Curtain thoughts

So before I go into my recent adventures to Chicago, Atlanta, and in bed with the flu- let's talk about what's really important: indecent exposure.

Apparently the entire neighborhood has been watching me for months now because I have YET to pick out drapery fabric for practically my entire house. And I have refused to put up the old dusty plastic blinds that lived there before we repainted everything. 

Throughout the house (aside from a few rooms) I painted the walls and trim Benjamin Moore "China White" and the french doors Sherwin Williams "Black Fox".

Hoyt keeps making fun of me when I'm looking at fabrics in my house (which is NEVER in case you were wondering- unless it's at 10pm crouching around a lamp). He says "Oh- Oh!! Let me guess... WHITE?!"

But it's true- so far I've painted everything a shade of white and only brings things in with little to no color. I can't tell if it's just that I see samples all day long and I want a blank slate to come home to, or if I am a wimp and won't commit to anything other than white. Maybe it's a little of both but we're not here to analyze that. We are here to make a decision. I need to figure out what to do with our window treatments before the neighbors see me in my underwear.(again) 

The problem is- I like a lot of different things. I make decisions all day long for my clients but when it comes to my house I freeze. Then quickly put it on the backburner. 

What I DO know is that I keep coming back to some of my favorite rooms with simple, light curtains that closely resemble the wall.  --- I apologize for any repeats--













These curtains don't call for drama.

They are sophisticated, soothing,  and simple. 

Are they safe???......YES.    -But I'm okay with that. :)

I was coming to look for some approval from you guys but ended up with Leo's blessing. I guess he trumps all. ??

Either way- I'm ordering some fabric!

1. design by Amy Morris, photograph by Emily Followill 2. Tommy Clements via Elle Decor3. Country Home via greige 4. Thomas Obrien via his website 5. Susan Ferrier via House Beautiful 6. via domino magazine 7. source unknown 8. source unknown and 9. Scaglioni, via House Beautiful 10. via Little Green Notebook 11. Source unknown 12. via Amber Interior Design

*last print by Natural Curiosities

New Orleans style

I've been doing some research.

Me? Research??? Shocking, I know. This was more like "client research" as one of my clients is a New Orleans native living in the middle of Nashville, TN. Her style is chic, effortless, and very "New Orleans." So.. what does that MEAN exactly? How can I understand my client if I don't really fully understand this Creole style?

Parlange Plantation via flickr 

I borrowed a few of her NOLA books and went on a mini-mission to find out for myself.

Photo on 2010-10-12 at 22.01 #2
< insert PROOF >

New Orleans style is so interesting to me because it's heavily borrowed from so many different cultures and styles but yet it's uniquely New Orleans at the same time. 

 A timeless aesthetic...

Creole houses

There is always something in a room that you couldn't find anywhere else.


 I learned that Lagniappe actually translates to "a little something extra"... which, in my opinion, totally defines the style.  


It's an eclectic mix of French, Spanish, African, Native American, West Indian, Creole, tropical, romantic, rustic, classical.. the list goes on.

But if you're anything like me, you're going to skip right over the history part and just look at the pretty pictures. Pictures explain it better, anyway.

A house by A. Hays Town, via Things that Inspire...


A Hays Town via TTI

Interiors by Gerrie Bremermann that I snagged from Cote de Texas and Southern Accents..

Gerrie bremermann via CDT
Rowan2 southern accents

Bremerman southern accents


And some more beautiful rooms by New Orleans interior designer Tara Shaw ...

Tarashaw veranda 2005-via CDT 
Tara shaw 2veranda 2005 via CDT

Tara shaw veranda 2005 via CDT

Veranda tara shaw

Veranda tara shaw4 

In the book Creole Houses I found a lot of great insider info AND beautiful pictures... (photographs are taken by Steve Gross and Sue Daley)



New Orleans Home & Lifestyles magazine had some good pictures too...

New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles 1NO7

So much character!

A recent Elle Decor issue featured a young, fresh New Orleans home decorated by Tommy Clements. I love that it mixed the owner's New Orleans heritage with modern elements. 

Elle decor new orleans house

OK, Time Out- let's review the entire house because I'm OBSESSED with this place...

The bathroom is unreal. Everything about it I love- even the robe. 

Elle decor new orleans clements 2

I, personally, would not have chosen that artwork for the kitchen- mainly because it doesn't seem to flow with the rest of the house.. but hey, it's not a deal breaker. 

However, the dining room. Is. Awesome. That glossy trestle table paired with the unique, rustic chairs, the black/white photograph and the pop of greenery !! Love.

Elle decor sure thing clements

AND the bedroom!!! I can't even talk about it.

So chic. So interesting. SO New Orleans.

See, now that I've done my research <insert air quotes> I can say things like that: SO New Orleans.- I mean- NAH'lins.  

 At this point all I need is a shopping trip. Who's with me??

(image #1- via flickr, image #2- via Creole Houses, image #3- interior by Gerrie Bremermann, image #4-via House Beautiful)

Kitchen Living

Let's be honest- nowadays people live in their kitchens. And I love seeing houses that attempt to blur the line between the kitchen and living room. Or kitchen and dining room. Thinking outside the traditional layout of a home and creating a space that is more functional for their family.

I saw this kitchen recently and really liked the concept- (and the design, of course)...




Can't decide between having a table in the kitchen vs an island? This way you have both! They put a slab of stone at the end of the dining table (raised to counter height) so it would feel like a part of the kitchen. I love this idea.

So, the question is: "Where is all the stuff??" 

In a working pantry adjacent to kitchen/living area. I've learned that the best way to combine a kitchen/living/or dining area have a bigger pantry.



A 12' long secondhand sink that they found at a restaurant supply place. Very cool... and very functional.

 The owner, Ruard Veltman, says: "I'm torn between two things: a very clean, modern kitchen with everything hidden, and a very utilitarian space with everything on open shelves — glasses, dishes, equipment, food. By having two rooms, I can have it both ways." 

Another kitchen I could see spending a lot of time in...


The owner is Richard Norris (who is the business manager for Mcalpine Tankersley in Montgomery, AL- meaning: he had GOOD help!). He wanted the kitchen to have the feel of a traditional dining room. So the sink area acts as a buffet/sideboard and the oval island a dining table.

Where's all the stuff? In the pantry.


Ina Garten's kitchen definitely doubles as a living area. 

Where's the Barefoot Contessa's {endless supply of} stuff??

My point exactly.

On another note, thanks again for all of your incredibly nice comments from my last post. Seriously, y'all are too good to me. 


(1) Designer: Ruard Veltman via House Beautiful; photo credit: Eric Piasecki (2) via House Beautiful; photo credit: William Abranowicz (3) via House Beautiful; photo credit: Simon Upton

Chair backs

I scored these chairs at the flea market in Atlanta this past week- 

Flea market chairs

These Louis XVI style chairs were found in Belgium (I think? can't remember. I'm a terrible listener at the flea market) and are upholstered in this really cool, embossed leather. Worn-in and vintage looking.

But oddly enough the selling point for me was the BACKS of these chairs. I don't have a picture because... there's nothing there. The upholstered backs are currently exposed and covered in muslin. Which MEANS: I can have the backs redone in a contrast fabric!! (while visions of fabric samples danced in her head)


 I love seeing classic chairs with different backs- it provides for a nice surprise when you catch it at a different angle. Tradition with a twist!

I can't wait for these puppies to be delivered to Nashville so I can start picking out the perfect fabric. Should it be bright? solid? pastel? bold pattern? geometric? floral? Can you tell the fabric samples are still dancing in my head?? The possibilities are endless. I guess it depends on what room they will go in. Don't know that yet either.

For inspiration...

via House Beautiful; designer Jonathan Berger; photo credit: Francesco Lagnese

via House Beautiful; designer Leslie Klotz; photo credit: Laura Resen 

Saw this settee in a Lonny article recently...

And the back?? 

Lonny mag1 
Oh yes.

Not a fabric I would pick personally but I still think it's cool. 

source unknown, sorry

IMG2 via Cheryl Tague website

  Joe nye
 designer Joe Nye

via Suzanne Kasler website

via Country Living, photo credit: William Waldron

Screen shot 2010-07-11 at 11.57.59 PM via Domino magazine

Veranda 6 

via Veranda magazine

Right now I'm liking those last two pictures with the pop of blue fabric on the back. Hmmm....