a look inside one of their Atlanta homes:

Picture 24 


Picture 3 

I rarely see a theater room that is done tastefully... But this one?? Very cool. (I call back-middle!)


Picture 4 

Love the pecky cypress. Anyone recognize the rug? It's from Pottery Barn. 

Picture 5

Picture 23 

Picture 29 

Picture 28 

Great bedroom. 

Barbara Barry chandelier in my walk-in closet? Yes Please.


Then I remembered a Bobby Mcalpine home I've always loved in Rosemary Beach. And guess what? It is a Benecki house too! (look at me connecting the dots on a friday night :)

Fabulous architect + luxury builder + great designer = Power House

Picture 21 

 Picture 13

 Picture 18
Picture 19 




 I'm pretty sure this power house created a lake home too but I'll save that for another Friday night. :)

Have a good weekend. And stay warm!... wherever you are.


Images via Benecki Homesajc, and here


On the Market with Mimi

I got another email from my friend.

The friend that lives in Birmingham and sends me pictures of fabulous houses on the market. (click here for the last one, if you missed it)

The friend that is coaching me on how to perfectly decorate her future home.

The friend that is causing me to stalk houses in the wrong city.

I love the emails. It's basically a Weekly magazine that's like walking through Sunday Open Houses but never having to get up. Or like a virtual tour through all the homes you wait until dark to slowly drive by so you can take a peak inside when all the lights are on.... No? Just me?

Moving right along...

House #1


TTN: the driveway, love it.



TTN: -limestone countertops

-shape and design of the island- rarely do you see one like that

-the brackets underneath the upper cabinets (on either side of the sink)- nice detail*


TTN: -I like the chairs/sofa with the waterfall skirts

-rug on rug

-what is that empty frame above the painting?? Don't worry, I don't get it either.




Lovely Master Bedroom...


Closet? Check!

TTN: 3 framed mirrors instead of one big one


Guest bedroom.. I like the grass shades in this setting.



It's nice to mix up the bathroom cabinetry. Instead of just going with the regular built-ins, change it up!

TTN: -the tapered legs

-the fixtures mounted on the wall

-stainless steel undermount sinks? You don't see that much in residential bathrooms. I like it!


In love with this outdoor area!! Why? Because it looks like a continuation of the house rather than a bunch of chunky outdoor furniture. 


By the way, this friend that I keep talking about has a name:

Mimi Nolen


She's a realtor in Birmingham so if you're looking for a house and you want someone that has a great sense of style, she's your girl. 

I'm not kidding, Mimi is SO good at what she does. So, for a few minutes I pretended she wasn't a friend and asked this expert a few questions:

Have you noticed a house plan or layout that people tend to lean towards?

People are really big into the open kitchen, den/living rooms right now.  That's why our TVs keep getting bigger and bigger- people are watching them from 2 rooms over! Also, something I have noticed is people are leaning towards smaller, more quality space vs. a lot of unused square footage. 

Does a house sell better with furniture or without?

Yes, a house definitely sells better with furniture.  But, the right furniture is important.  Buying and selling homes is an emotional decision, people buy from the heart, so when you go into a home that "feels" like you, you are more likely to make an offer on it.  Sometimes it's hard when you are a showing a total "redo" for people to visualize what could be done with the space.  That's where a great designer comes in! 

Amen! What's your favorite part about buying and selling homes?

I am loving working in the real estate market right now.  Things really aren't like what you watch on TV.  All that is going on is totally normal and it won't be too long before it gets better and then happens again! I think the key is finding a home that you really love and a place that makes you feel comfortable.  The rest is just details....

House #2


 *I don't have enough time to point out 'things to note' but isn't this house adorable? Especially the setting!! 













Ok, so I didn't tell her to send me the cute, affordable ones. For fear that it might tempt me to move back to Birmingham (leaving Hoyt to fend for himself during business school)!

But if you are on the market and living in Birmingham, call Mimi. Or atleast get in touch with her so you can sign up for the House-Stalking Weekly subscription. Believe me, you won't regret it. It's alot healthier than the drive-bys.

mimi nolen



<also, contact her if you want more info on these houses for sale>