Shiny and New : Take 2

Aaaaand we're back.

If you missed {Take 1} click here. 

New uses, new looks, in with the old and out with the new.... or something. ??

I found these antique doors at Scotts and thought they'd be perfect for solving the #1 Family Room Dilemma. It was a stroke of luck that the client's TV fit snuggly behind them. 

Made New: reupholstered in Jim Thompson's Magilan in celadon;  frame untouched- loved the finish! *the original fabric was cool but it smelled terrible and was falling apart so it had to go. Bye bye.

As you can see I love ottomans with feminine curves and shapely legs. 

Made new: 1st was reupholstered to match client's drapery fabric. Kravet's Water Tint in Heather; 2nd is reupholstered in a stunning Jim Thompson cut velvet. 

Made New: Just some shiny,new legs....

For the brass bar I was inspired by this picture and decided to make this low, brass chest into a bar area (although it's not quite styled for one yet;). We had the base custom made to fit and raised it up to counter level. I love the drama of the skinny legs and the heavy brass.


This (already beautiful) antique chaise got a fancy new outfit.

Made New: Reupholstered in a Holly Hunt/Great Plains leather; Kravet's Hidden Pearl cording; Back of chaise is upholstered in Schumacher's Taza Damask Champagne; custom pillows and bolsters; bedcover by mela & roam!

Here's to a fresh new start!

Give those ugly ottomans a chance in 2013.

Shiny and New

In honor of the New Year I'm dedicating this post to making things new. Whether it's reupholstering an outdated chair, refinishing a frame, or finding a new use for an old piece- it's the best way to add uniqueness to your home. I find it much more exciting than purchasing from a catalog. There are so many I want to share that I had to divide it up into 2 posts. So check back for Part 2. 

Hopefully this will inspire you to go in your attic, find that old grandma chair and look at it a little differently.Go and brush your shoulders off. 

Here's to new beginnings! 

Made New: reupholstered in Schumacher's Gainsborough velvet in Lake

Made New: reupholstered in Kravet's Poetical color 110, frame untouched

Made New: frame repainted antique white; reupholstered with Robert Allen's velvet in Portabello, seat fabric in Schumacher's Maya Ikat Print in greige. *The majority of my re-upholstered pieces are for one particular client- the chair model diva pictured above. She can scout a makeover from a mile away. And always sees past the heinous fabrics with me to create one of a kind pieces. She is smart with color and pushes me to include more bold fabrics, which has been a challenge for me- but one that I have loved! You can probably guess which pieces belong to her... 

Made New: reupholstered in Quadrille fabric: Henriot Floral, Lilacs on Ecru; contrast welt and arm pads in C&C Milano fabric; frame left unfinished. I have to say I love how this one turned out- so pretty in person. Same goes for baby. Mother responsible for intoxication may or may not be pictured above. 

Made Foolproof: We shipped the bolt of fabric to be treated at Nanotex before recovering the chair. We use this often for clients because it provides long lasting protection by resisting spills and stains on any fabric. Look into it if you have drunken elves or like to drink red wine. 

Misc chairs

Made New: 1st chair- recovered in a Sanderson check; 2nd chair- seat recovered in Hable Construction print through Hickory Chair ; both frames untouched.

 If you've been in my office over the past year you may have seen this next beauty (and a few other ugly ducklings) sitting in the corner. It's funny because I've watched everyone do a double take as they spy it on their way out the door. They raise their eyebrows and look back at me with skepticism. Pfft-interior designer.

Made New: spray painted with black lacquer; reupholstered in Designer's Guild Aranjasa weaves in olive; welt in Osborne and Little's Taisho Velvet Cord

Lastly, even old fireplaces get new homes...

My client found this old fireplace surround at Preservation Station. Like most old pieces this required a lot of extra work and dedication (building around it, refinishing, etc.) But I'm so glad we stuck with it because it is perfect in its new home. Made new: tile surround in Ann Sack's metallic Savoy tiles; accessorized with a bust I found at Scotts

Most of these pieces I find (or my clients do) in flea markets, antique malls, etc.- where it usually requires digging to get to.  I always pay attention to the frame shape, the finish, and if the condition is worth the price. You can find great deals this way. If you have the patience and vision to reuse something old you will wind up with a one of a kind piece that nobody else has. AND it's great for our environment. That's right- I'm pulling out the earth card. Like I do at the start of every year in an attempt to make myself feel better for all the bottled water I have rolling around my car. ;/

*Stay Tuned later this week for Part II*

Happy Shiny New Year!

Scotts, Market, Lake Rats and Bee Stings

When I write a blog post I always enter the title last. Because even if I have intentions to write about a certain subject you really never know what's going to come out. 

Looks like we have some hot topics today!

Let's start with Scotts Antique Show in Atlanta.

Here are some of my finds...

I love a good pile of babydoll heads in the morning. 

Next day: Market

Quick trip, but I took a bunch of pictures so I could remember what I saw. 

Nancy Price/ Design Legacy showroom...

Blue Ocean Traders...

BoBo's Intriguing Objects (always a favorite):

Then I headed down to Lake Martin for a much needed girls weekend. Felt good to be a lake rat. 

Oh, and I was excited to finally eat brunch at Spring House- the new(ish) restaurant that people have been raving about. If chef Chris Hastings has anything to do with the food I'm there!Tracery Interiors also did such a great job with the furnishings and details. 

I loved the plank walls...

and the rock garden...

To see more pictures of the restaurant (I was clearly too busy stuffing my face) visit their portfolio here

Last Topic:

My dad has recently become a beekeeper, which I find really cool. (Yes Dad you read that correctly) It's such an intricate, fascinating process.

So despite my minor fear of bees, I got all strapped in, zipped up and ready to enter their busy territory.

"They won't bother you, Rachel."

Riiiight... Honey badger don't care. 

I learned the hard way that bees don't mind stinging you through custom fitted skinny jeans. Ouch. 

Note to self:Don't try to be a hipster while harvesting honey. You already lost the battle when you put kitchen gloves on.

I come bearing gifts...

Here comes Christmas...

like a freight train.

My mom keeps calling me "Will you PLEASE just tell me what you want for Christmas?"

I've been avoiding it because my real answer is: NOTHING. I really don't need anything. But I also know that that answer will make any mother go insane 1 week before the holidays. !! <insert train horn>

So, fashionably late, I came up with a few ideas.

(And mom, I do NOT expect any of these to show up under the tree. This is just for fun.:)

1. Honeycomb artwork by my good friend Laura Roebuck

2. Patagonia Pouch

3. Rustic Leather Notebook/{or Diary}-depends on the day

4. Diptyque candle- this scent makes me crazy it's so good

5. Turquoise necklace

6. Foldover clutch

7. Jeffrey Bilhuber's latest book

8. OK I cheated and already got this for myself but the new Black Keys album is amazing. Gold on the ceiling. 

9. Some new jeans from Imogene and Willie- their new Elizabeth cut is higher in the waist and so flattering. These jeans are the real deal- they last forever and keep getting better with every wear. Most of my other jeans live the opposite life. 

10. Shagreen iphone cover

11. The Diana mini-camera- Cuz she's so darn cute. Who wouldn't smile for pictures if they're looking at her?

12. Jewelry travel organizer- (see #5 and #14) 

13. Cognac clogs from the Perfect Pair in Nashville

14. Gold feather ring

15. Cococozy throw blanket- pretty colors and they are really soft!

16.  Stemless wine glasses- handbuilt porcelain pottery from two of my favorite artists and friends- The Cravens out of Foxfire, VA. (I could go on but that's for another blog post) I love these wine glasses and could use a few more to add to my collection! 

Or you can always give back! There's never a better gift. Check out my favorite charities under "Share your nest."

I know the train is around the corner and everyone is frantically trying to pull off Christmas miracles to make everything perfect for the weekend-- but don't forget to love on each other. :)

Etsy Treasures

Etsy continues to be one of my go to resources. Lately I have been narrowing down my search to "Vintage" (from the drop down menu in the search bar) and coming up with some really great finds!

 When I'm supposed to be coming up with a blog post I am actually just getting lost in the world of etsy...or pinterest. Too many outlets, not enough time.

    I created a few Treasury Lists- a compilation of some of my finds. Considering it's the holiday season (omg.) these are also great gift ideas. 

So, now it's your turn--get lost!

'Nestegg treasures' 

Vintage Hardware

Often I recommend updating hardware in certain spaces or on furniture pieces. Out with the old, in with the new. 

But sometimes I like the opposite and throw in some vintage flare.

<via anthropologie>

I'm almost finished with our tiny bathroom re-do! It has taken For.Ev.Er. For all of you who think my new house is near completion- HA! think again. I tend to view my house as a "hobby" or a side job. Considering I don't have time for any of the above, my own home has gotten left behind. Yes, I am the plumber with the leaky faucet.The shoe cobbler with no shoes. The old lady who lived in a shoe….and ate a cobbler. Now I've gotten my sayings confused.

Anyway, back to the (almost finished) bathroom.  I had a custom vanity made and now I'm looking for vintage hardware. The vanity is very cleaned-lined and simple so I wanted to add a little funk with some unique knobs or pulls.

I found a shop on etsy that sells just that...

Here are some I found appealing...

For $8-$12 bunches, you can't go wrong. The only thing is that quantities are limited.

But luckily I only need two.

Quatrefoil pulls...

Interesting pulls...

I'm liking these.. for some reason.

I think these would look cool if they mirrored each other...

Timex cabinet pulls…? … by JCrew???

Greek Key Design

Simple, handsome

These remind me of vintage earrings..

A few for the women bowlers in the house… You go girls.

All of these were found in Violette Slippers Shop on Etsy- she has really great stuff!

Any other vintage hardware resources out there? Would love to hear. 

AAAnd the search continues!

Mirror Shopping

After looking through my iPhone pictures I've realized something-

I do a lot of mirror shopping...

Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4

Photo 5 Photo Mirror8

Either that or I like to take pictures of myself. 

(No really, try to take a good picture of a mirror without yourself in it. And while you're at it- try rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time.! :) Eeek.. trainwreck.

When flea market finds aren't enough I like to kick it old new school and surf the web for the hottest mirrors on the market. Here are a few...

WM772_1  WM774_1 

Prod1613074 W3430-large 

Jacob mirror 

Screen shot 2010-09-27 at 9.42.38 PM  Screen shot 2010-09-27 at 9.42.54 PM Screen shot 2010-09-27 at 10.22.54 PM 0907_RopeMirror 

2442826  Prod1671470 


Screen shot 2010-09-27 at 10.05.55 PM 4203 

W3965-large  W3839-large

*And a special thanks to Liza from Style Blueprint for the lovely write up and nestegg mention in a new online magazine- Southern Flourish. Check it out! Her {super flattering} article is on pages 49-55. 


FIRST 6: iPhone pics via My So called life.

ROW 1: both from Ballard Designs

ROW 2: Levico from RHardware; Venetian from Wisteria

ROW 3:  Jacob Mirror from Clayton Gray Home

ROW 4: both from Crate and Barrel

ROW 5: from Made Goods; Rope Mirror from Jamie Young

ROW 6: Honeycomb from Pier One; Rope Mirror from RHardware

ROW 7: Crescent Wood Mirror from Aidan Gray 

ROW 8: Paris Mirror from Hickory Chair; from Currey & Co.

ROW 9: both from Wisteria

LAST LITTLE GUY: from Stray Dog Designs


Chair backs

I scored these chairs at the flea market in Atlanta this past week- 

Flea market chairs

These Louis XVI style chairs were found in Belgium (I think? can't remember. I'm a terrible listener at the flea market) and are upholstered in this really cool, embossed leather. Worn-in and vintage looking.

But oddly enough the selling point for me was the BACKS of these chairs. I don't have a picture because... there's nothing there. The upholstered backs are currently exposed and covered in muslin. Which MEANS: I can have the backs redone in a contrast fabric!! (while visions of fabric samples danced in her head)


 I love seeing classic chairs with different backs- it provides for a nice surprise when you catch it at a different angle. Tradition with a twist!

I can't wait for these puppies to be delivered to Nashville so I can start picking out the perfect fabric. Should it be bright? solid? pastel? bold pattern? geometric? floral? Can you tell the fabric samples are still dancing in my head?? The possibilities are endless. I guess it depends on what room they will go in. Don't know that yet either.

For inspiration...

via House Beautiful; designer Jonathan Berger; photo credit: Francesco Lagnese

via House Beautiful; designer Leslie Klotz; photo credit: Laura Resen 

Saw this settee in a Lonny article recently...

And the back?? 

Lonny mag1 
Oh yes.

Not a fabric I would pick personally but I still think it's cool. 

source unknown, sorry

IMG2 via Cheryl Tague website

  Joe nye
 designer Joe Nye

via Suzanne Kasler website

via Country Living, photo credit: William Waldron

Screen shot 2010-07-11 at 11.57.59 PM via Domino magazine

Veranda 6 

via Veranda magazine

Right now I'm liking those last two pictures with the pop of blue fabric on the back. Hmmm....





Bring on the Burlap

Just when I thought I was tired of seeing burlap...

GBED110 enlarged
GTAB272 enlarged

Burlap bed and side table from Noir (available to the trade)

FT100_1 Wisteria burlap table cloth 

Burlap side tables from Ballard Designs (left) and Wisteria (right)- I prefer the one without fringe.

AG burlap cube 

Cube ottoman from Aidan Gray Home

PB burlap table overlay 

  Kenaf table runner 

Burlap table overlay and table runner from Pottery Barn- both are great for parties!

Burlap dome chandelier 

Dome chandelier from Restoration Hardware

Burlap shoe  Picture 1

Stylish, burlap shoes from anthropologie

Picture 2 

Burlap pendant from Currey & Co.
OTT105 enlarged
Loving this ottoman by Noir

Last But Least $

Ballard burlap
 Great looking tote bags from Ballard Designs, only $20!



A few of my faves...

As seen in:

Jill Sharp's kitchen! (I read in the resources that these are Ballard Design stools) Can be found HERE.

Picture 1 
as seen in:

a kitchen by Susan Ferrier. The barstools can be found HERE.  

2modern barstool 

As seen in:

Picture 2
A stylish kitchen designed by Erika from Urban Grace. Can be found HERE

Picture 8
as seen in:

this bright kitchen from Met Home;  stools can be found HERE

Something similar (with slipcovered 'hat' which I LOVE)...

Source unknown; stools can be found HERE.

Picture 3 

as seen in:

James radin
 a kitchen by James Radin. Similar ones can be found HERE

And some others I like that don't have a picture to go with them:

Picture 4Picture 68-kitchen-best-1208-xlg-84309211

Noir stoolPicture 7 Picture 5 

(1) Bungalow 5 (2) Z Gallerie (3) Bungalow Classic (4) Noir(5) Pier One (6) World Market

Musical barstools, anyone?



Spring Awakening

Spring is upon us!! 

And the recent catalogs are showing it. 

How about waking up in one of these fabulous bedrooms?

Are you kidding?

This room is amazing. Restoration is killin' it, lately.

Bench Prod1671452
Prod1671167 Prod1608099
To shop the rest of this room click HERE.  

Meanwhile, Wisteria's latest bedroom is looking serene and welcoming...

Picture 2
W4005a-large W4009 

W4063r2-large W3240a-large 

 To shop the rest of this room click HERE.

West Elm is going with the all-white look. Can't go wrong with that!

Wisteria room
Img54m Img65m 

And Pottery Barn is pairing white, cream and a pretty pale blue.

I love these colors together... very refreshing.
Pottery barn
Img74m Img9m 

A then I came upon a lovely, spring-inspired room from Anthropologie... 

   Picture 3 

Picture 5
Picture 6  993366_095_m

Garnet Hill's Eileen Fisher collection is one of my very faves. She's a staple in my book...

Picture 7
Picture 8 T_Detail

I'm loving all these bedrooms-- but loving being outside MORE!

I hope you are enjoying the spring weather too...




ETSY art-- affordable finds!!

I started looking around ETSY for some good artwork and could. not. stop.

There is SO much affordable art out there!! So I'm here to share some original paintings I found and liked. All of these are under $300!! 

And if you are one who thinks "I have a traditional home, I can't pull off modern art. (or vice versa)" I am here to tell you- YOU CAN. When it comes to artwork I believe you should go with your gut. If you see a painting and it sings to you then believe me- your home will find a spot for it. 

Since most people have a hard time visualizing paintings in a space I included some photos of rooms with similar artwork. In other words: I'm proving my point with magazine photos. (something I do quite frequently :)

Barn Peaches 
Cows Swing 

RozArt, click HERE for her shop.

 Can't visualize a cow in a living room? ... 

Cow painting 

via House Beautiful, artist Linda St. Clair

 Nature and Art's "The Crossing", click HERE to shop. 

Could be paired with neutral paint and furnishings making a statement like this:

TTI yellow painting 

via Things That Inspire, artist unknown



Jenny shultz ballerina
Jenny Shultz, click HERE for her shop. 

I couldn't find a picture in a room like these but just visualize that lovely ballerina painting in this bedroom:

Hb room

I'm loving these watercolor portraits...

Pp2 Pp3
Pp4 Pp5 

Corinne Galla portraits, click HERE for more.
A collection of these in a dining room?

Nanette Lepor:Elle Decor 

via Elle Decor, designer Nanette Lapor
 Siiso abstract

Siiso abstract City painting, click HERE to shop.

The piece above reminded me of a painting I have in my own home. It was passed down from my grandparents because I loved it so much growing up. Something about it has always intrigued me... And now I get to see it every day!


via yours truly


Kaylee Hull's abstract painting, click HERE for her shop. 

Reminded me of this awesome bedroom..

via urban grace; artist unknown

Nancy hughes
Nancy Hughes, click HERE for her shop.

And here, a similar traditional painting in a modern setting...

Elements of style
via elements of style, artist unknown   


Abstract pieces by Sarah Giannoble, click HERE for her shop.

For some reason it reminded me of this room by Steven Gambrel...

Steven gambrel 

via Steven Gambrel website  

 Lollie waterscape 

  Lollie Belle's "Waterscape", click HERE for her shop.

This is my dear friend Laura. Remember her from this post?  As you all know I LOVE her work.. almost as much as I love HER. Here is a small landscape (same size as above) in my own home. I put it in my kitchen to add some color and make me happy while I cook.


Amy haught square
Amy Haught's modern painting, click HERE for her shop.

Suzanne Kasler designed the room below using a very similar modern piece. I know I know, Suzanne can put anything together and make it beautiful. But atleast you get the idea...
 Dusty griffith painting: TTI
via Things that Inspire, artist Dusty Griffith 

All of these beautiful original paintings can be found on etsy along with MANY others. I'm thinking about getting one myself... 



Pretty soon I won't be talking about fires and fuzzy sweaters- I'll be talking about green grass and bare feet!!! But while we're still here, moping around in the cold,  let's talk about fire screens. Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn have come out with great looking screens. I recommend them ALL the time. Simple, functional, handsome - all you need. 

Rip out your bulky brass inserts...

Picture 3
 and update it with a sleek, attractive screen. 

Picture 4  

Fireplaces are almost always the focal point of a room so a simple change like this will make a world of difference.

Vintage Iron Fireplace Single ScreenRivet Hearth Flat Screen with DoorsRivet Hearth Arched Panel ScreenRivet Hearth Flat Curtain ScreenRivet Hearth Arched Tri-Panel ScreenRivet Hearth Flat Tri-Panel Screen

Decorative Fireplace Screen Mission Custom Flat Screen

For PB firescreens click here.

For Restoration ones click here.


Gotta Get A Gourd

Robert Abbey 31" Taupe Ceramic and Brass Table LampRobert Abbey 22 3/4" Lt. Green Ceramic and Silver Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Lt. Pink Ceramic and Brass Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Light Blue Ceramic and Bronze Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Oxblood Red Ceramic and Brass Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Apple Green Ceramic and Bronze Table LampRobert Abbey 22 3/4" Egg Blue Ceramic and Silver Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Bone Ceramic and Silver Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Light Blue Ceramic and Silver Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Peacock Blue Ceramic and Bronze Table LampRobert Abbey 22 3/4" Yellow Ceramic and Silver Table LampRobert Abbey 22 3/4" Dark Brown Ceramic and Bronze LampRobert Abbey 31" Light Green Ceramic and Brass Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Cinnamon Brown Ceramic and Bronze LampRobert Abbey 22 3/4" Pink Ceramic and Bronze Table Lamp

A bright, colorful gourd lamp will update ANY room. Guaranteed. I find myself recommending them almost as often as I recommend changing a paint color.

(The lovely ladies above are all from HERE, around $150-$200 each)

Some other affordable ones....

Pb gourd 105 

a few from here , $105

West elm gourd lamp 

 two from here, $179

 one from here, $119

And if you are near a TJ Maxx HomeGoods store you should swing by to check see if they have any gourd lamps. Nine times out of ten you'll find an inexpensive pair. I always do. Then I pace around TJ Maxx trying to decide if I should buy them or not, finally manage to awkwardly hold them while standing in a line, get irrationally annoyed after 5 minutes of waiting, put the lamps back, and walk out frustrated and empty handed. (P.S. This is how Hoyt shops ALL the time) Anyway, don't repeat after me us. If you see some good gourd lamps, think of me and wait patiently in line. 

And last but least $
Picture 1
Target one, $25 

Get a gourd, 

Thank me later. 


Chateau Love

A friend/reader sent me an email from Houston, Texas letting me know she now works at Chateau Domingue. After looking through the website she clearly meant to say heavenI scrolled through the images sitting alone at my computer and said aloud





Chateau Domingue is known for importing reclaimed materials and unique architectural elements from all over the world! All sorts of flooring, tiles, light fixtures and furniture. They have 15,000 sq. ft. showroom that I am going to need to see sometime very soon! I can't even imagine what beautiful pieces grace the floors.

I thought I'd spread the love before the weekend with some of their images that will make your heart flutter...



drooling yet ???
Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 12.27.20 PM
Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 12.27.32 PM
Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 12.27.49 PM 


Chateau 2
Chateau 3
Chateau1 Chateau 3
Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 12.28.34 PM
Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 12.28.47 PM Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 12.29.08 PM
Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 12.29.27 PM
Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 12.29.18 PM Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 1.39.50 PM

Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 1.39.41 PM
Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 1.40.28 PM Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 1.40.38 PM
Screen shot 2010-01-15 at 1.40.51 PM

Jack's study1

and my personal favorite...
Pick your chin up off the floor....

 and have a good weekend! 

<all images from chateau domingue- go check it out!!! The website a beautiful illustration of their unique vision. >


Had to share...

When I shop for my clients I shop anywhere from Hickory Chair to Target. And sometimes, hoping to score a light fixture, I shop at Overstock. I was cruising through the website today and came upon this great chandelier for a whopping $189 !!!

Overstock chandelier

Love the simplicity of this fixture.

Love the price even more...

Found HERE.


New Year- New Stuff

Hey friends. Happy New Year! You  might be here because you're back at your first day of work, feeling a little depressed that the holidays are over with a stack of paperwork next to you (or on your sofa with a stack of laundry next to you) and you need an escape. If so, I'm glad you're here. This will be a great year and I hope to entertain and uplift you on days like today!! And most importantly- distract you from your work. Since that's what y'all do to me- it's only fair! :)

I'm getting over a mild case of the flu. 3 full days in pajamas, 2 gallons of ginger ale, and 1 permanent imprint-in-the-couch later I can confidently say I think I'm over it. (Knock on wood! okay, not so confidently) Besides getting cabin fever I've been flipping through all of my usual catalogs and loving all the new stuff coming out for Spring! Here are a few things I found:

From Pottery Barn...

Rattan dining chairs... would look great around a ROUND dining table (around around-??)

Steel ladder Mirrored bedside
Vintage steel ladder and mirrored bedside table. Different looks but each piece makes a statement.

Slingstool Slingstool2
This sling stool is a nice thing to have around.. different than the popular ottoman or garden stool look but serves the same purpose.

Francis sconce
Francis sconce- so simple! I love it. Would look great in a hallway or stairwell...

Accordion sconce Brentwood floorlamp
More unique, affordable lighting...

Kanthathrow2 Kantha throw1
Interesting throws...

I also like the shape of these barstools... but I think they would look better in a bright, fun color. Maybe wait until they go on sale.

Nestpendant Nestpillow 

Just had to.

All of these items can be found on Pottery Barn website HERE.

Now on to Wisteria....

W new bedroom
Everything about this bedroom is A) fabulous and B) NEW! The bedding, the bedside table, the stool, the artwork... love this combo!

 My favorite part: the slipcovered bedside table. I've been doing a lot of these in my clients' houses and have found that they are a great alternative to bedside casegoods. You can hide shelves underneath for storage while hiding your bedside mess.

Bedside table

W living room
Same thing here. All new, all great.

My favorite part? The tables.

Martini Tables- they aren't called that but I like to refer to all tiny tables that sit by your chair 'martini tables'. They are great to have around!! (martinis and/or tables)

W martini table

W coffee table W coffee table 2
This shockingly resembles the pricey coffee table I've always loved from Oly:


W bedroom2
Black is back! Well really- did it ever leave?? 

My favorite part: the pillow that pulls it all together

Picture 1
Another thing I saw and liked:

W mapchest
Vintage map chest. I don't know if the word vintage really holds true here but if you have any really old maps I see this being a really great DIY project!!  

All of these items can be found at Wisteria website HERE.
There are many more new things out that I hope to share with you soon. In the mean time, happy Monday! (and New Year!)









50 Gifts under $50

Get Ready.

I have compiled 50 great gifts and have been adding to this list for a few weeks to make sure it's extra full of finds. I didn't divide them into mens, womens, kids because alot of them are gender neutral- and I don't want to offend the female readers who would like a toolkit for Christmas. Cruise through this list and I guarantee you'll find the perfect gift for someone!

*Click on title of each gift to link to website

Art set
Art Set, (which includes practically everything a creative junky needs), Garnet Hill, $25

Horned bottle opener
Horned Bottle Opener, stylish/functional (no marital arguments here!), Anthropologie, $28 

Linnea design calendar
Linnea Poster Calendar, *my sweet aunt gives me these every year! And I am not really a 'calendar person' but I'm not kidding- these prints brighten my month. Frame it and prop it up in the kitchen for some extra color. Linnea Designs, $28. And if you want to be extra nice you can add an 11x14 frame to your gift. Click here for a good one. 

Men's Cashmere SocksWomen's cashmere socks
Mens AND Women's cashmere socks, Garnet Hill, $24 

Lollieturnip Carrots lollie 
Prints from Lollie, my friend and wonderful artist, check out her etsy shop for more, $35

Chicken.Large heifer international
Gift of Chicks, $20.00, Heifer International- Great charity! "Heifer helps many hungry families with a starter flock of 10 to 50 chicks. A good hen can lay up to 200 eggs a year - plenty to eat, share or sell. With Heifer recipients' commitment to pass on the offspring and training, the exponential impact of adding chickens to communities in poverty is truly a model that helps end hunger and poverty. "- click on title for more info

Izmir measuring cups anthro 3   Picture 2 

Handpainted measuring cups, set of four, Anthropologie, $32
 RH toolkit
Glove compartment tool kit- I even need one of these!, Restoration Hardware, $22 

Kodak gallery photo puzzle
Photo Puzzle- make a puzzle with personal pictures!, Kodak Gallery, $24.99

Leather coasters pb
Leather coasters, monogrammed, Pottery Barn, $29

Wst glass tumblers
Colored Glass tumblers, Set of 6, Wisteria, $34

Froggie wuvit 
Neck warmer , Wuvit, Mom's will wuv it., $19

Jewelry traveler jcrew
 Satin Jewelry Traveler, so handy and stylish!, comes in other colors, Jcrew, $39.50 

 Air hockey table, jcpenney, 30
Tabletop Air Hockey!! You know you want one. JcPenney,(seen in Real Simple), $29

Fresh Every day
My Favorite Cookbook. Ok, I know that's a big claim so I'll just say it is in my top 3. Amazon, $23 

Westelm boxes 3  Westelm boxes Westelmboxes2
 West Elm Boxes, personalized, natural bone, or lacquered, great gift for anyone!, from $12-$49

Dogbed molly mutt
Super stylish dog bed, (don't forget your pets!), Molly Mutt, $38 

Gg-every-classic-books_300 Penguin books
 Penguin Hardcover classics-  Remember how I recommended taking off ugly book jackets to make your bookcases look better? Well, now you don't have to! These are beautiful editions to some of the classics like Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, etc., Amazon, around $13 each. 

Makeyourown monster Dwmonsterkit_2

Make Your Own Monster Kit! Fun for kids (and adults!??), Reform School Rules, (seen in Real Simple), $24

  San Fran ork poster
City Neighborhood Posters, super cool, for those that love their city. Ork Posters, $22 

Customized sigg bottles
 Customized Sigg Water Bottles- eco-friendly, "cool people" use them :), make it personal, $28

Picture 28

Marshmallow shooter,you heard me!, Neiman Marcus, $25

Travel journels

Travel Journals, Hable Construction, $35

The Good Card.  A gift certificate to the philanthropy world. You set the price, recipients pick the charity.  


LL Bean Classic Totes! Can't go wrong...L.L.Bean, starting at $17

Or these from Ballard Designs...

Ballard totes
Personalized and only $25!

Picture 3  Sueded jersey
 Men's sueded jersey, Jcrew, $49

Fleece pullover jcrew
Women's Fleece pullover, Jcrew, $45 

Roberta Roller Rabbit Napkins, $8 each 

RH foot duvets 

Duvet Footies, Restoration Hardware, 

HBeautiful Elledecor
  A subscription to House Beautiful or Elle Decor , $10... Come on! Keep them alive!

 Flowermag Food everyday
 Or my other 2 faves: Flower mag and  Everyday Food, $15 

Melting bud vase
Melting Bud Vase, Anthropologie, $14 

Catch phrase 
Catch Phrase! One of my all-time favorite games. $27 

 Baby on the way? Get them a personalized onesie made with care by Brooke from Blueprint Bliss!, $12

Letter mugs
Monogrammed mugs, Anthropologie, $6 each

Dark scarves wisteria 
 Scarves from Wisteria, $29

St Jude Garment Bag, 20
St. Jude garment bag- all proceeds go to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, $29


The best winter candle ever. Thyme's Frasier Fir, $26

Personalized Notepads... Like lists? Me too. Like pictures to remind you that your 'to do' list is not as important as your family or friends?? Me too.     These are from Picpads- all you have to do is send them a picture, they do the rest. $32 for 2 list pads

UP on DVD, anyone at any age would like this movie, $16.99 

Nate berkus tray 
Nate Berkus Greek Key Tray, stylish addition to any home!, $49 

Dinner convo napkins Conversatoin napkins, wisteria
Dinner Conversation Napkins- for adults, kids, and teens. Great way to get the table talking! Wisteria, $23 

Picture 4
Tocca candles set- includes 4 different fragrances (so you're guaranteed to get atleast ONE they like!), Sephora, $42 
 Jewelry wood

Weathered Wood Jewelry Cabinet, Urban Outfitters, $36

AM I AT 50 YET???

Ahhh yes, 


And a partridge in a pear tree.  Kate Spade Card set, Sax, $35

Happy Shopping! Feel free to fwd this list to your friends and family as a subtle hint.

And for more great ideas check out Style Blueprint's lists. Click here, here, and here.

XOSanta's Helper

Throw a Punch


With the cold weather approaching I find myself coming home from a long days 'playing Rachel' and all I want to do is plop on a comfortable chaise lounge and curl up under a cashmere throw.

Picture 1
via oyuna

Throw blankets not only add instant comfort to a room but they also can be a key design element. Which brings me to my lesson of the day:

Do not underestimate the power of a throw.

Sometimes, it is all you need to add a punch of color to your room! 

To sum it up: Throw a punch. 

And why not make it cashmere? 

Mcalpine bedroom 

Ever since I saw this Bobby Mcalpine bedroom in House Beautiful I have been wanting this bright baby blue cashmere throw. This particular brand is Yarnz and it's a little too pricey for me. So I've been on the lookout for the perfect blue throw ever since. I am YET to find it...under $100.

 Mcalpine tends to throw punches in many of his rooms... 
Example A: *LOVE*

Example B:


*that actually might be someone's shirt. Oh well....

James michael howard throw 

That throw needs some fluffing!!

james michael howard via things that inspire

Country living 

via country living

Veranda, sferra cashmere 

I love the purple color here. This particular blanket (on the bench) is a beautiful Sferra cashmere and runs around $400 a throw. Yikes... but Yummy. 

via Veranda


via cote de texas


William sonoma cashmere throw 

Williams Sonoma has a popular collection of cashmere throws for $268- and as you can see they have every color of the rainbow.

Restoration cashmere throw, $103.99
Restoration Hardware's cashmere throws are on sale from $300 to $103.99 

Pretty good for 100% cashmere- might be my best bet! Has anyone been able to find a good one for less?

"A good home should gather you up in its arms like a warm cashmere blanket, soothe your hurt feelings, and prepare you to go back out into that big bad world tomorrow." - Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa)


first image on post- via coco and kelly


Hey eggheads!

I've been really busy these past few weeks and unfortunately the blog has taken a hit. I posted the video yesterday to distract you guys... and apparently it worked! :) 

First of all,  thank you for all of your sweet comments and emails. Not only did you make my day better yesterday but your comments always cheer me up. I realized the other day that one hard thing about being on my own is that I don't have the built-in support team of coworkers. That's one plus of working in an office- work friends, team mentality.

But in a weird, cyber-space way I really feel like you guys have been my support team.!! Even if you've never commented or we've never met in person it means a lot that you're reading... So, thank you for encouraging me and lifting me up day after day.

NOW, cheese aside, let's talk about the Home Shopping Network, shall we?

Hi Nate Berkus...

Picture 3

Can I have your job?? 

OK fine, can I sit on my couch and order all sorts of stylish things from your HSN line for under $200 ? Thank you.

Picture 2
This snazzy pillow was in the latest House Beautiful, on clearance for $19.99!! 

Picture 4
$19.00 each, they come in electric blue too. 

Nate also carries these pillows that resemble TIES- would be really cute in a boy's room, don't you think?

Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7

Pillows all on clearance for $14.95... ridiculous!

And this jute rug- Great for anywhere! 

Picture 8 

$29.90, can't beat that.

 Granted, it's only 2' x 3' but maybe you could attach a bunch of them together somehow. Make a long runner...

And these rugs are cool- an 8'x10' is only $160!  

Picture 9 

You could totally jazz up a room with a big striped rug. Remember this twin bedroom? Need I say more?

Twin bedroom stripe rug 

via Domino

And I'm really digging this sleek sofa by Nate... and notice the jute rug underneath:

Picture 10 

I don't know if it would be practical in a den or living room where you lounge on your sofa every day- personally I like arms on mine-but for $499 throw some extra seating in your playroom,bedroom, office? 

And this slipper chair also comes in many different colors, complete with nailhead*..

Picture 11
$329.00 !!! 

(No, Home Shopping Network has not hired me to do this. I'm just that dorky.)

This hexagon ottoman- simple, tailored and stylish:

Picture 12
or in more neutral colors...

Picture 13 Picture 14
$399.95 each

He has good headboards too but the only downside is you're limited to white or beige-

Picture 18 Picture 19

SO, I would be more inclined to get his plain-jane welted headboard for a great price (a KING is $299!) 

 Picture 17 

and then have a slipcover made here in town. Then I can switch it up whenever my mood changes seasonally!

Today I'm thinking a pattern would be nice- much like this: 

Headboard pattern
source unknown

Bored with your bathroom? Take down your wall-to-wall, spec-house mirror that sits above your bathroom sink. Paint the newly exposed wall a fun color- something that makes you happy- and put this mirror up (for $159):

Picture 20
A little Nate, a little personal flarelittle smidgen from your {nestegg}.

Picture 21
This sunburst mirror for $179 is definitely a statement piece... Very cool. Don't believe me? Ask Veranda:

Veranda sunburst mirror

I also like this cute marble table lamp for $159-

Picture 25 


Picture 26
A classic bolster pillow, a whopping $11.

All of these products can be found HERE.

And while you're shopping around HSN, go ahead and get a snuggie:

Picture 22
One size fits all but don't worry it comes in exciting patterns too:

Picture 23 Picture 24
You know you want one.