In Their Stockings

This holiday season I am so very grateful for the hard working team I have at my office. It's amazing the amount of time you spend with the people you work with- and I'm just lucky to have these bright women in my life. I haven't introduced them on the blog yet so I thought I'd include fun facts about each of them as well as things they would like to find in their stocking this year. 

And it just so happens you can tell alot about someone by looking in their stockings...

1. the book 2. the clarisonic-i'd like to clarify to anyone that may be stuffing her stocking:  she only needs replacement brushes. 3.the socks 4.the candle 5. random glitter owl 6. iphone charger 

1. the book 2. the coffee mug 3. hair ties 4.  the candle 5. the nano 6. the calendarthe ornament

We also have Leslie, my fabulous accountant who spends a couple days/month with us and Katherine who just started interning some afternoons. Needless to say it's a full house. And I don't know where I'd be without their hard work and support. 

Thanks to Sarah, Mary and Marguerite for helping me with this post.... and with everything else.

Oh,  and one more thing girls-

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 9.36.47 PM

Cousin Eddie called..... he wants his christmas ornaments back.

Last Minute Gifts!


Long cashmere gloves from Jcrew...

Cashmere long gloves

Bookends from Restoration...

Book ends

Moleskine anything... you can find these great litle journals at Barnes & Noble.

Moleskine journal

Games. Fun for all ages- Scrabble, Catch Phrase to name a few...

Scrabble Catch phrase

Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc- it's the perfect bronzer that can also be used for eyeshadow, etc. I love this product...

Laura mercier shimmer block
Faux Furry Throws- I buy these ALL the time for clients. Not only are they the SOFTEST things you've ever felt they also add texture and coziness to any room. (West Elm has some very similar) 

Fur throw

Some great coffee table books...
Victoria Hagan Suzanne book

Home within Bilhuber

(1) (2) (3) (4) 

This is so random but it's one of those things that makes my life so much easier. My lazy spoon... It's the only one I use when I cook. It's kind of sad how much I love this wooden spoon.

Lazy spoon 

Cosmetic bags at Target- they come in bright, fun patterns and are the perfect size-

Contents cosmetic case

A good candle. Two of my favorites...

Archipelago candle black currant Frasier fir

(1) (2) 

For all the people who are impossible to shop for because they "have everything"- donate to a charitable cause in honor of their name. 


Click here for some ideas.


OK- Off to go shopping!! 


(Queen of Last Minute Gifts)



In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it's hard to keep grounded... atleast for me. The pace is so hectic, the shopping, the traffic, the ticking time bomb of buying gifts!! I find it to be alot like wedding planning. You can easily get so tied up in the details that you forget what you're even celebrating! The week before Christmas always tends to stress me out and keep me distracted from the REAL reason for the season. Instead of making a list of what I don't have I should be making a list of what I DO have

On this blog I talk and dream about the concept of HOME. The safe haven. The familiar smell. The one place you feel truly comfortable...  Your home.    Now can you imagine what it's like to not have one? When I think about the millions of people in the world without a place to call home I get weak in the knees...

So this Christmas I encourage you (and  MYSELF) to share your nest egg with those who have never had one. 

Here are a few gifts that I would never regret giving:

give freedom,
Empty Ugandan classroom
Fight for justice for those who can't fight for themselves by donating to The International Justice Mission

give a voice,

Puppy mills
stop puppy mills by donating to The Humane Society (yes, I had to put that picture)

give hope,

 help to end world hunger by giving to Heifer International

give education,

Give someone a Mekong Blue scarf and change the lives of others! More info here

give a shoebox,

 Donate to Operation Christmas Child to bring joy to someone's life this season.

give presence*,


As much as your family or friends might drive you crazy during the holidays be present this year. Spend quality time with the people that you love.


give prayer.


This Christmas pray for those around the world that are less fortunate than we are. I truly think it's the best gift we can give. 

There are SO many wonderful organizations out there!! I could go on forever. Feel free to share one of your favorites in the comments below.

I hope you all have a great weekend..

 <note from Children's Letters to God, (that adorable book!!) and last image from Martha Stewart>

50 Gifts under $50

Get Ready.

I have compiled 50 great gifts and have been adding to this list for a few weeks to make sure it's extra full of finds. I didn't divide them into mens, womens, kids because alot of them are gender neutral- and I don't want to offend the female readers who would like a toolkit for Christmas. Cruise through this list and I guarantee you'll find the perfect gift for someone!

*Click on title of each gift to link to website

Art set
Art Set, (which includes practically everything a creative junky needs), Garnet Hill, $25

Horned bottle opener
Horned Bottle Opener, stylish/functional (no marital arguments here!), Anthropologie, $28 

Linnea design calendar
Linnea Poster Calendar, *my sweet aunt gives me these every year! And I am not really a 'calendar person' but I'm not kidding- these prints brighten my month. Frame it and prop it up in the kitchen for some extra color. Linnea Designs, $28. And if you want to be extra nice you can add an 11x14 frame to your gift. Click here for a good one. 

Men's Cashmere SocksWomen's cashmere socks
Mens AND Women's cashmere socks, Garnet Hill, $24 

Lollieturnip Carrots lollie 
Prints from Lollie, my friend and wonderful artist, check out her etsy shop for more, $35

Chicken.Large heifer international
Gift of Chicks, $20.00, Heifer International- Great charity! "Heifer helps many hungry families with a starter flock of 10 to 50 chicks. A good hen can lay up to 200 eggs a year - plenty to eat, share or sell. With Heifer recipients' commitment to pass on the offspring and training, the exponential impact of adding chickens to communities in poverty is truly a model that helps end hunger and poverty. "- click on title for more info

Izmir measuring cups anthro 3   Picture 2 

Handpainted measuring cups, set of four, Anthropologie, $32
 RH toolkit
Glove compartment tool kit- I even need one of these!, Restoration Hardware, $22 

Kodak gallery photo puzzle
Photo Puzzle- make a puzzle with personal pictures!, Kodak Gallery, $24.99

Leather coasters pb
Leather coasters, monogrammed, Pottery Barn, $29

Wst glass tumblers
Colored Glass tumblers, Set of 6, Wisteria, $34

Froggie wuvit 
Neck warmer , Wuvit, Mom's will wuv it., $19

Jewelry traveler jcrew
 Satin Jewelry Traveler, so handy and stylish!, comes in other colors, Jcrew, $39.50 

 Air hockey table, jcpenney, 30
Tabletop Air Hockey!! You know you want one. JcPenney,(seen in Real Simple), $29

Fresh Every day
My Favorite Cookbook. Ok, I know that's a big claim so I'll just say it is in my top 3. Amazon, $23 

Westelm boxes 3  Westelm boxes Westelmboxes2
 West Elm Boxes, personalized, natural bone, or lacquered, great gift for anyone!, from $12-$49

Dogbed molly mutt
Super stylish dog bed, (don't forget your pets!), Molly Mutt, $38 

Gg-every-classic-books_300 Penguin books
 Penguin Hardcover classics-  Remember how I recommended taking off ugly book jackets to make your bookcases look better? Well, now you don't have to! These are beautiful editions to some of the classics like Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, etc., Amazon, around $13 each. 

Makeyourown monster Dwmonsterkit_2

Make Your Own Monster Kit! Fun for kids (and adults!??), Reform School Rules, (seen in Real Simple), $24

  San Fran ork poster
City Neighborhood Posters, super cool, for those that love their city. Ork Posters, $22 

Customized sigg bottles
 Customized Sigg Water Bottles- eco-friendly, "cool people" use them :), make it personal, $28

Picture 28

Marshmallow shooter,you heard me!, Neiman Marcus, $25

Travel journels

Travel Journals, Hable Construction, $35

The Good Card.  A gift certificate to the philanthropy world. You set the price, recipients pick the charity.  


LL Bean Classic Totes! Can't go wrong...L.L.Bean, starting at $17

Or these from Ballard Designs...

Ballard totes
Personalized and only $25!

Picture 3  Sueded jersey
 Men's sueded jersey, Jcrew, $49

Fleece pullover jcrew
Women's Fleece pullover, Jcrew, $45 

Roberta Roller Rabbit Napkins, $8 each 

RH foot duvets 

Duvet Footies, Restoration Hardware, 

HBeautiful Elledecor
  A subscription to House Beautiful or Elle Decor , $10... Come on! Keep them alive!

 Flowermag Food everyday
 Or my other 2 faves: Flower mag and  Everyday Food, $15 

Melting bud vase
Melting Bud Vase, Anthropologie, $14 

Catch phrase 
Catch Phrase! One of my all-time favorite games. $27 

 Baby on the way? Get them a personalized onesie made with care by Brooke from Blueprint Bliss!, $12

Letter mugs
Monogrammed mugs, Anthropologie, $6 each

Dark scarves wisteria 
 Scarves from Wisteria, $29

St Jude Garment Bag, 20
St. Jude garment bag- all proceeds go to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, $29


The best winter candle ever. Thyme's Frasier Fir, $26

Personalized Notepads... Like lists? Me too. Like pictures to remind you that your 'to do' list is not as important as your family or friends?? Me too.     These are from Picpads- all you have to do is send them a picture, they do the rest. $32 for 2 list pads

UP on DVD, anyone at any age would like this movie, $16.99 

Nate berkus tray 
Nate Berkus Greek Key Tray, stylish addition to any home!, $49 

Dinner convo napkins Conversatoin napkins, wisteria
Dinner Conversation Napkins- for adults, kids, and teens. Great way to get the table talking! Wisteria, $23 

Picture 4
Tocca candles set- includes 4 different fragrances (so you're guaranteed to get atleast ONE they like!), Sephora, $42 
 Jewelry wood

Weathered Wood Jewelry Cabinet, Urban Outfitters, $36

AM I AT 50 YET???

Ahhh yes, 


And a partridge in a pear tree.  Kate Spade Card set, Sax, $35

Happy Shopping! Feel free to fwd this list to your friends and family as a subtle hint.

And for more great ideas check out Style Blueprint's lists. Click here, here, and here.

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