Shiny and New : Take 2

Aaaaand we're back.

If you missed {Take 1} click here. 

New uses, new looks, in with the old and out with the new.... or something. ??

I found these antique doors at Scotts and thought they'd be perfect for solving the #1 Family Room Dilemma. It was a stroke of luck that the client's TV fit snuggly behind them. 

Made New: reupholstered in Jim Thompson's Magilan in celadon;  frame untouched- loved the finish! *the original fabric was cool but it smelled terrible and was falling apart so it had to go. Bye bye.

As you can see I love ottomans with feminine curves and shapely legs. 

Made new: 1st was reupholstered to match client's drapery fabric. Kravet's Water Tint in Heather; 2nd is reupholstered in a stunning Jim Thompson cut velvet. 

Made New: Just some shiny,new legs....

For the brass bar I was inspired by this picture and decided to make this low, brass chest into a bar area (although it's not quite styled for one yet;). We had the base custom made to fit and raised it up to counter level. I love the drama of the skinny legs and the heavy brass.


This (already beautiful) antique chaise got a fancy new outfit.

Made New: Reupholstered in a Holly Hunt/Great Plains leather; Kravet's Hidden Pearl cording; Back of chaise is upholstered in Schumacher's Taza Damask Champagne; custom pillows and bolsters; bedcover by mela & roam!

Here's to a fresh new start!

Give those ugly ottomans a chance in 2013.

Peace. Love. Les Indiennes.

Les Indiennes has been around for nearly 10 years and has made an appearance all over blogs and magazines. But it's popular for a reason.

<via architectural digest>

Their beautiful textiles have always appealed to me. It's probably because I'm so exotic.

I'm kidding.

…. I just think they're pretty

And calming.

And I don't get tired of looking at them. 

This beautiful Nashville home designed by David Netto was just featured in last month's Veranda. The matching upholstered walls and bed hanging renewed my love for Les Indiennes (hence this blog post)...

Their subtle prints fit into just about any setting...

(above rooms by Tom Scheerer

I'm thinking about incorporating it in my house somewhere. (And I might just not ask Hoyt's opinion about this one.) 

But what pattern to choose? The options are endless. These are just a few...

I really like their latest collection.

This bedcover in particular...

And I think their fabrics would make great shower curtains. Let's be honest- tasteful shower curtains are hard to come by. 

If it's in budget I always recommend purchasing the real thing, but for an inexpensive version:

West Elm has a great looking block print bedding collection

Alright, enough bohemian flare for the day.

Chair backs

I scored these chairs at the flea market in Atlanta this past week- 

Flea market chairs

These Louis XVI style chairs were found in Belgium (I think? can't remember. I'm a terrible listener at the flea market) and are upholstered in this really cool, embossed leather. Worn-in and vintage looking.

But oddly enough the selling point for me was the BACKS of these chairs. I don't have a picture because... there's nothing there. The upholstered backs are currently exposed and covered in muslin. Which MEANS: I can have the backs redone in a contrast fabric!! (while visions of fabric samples danced in her head)


 I love seeing classic chairs with different backs- it provides for a nice surprise when you catch it at a different angle. Tradition with a twist!

I can't wait for these puppies to be delivered to Nashville so I can start picking out the perfect fabric. Should it be bright? solid? pastel? bold pattern? geometric? floral? Can you tell the fabric samples are still dancing in my head?? The possibilities are endless. I guess it depends on what room they will go in. Don't know that yet either.

For inspiration...

via House Beautiful; designer Jonathan Berger; photo credit: Francesco Lagnese

via House Beautiful; designer Leslie Klotz; photo credit: Laura Resen 

Saw this settee in a Lonny article recently...

And the back?? 

Lonny mag1 
Oh yes.

Not a fabric I would pick personally but I still think it's cool. 

source unknown, sorry

IMG2 via Cheryl Tague website

  Joe nye
 designer Joe Nye

via Suzanne Kasler website

via Country Living, photo credit: William Waldron

Screen shot 2010-07-11 at 11.57.59 PM via Domino magazine

Veranda 6 

via Veranda magazine

Right now I'm liking those last two pictures with the pop of blue fabric on the back. Hmmm....





Imperial Trellis? Yes Please.

Remember when I told you my current favorite wallpaper The classic Imperial Trellis inspired by Kelly Wearstler)? Did I mention has fabrics too? It might be even better than the wallpaper... and apparently F. Schumacher agrees with me since it's priced at $120/yd. Yikes!

Trellis fabric

Since I've been on a 'pillow find' kick I thought I'd give it a whirl
I was cruising around etsy and typed in "imperial trellis" and Voila! The find of the week!!! 
$65 kelly wearstler pillow !!!!! 

*I don't want to false advertise- it does have a solid back but that won't stop me from ordering two for myself :)

Want it in orange?

How about chocolate brown?

Or navy?

Or yellow?
Not interested in the pillows? How about clipboards?

If you are wanting a more finished look I also found this one from another seller for $125- the difference being that the back is done and it has a welt instead of a knife edge.

This seller also sells this pillow that I found intriguing...

Consider this day like Oprah's Favorite Things- 
I take that back. I can't throw free pillows into the crowd or hand out refrigerators with LCD screens, in addition to keys to your new car and a lifetime supply of scented candles and self-help books...

But a good day nonetheless.

Happy Wednesday!

Fabrics for less!

Surfing around the interweb I stumbled upon this great little website: Premier Fabrics. Get this: All of these cotton print fabrics are $9.99/yd or less!! What a great resource for our nest eggs.

Aktriobirch  Kimgypsy

Aktseedlingbirch  Kmnsnorkelwhiteslub
I LOVE these small prints. For $10 you could recover a stool or desk chair for a whole new look!
 (I am currently in a small print phase. Last week it was lucite... and about a month ago it was concrete. Stay tuned.....) 

Bling Bling.. here come the diamonds! Classic, simple, great color combos.

Stripes and bamboo trellis patterns- always a staple. Y'all have GOT to check out all the different colors! It is neverending. I picked pink hoping someone would use this in a little girls room.. anyone?

These animal prints are so fun and they came in a lot more colors- I'm definitely digging the last one (Python!)... it comes in several different colors. I can't stop staring at it.
And lastly- the large houndstooth prints! I'm lovin' these as well- maybe it has to do with the 'small prints' phase? 
I'm thinking of buying a yard of the last one to cover my bulletin board (for my office!) and *Bejewel* (also known as 'apply nailhead') the perimeter. 
Lhtcloudlinen copy
Then (for kicks) I might just have to get this fabric to cover my desk chair seat cushion:

Cheap thrills to brighten my day!!