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Stray Dogs... and kittens

A while back Stray Dog Designs interviewed me about design, dogs, and other random things. 

stray dog interview
stray dog interview

...continue reading the interview.

I have always loved Stray Dog products- and the wonderful company behind it. 

I recently used a few pieces in a client's playroom/landing area- aka "the happy room". The cow head and the lamps were bought previously by the owner so I gladly worked them into the room. 

Their lamps look perfect on the custom side tables I had made with Kelly Wearstler's Katana fabric

next to a fun Mally Skok drapery fabric-

Their lamps and accessories add a touch of playfulness that I always find refreshing. I guess because it's not too serious, and who likes a serious room?

(pictured above)

Speaking of strays... Hoyt almost ran over a kitten in the road last week. So he somehow caught it and brought it home. I have been fostering this wild thing and I'm pretty sure we're the first humans he has ever been in contact with.

People always recommend easing into the cat/dog introduction- especially when dealing with a feral kitten and a highly energized 1-yr-old retriever. But I decided to do it the old fashioned way and just throw them together, see what happens... 

At first they stared and pawed...

And now they're the best of friends.

His name is Little Larry.... and I guess this means we're keeping him. 

Bar Hopping

Today I'm over at Interior Canvas- a new Nashville blog that showcases interior designers and provides insight from many local design professionals. I'm truly honored to be a part of it! I am a guest blogger today providing tips on how to create a bar in your own home. (Highly recommended.)

I must have been feeling inspired (or thirsty) because shortly after writing this post I found an old cart at one of my favorite local stores- Preservation Station.  

It was a steal so I snagged it "for somebody!"

But this weekend it ended up finding a home in the corner of our dining room...

I realize we need to stock the bar- Hoyt gladly offered to help- but the liquor stores were closed yesterday. So please excuse the dusty bottles of God-knows-what. 

I also realize that if a handful of kids runs through here I'll have to take every single thing off the cart and set up my bar some place else.... But for now it'll stay put. 

To read my Top 10 Tips to creating your own wet bar at home click here. 

Thank you Interior Canvas!

Decorating Mistakes

Liza and Elizabeth from Style Blueprint (our favorite Nashville style blog!) asked for me to share a few mistakes people make when decorating their home...

Before you click over to read- I thought of another mistake that I often see in homes:

People tend to OVER decorate. Don't mess with a good thing.

Our tendency to over decorate always reminds me of a funny story about my niece, Whitman.

(This isn't the last time you'll hear about my highly entertaining nieces and nephews)

About a year ago Whitman came home from Mother's Day Out pretty upset. It was festival day and the face painting lady did NOT decorate her face the way she wanted.

"Well, what did you want?" her mother asked as sweet Whitman stared up at her with a butterfly and heart on each cheek. 

"I wanted a snake on my forehead!" 

Whitman 1

Hmmm.. can't imagine why the face-painting-lady refused that one.

So her mother kindly drew a green snake across her forehead and called it a day.

You would think that the story ends here... Wrong. 

The very next day Whitman decided to decorate her face the way SHE wanted.....

Whitman 2

I repeat: Don't mess with a good thing.

Thanks Liza & Elizabeth! 

And Whitman, when you get older and realize I have put these pictures of you on the internet you might not be pleased with me. If this is the case you have my permission to paint my face however you want.
Me and whit


Bedroom on a Budget

Today you will find me over at Style Blueprint, home of Nashville style!  Liza, one of my super-stylish clients, put me up to a challenge to spruce up my guest bedroom on a budget. 

Here's a preview:

Also, if you live in Nashville (or anywhere else for that matter!) you need to add styleblueprint to one of your daily reads. You know those people that find fabulous deals and then keep them to themselves???? I don't either. I think it has to do with living in the south... but this blog is like a secret (southern) club that shares all sorts of deals and steals!

Liza (and Elizabeth), thank you putting me up to the challenge and allowing me to guest-host on your awesome blog!! 

To all my readers- check it out. You won't regret it!
Click HERE to see the post.