Stray Dogs... and kittens

A while back Stray Dog Designs interviewed me about design, dogs, and other random things. 

stray dog interview
stray dog interview

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I have always loved Stray Dog products- and the wonderful company behind it. 

I recently used a few pieces in a client's playroom/landing area- aka "the happy room". The cow head and the lamps were bought previously by the owner so I gladly worked them into the room. 

Their lamps look perfect on the custom side tables I had made with Kelly Wearstler's Katana fabric

next to a fun Mally Skok drapery fabric-

Their lamps and accessories add a touch of playfulness that I always find refreshing. I guess because it's not too serious, and who likes a serious room?

(pictured above)

Speaking of strays... Hoyt almost ran over a kitten in the road last week. So he somehow caught it and brought it home. I have been fostering this wild thing and I'm pretty sure we're the first humans he has ever been in contact with.

People always recommend easing into the cat/dog introduction- especially when dealing with a feral kitten and a highly energized 1-yr-old retriever. But I decided to do it the old fashioned way and just throw them together, see what happens... 

At first they stared and pawed...

And now they're the best of friends.

His name is Little Larry.... and I guess this means we're keeping him. 

happy, happy,


We're all stocked up here- with festive trees, 

pumpkins and fall flowers,

and LOTS of candy!! 

that Hoyt and I have been "testing" to make sure none of it is poisenous. 

Busted with the skittles.

Busted spoiling my dog.

Busted making 2 normal jackolanterns and 1 really creepy/dead corpse one. 

I put Mr. Jolly in charge of Finley for tomorrow night for when all the kids come a' knockin. Mr. Jolly, meet Finn.

Finn, Mr. Jolly.

I'm starting to think I should have a sign outside my door that says "Please say 'trick or T-R-E-A-T (spelled out) else you're going to end up with a hungry puppy pummeling you to the ground."

Have a great night! Be safe! Eat lots of sugar.  

Happy Happy.


has caught up with me. 

I tend to stay busy and caught up in my daily hectic routine- we all do. It takes a funeral, a wedding, the birth of a child, to put things in perspective. There have been several of these moments this past month--where I've had to put work on hold and be with loved ones. But it's good for all of us to to be reminded of what is really important. 

One of my best friends in the world lost her dad this past week. I went down to Birmingham to be with her at this huge turning point in her life... It was definitely a reality check. It reminded me of how each day with the people I love is truly a gift. God has bigger plans for us than checking emails all day and worrying about our haunting 'to do' lists. We should do our best to live FULLY as if each day is our last.

Around the same time back in Nashville another close friend gave birth to a perfect baby girl. Her name is Carolyn...

(If the sequence of these events doesn't make you want to hold up a lion cub and belt out Elton's Circle of Life I don't know what does.)

It was beautiful and sad all at the same time. 

A few days later Hoyt and I celebrated our fourth year of marriage. FOUR. It seems weird to say that out loud.. I feel like it was just yesterday I met him in a bar-he was wearing adidas flip flops WITH black socks and his hair was sticking straight up. (True story) Granted, it was after he raced his bike but that's a minor detail. Also the fact that I fell for him in that attire is another minor detail. 

Our wedding was the best day of my life.

And by far the most fun!

My face hurt for weeks after our wedding because I smiled and laughed so much. But more importantly, I married my best friend. 

(I am full of one-liners tonight... just roll with it.) 

 For our anniversary we went on a date and had dinner at Margot, one of my favorite restaurants in Nashville. It reminded me that I need to spend more time doing just that. 

Considering you all are apparently dog lovers I think you need a puppy update.

Finn is growing up!! Y'all wouldn't believe it! (cue lion king, again)

I just looked at the pictures I posted of him a month ago and wanted to cry. 

Remember when I talked about this sad face? 

Same face, 2 months later...

Do kids grow up this fast? Because if so I'm in trouble. 

 Finn has turned out to be one sweet dog. Sure, he completely butchers our hands, feet, and any possession. And we've already had our share of ER vet visits that involved subcutaneous fluids..

(He's okay now.)

But after that vet visit I'm finding it even harder to turn down a face like this in the mornings...That floppy ear does me in. 

So without further ado I'd like to introduce you to RH Design's latest intern...

He is great with construction workers, answering the door, and testing the durability of fabric samples.

(check out the latest from Schumacher! Love.)

While we are on the subject of work...

I got lots of emails and comments asking the details of the last project I posted. I'm so glad you like how the house is turning out! Although I can't share everything (in fairness to my clients) I put alot of details on Pinterest. You can find info in the captions of each picture. Click here to follow "my work" on pinterest. 

I have a few blog posts lined up for this week so don't go too far.

Here's to life, lessons,... and lifting up lion cubs. 

Mr. Finn

Last weekend we made an uexpected trip out to Fayetteville, Tennessee to bring home a member of our family. 

This was unplanned on Hoyt's part- totally planned on my part. :) You see, I've been wanting to get a dog for years now and since we finally have a house with a fenced in back yard it is TIME. So I looked for months, even downloaded the Petfinder App! and started my search. 

So Friday night I looked through adoptable pets (like I usually do) and came upon a new entry, a new sweet face. One I've never seen before on petfinder:

(Golden Mix?, 6wks., male) Something in my gut told me that this was our puppy. His little face!! But considering it was 11pm at night when I had this realization no one was too excited. So I called the shelter first thing in the morning and asked if the 2 puppies were still available- (mainly hoping it would be 'now Finn', #100)and she said that "someone had just come in and adopted the last brother" ( I gasped) She continued, "So... #100 IS the only one left!!! And since his brother left, weelll, he lookin' real sad! Like he's gone into a deep depression."

I put the phone down immediately and yelled WE GOTTA BOOK IT! while I raced everyone out the door to go to Fayetteville, an hour and a half away. The whole way there Hoyt is like "WHAT in the WORLD are we doing???" But once we arrived Hoyt saw that little puppy face and fell in love immediately.

I cradled him all the way home...

To think someone could neglect a face like this is beyond me!

But we are just so happy to be able to take him home and share life with us.  Which apparently involves:

Bath time, Finley!

Chew time, always.

Impossible scolding that involves this heart breaking face:

Sleeping on his back, always. 

 Following me around like a shadow. Everytime I move I hear this little scuffle right behind me. 

Not like I can talk! The other morning I found myself sitting on the kitchen floor with Finn teaching him about breakfast.

"This is cereal, Finley! This is what HUmans eat for breakfast. I put blueberries in mine but you can't eat blueberries."  

Look at his face- he's like please. stop. talking.

He has been such a good puppy so far. Sweet as can be...

I can't get enough of him and his precious wittle face and puppy breath!!!! It'll make a grown man cry. 

Needless to say- I'm in love

A BIG THank YOU to Lincoln County Humane Shelter for taking him in and nursing him back to health. To contact them or see what other animals are available click here

Finn, I have SO much to do today but guess what- I'm going to waste about 30 minutes just sitting here staring at you. Ok? Cool.