Let's play catch-up.

REWIND: to my Highpoint market trip back in... November!

One of the highlights of my trip was meeting the famous London based interior designer- Kelly Hoppen.


(Here I am at Highpoint with my designer friends! Kelly in the middle- with the effortlessly gorgeous hair.)

She's a total bad*ss. Like- the Queen of England awarded her an MBE for her contributions in the field of design- THAT kind of woman.

She started her own design business at the ripe age of 16- i repeat- SIX.TEEN. And is now designer to the stars, has her own home furniture line, lighting line, several published books and has even started Kelly Hoppen School of Design in London. (My friend went- she said it changed her life.)

 Anyway, we went to hear her speak at Highpoint and I took notes... And sketched her hair. 

(Not sure if the "really listen" message was intended for myself or part of her message ???)


Here are some of her quotes (with photographs of her work)-


"Home has finally become what it really ought to be."

"You don't need so many overhead lights. Consider the reflection and shadows. Light up textures, surfaces, art…"

Only ONE STAR piece per room.

Kelly hoppen met5


"Trends are all a bit bubble-gum. Great designers stick to who they are."


"It's all about compromise."

(All of my couple clients: NOD your heads. :)

Hoppen 1 archdigest

"Get involved with the spirit of the home before you start work on it."

Kelly-hoppen loft

One of my favorite comments she made was when she was talking about the influence of growing up and going in her grandmother's home- 

"It wasn't the way it looked- it was the way it felt."


Love that. She's speaking my language.

I could hear her talk about design all night-- preferably on her London rooftop terrace...


Kelly hoppen met9

…maybe with The Queen?


To see more of her work visit Kelly Hoppen online. Her books are great too! 

Piggy went to Highpoint Market

I realized today as I was looking back through my blog that I have posted 4 times in the past month.!! I really have been slacking. I'm going to get back in the game- not only for you readers but for myself! I need the inspiration-- the less I blog/catch up on other blogs, the less inspired I get. I start to feel stagnant. I try not to blog during work hours (which is why you may get a blog post before you get a returned email or phone call-sorry!), but it's important to me to make time for this creative outlet. And I'm trying my best to find balance... if that even exists.?

Soooo.... we have some catching up to do. Let me back up to a few weeks ago... when this little piggy went to Highpoint Market! I had never been before and it was quite the trip. This post could last for days (my intention,perhaps?) so I'll start out with my a few highlights:



In the Oly Showroom I had to pick my chin up off the floor... several times.


Feast your eyes!










Moving along to some more rustic finds...





One of my favorite spots was the Hickory Chair showroom- After a day of seeing a lot of "trends" it was SO refreshing to see quality pieces that stand the test of time. 

And the people!! Everyone that works there is so friendly and great (Ron!)... I could have stayed and talked for hours. Not only that but I was lucky enough to be in the presence of some of the most talented designers in the industry. STARS, if you will. :)

Then I found myself smack dab in the middle of them for a picture..?


Left to right: Barry Dixon, me (in heaven), Melanie Benecki, Mariette Himes Gomez, and Suzanne Kasler.!! Seriously... I'd like to get in each of their heads for a day.- even an hour. 


Suzanne and me- after I gushed about her furniture line, her lighting line, and everything in between. She couldn't be more friendly and gave me some great advice.

Then I met Alexa Hampton at her book signing- she's so down to earth..and hilarious! 


That blurry ghost of a human being on the left? That would be me. Doesn't that always happen when you meet someone famous? You muster up the courage to even ask for a dumb photograph in the first place- This is it. Don't blink, don't blink. The picture turns out bad but you're not ABOUT to ask her again: "Oh, hi- Alexa? Can you stand up one more time so I take another picture with you? This one looks like my face is melting off-Thanks." 

Remember that post I did a while back about the creative couple in Atlanta, The Beneckis? Ran into them there too... 

And for the record- they are not only talented (and attractive), but they are so sweet. As well as the girls that work for them. And they all read nestegg- which is crazy- and awesome!!! (hey guys!) 

Eye candy hickory chair

Anyway, I loved the Hickory Chair Social Hour.. I would like to attend it monthly (minus) heavy market bags +(plus) cocktails. Ron Fiore?? Can you make it happen? :)


Much more to cover, but sleep comes first.



Lonny Be Good.

Every time I think about Lonny magazine I can't help but hear Chuck Berry singing THIS SONG in my head. 

Go Lonny Go.. Go!

Lonny be good.

Aaaaanyway, have you seen the latest issue?


I know her! She's my new friend, Callie Jenschke. (Isn't she pretty?)

I say 'new' because I just met her recently. One of my best friends introduced us at a party in NYC knowing we would hit it off. Did we ever. 

Co-founder of Scout Designs, this girl brings a whole new meaning to bohemian chic. Check out her home...

Screen shot 2010-08-24 at 9.57.30 PM 

Callie and Nicki (from Scout Designs) admit to "studying their clients wardrobes in order to better understand their style."

That's funny because the second I met Callie I noticed her stylish ensemble. She had on a patterned dress that (if I remember correctly) resemble the sheets below, 

Screen shot 2010-08-24 at 9.56.47 PM  

a pop of color with some red lipstick

And an awesome leather bag/clutch that I was drooling over- (looks alot like this vintage chair she has in her home)...

Screen shot 2010-08-24 at 10.06.38 PM 

Read Lonny's article to find Callie's suggestions on how to take decor cues from your wardrobe. It's brilliant! (Clients' closets beware.)

Screen shot 2010-08-24 at 9.58.31 PM

And I love her quote here:

Screen shot 2010-08-24 at 9.58.17 PM

Lonny strikes again with another great issue. 

Including Vincent Wolfe's beach house/slice of heaven...

194263-7-004 copy

You should go {lonny,go} read it. 

Good job, Callie! I'm so proud.


Click here to subscribe to Lonny mag

Click here to visit Scout Designs in NYC. (They have a blog too!)



Holy Tile

If you love Heart hardwood floors like I do- you'll love Nashville designer Jamie Beckwith's floor "tiles"... Oh yes, people- it's hardwood. Feast your eyes on this...

Picture 14

Made from quarter-sawn white oak, these exotic hardwoods come in all sorts of shapes and sizes....

Picture 11  Picture 2  Picture 10  Picture 5 Picture 8  Picture 9


Picture 12 

Picture 15 

Picture 12 

Picture 13  

And not just for floors.

There's the line called Projection that can be installed on walls, ceilings,... wherever! 

Picture 14 


I think it would be a great backsplash...
Picture 16 


How cool is that??

To see more (and find retailers near you) visit Jamie Beckwith's website, HERE.


She works hard for the money...

I recently subscribed to Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles... simply because I'm addicted to magazines and am stocking piling inspiration for fear that these hard copies will cease to exist. Y2K all over again. I'm slowly making my way cross country with these subscriptions. (I signed up for Birmingham H&G too but haven't gotten one yet? Any other states I might need?)

Anyway, I'm loving AH&L. I got the May issue in the mail and flipped open to... My new dream office. 

I'm dead serious. This is it. 

And I should have known it would be none other than Suzanne Kasler's...

Kasler office 1 

I"ll tell you why it sings to me...

  • Lots of work surfaces.. I NEEEED that desperately. 
  • It's Cozy.... Feels like the upstairs loft of a home.


Screen shot 2010-05-03 at 6.50.06 PM

  • It's effortlessly stylish. 

Picture 3 

  • It's realistic! And it looks like cool people work here.

Picture 7 Picture 6 

  • Wall to wall seagrass. Check!

  • Here's the thing I have learned over the years about the office(s) of an interior designer. (Mainly-mine!) They are ticking time bombs. Like clockwork- every 24 hours a 'creative bomb' -or two- goes off and there is a minor explosion of fabric samples, papers, materials, purchase orders, name it. You can clean it up? But more than likely you don't have time as you frantically run out the door (10 minutes late-always) with fabric shrapnel attached to every corner of your stylish black outfit while you sling around your bag of bricks. Literally people- sometimes it IS bricks!) And you can't have anyone else clean up after you because your stack/vision is placed strategically in a way that only YOU (and people who speak freaky-deaky-Dutch) could figure out.  And By the time you get back you definitely don't feel like tidying up so you gently place your 'stack' aside shielding it from tomorrow's bomb. Hencestacks all over the place! 

So when I saw this picture I thought- YES! Put those messy little stacks in baskets!

Picture 5

  • Organized clutter. (My favorite)
  • It's open but still has private nooks. 
  • It includes a chic lobby for stylish clients (like my friend Holly from Things that Inspire. Holly, if you're reading- do you meet with Suzanne here or at home? Just curious... It's win/win either way I'm sure!)

Picture 4 

  • A synchronized crew.? Yes, I'll take two.

  Picture 9 

After going through this article with my mouth hanging open gasping at the turn of every page, I can officially say:

a. I'm SO jealous it hurts 

b. I'm equally inspired.!! 

c. So my new goal: work hard for the money so I can get an office like this that'll treat me right. !!

(Go ahead and listen to it) it'll be in your head all day regardless. SORRY

In the mean time I will just go to the next best thing: The office Kasler styled for Ballard Designs...

Suzanne kassler for ballard_thumb[2]
Very pretty!

But I like the real deal. Bigger space, less stacks, more time, 

Tick, tick, tick, tick...


PS- If you are a designer, work for one, or deal with fabrics daily- would you please mind sharing your organizing system? I've tried organizing them by color, by style, and it still just doesn't feel right. IT could just be me! but I would love to hear your tips. Thanks. :)

All images via AH&L magazine. Photographed by Erica George Dines.

 Go get a subscription! 

Knock Knock

Who's there?

Oh, it's Rachel....and she's moving in.

 I know this house has been all over the blog world and on the front of a magazine but I had to put it on nestegg. I couldn't help it! Must be love...


Jill Brinson, interior designer and creative director for Ballard Designs, has an knack for style. Her house is rustic, timeless... and effortlessly cool

I don't have time to tell you all the reasons I love this house so I'll just pick ONE favorite thing about each room. (deep breath- this is going to be difficult)

  • the feminine (almost diva) touches to this room against the rustic, masculine pieces. EX: the splash of pink, the shiny sconces. Brilliant MIX!


  • the white washed cabinets with chicken wire
  • oh and the lanterns! AND the wicker chair... this is clearly impossible.


  • the fact that she got this gazebo from the anthropologie store in the mall


  • the UH MAY ZING iron window


  • the different cased openings on either side of the fireplace. She's not matchy matchy-! We're going to get along great.


  • the old shutters used as closet doors


  • The soothing gray outdoor furniture....who is ready for spring?


  • I don't know if I can choose just one. But I think the main reason I love this kitchen is the span of windows above the sink instead of upper cabinets.


  • The fact that this beautiful wallpaper is unexpected yet perfect.


  • The chairs... and the view. Are we seriously in Atlanta??


  • The unique vanity with a small mirror (from Target) in between the sinks rather than spanning the length of the wall.


  • The tub. (Everything about it.)      *I did not notice a guest room so I'll just put my things in here thank you. Wake me up in a few days...

Did you love this house as much as I did? Would love to hear your thoughts.


 Click here to read the article.

All photos taken by Simon Upton via House Beautiful

Eye Candy Friday

Benecki Homes. Stan Benecki (luxury builder in Atlanta) and his wife Melanie Turner Benecki (of Turner Davis Interiors) are quite the creative couple. Here's a look inside one of their Atlanta homes:

Picture 24 


Picture 3 

I rarely see a theater room that is done tastefully... But this one?? Very cool. (I call back-middle!)


Picture 4 

Love the pecky cypress. Anyone recognize the rug? It's from Pottery Barn. 

Picture 5

Picture 23 

Picture 29 

Picture 28 

Great bedroom. 

Barbara Barry chandelier in my walk-in closet? Yes Please.


Then I remembered a Bobby Mcalpine home I've always loved in Rosemary Beach. And guess what? It is a Benecki house too! (look at me connecting the dots on a friday night :)

Fabulous architect + luxury builder + great designer = Power House

Picture 21 

 Picture 13

 Picture 18
Picture 19 




 I'm pretty sure this power house created a lake home too but I'll save that for another Friday night. :)

Have a good weekend. And stay warm!... wherever you are.


Images via Benecki Homesajc, and here


green & amber

I recently came across one of my favorite House Beautiful features styled by one of my favorite architect/designer combos: Bobby Mcalpine and Susan Ferrier.

Remember this one?


When I saw the pictures again I remembered only two parts of the article:

1. Apparently the clients were redheads so Susan used an amber and green color palette to complement their coloring. 

2. Everything I loved in the pictures came from Paris. (go figure!)

This kitchen and that light fixture... drooling over here.



The attention to detail is amazing. I recommend scrolling through the pictures one more time... 

To read the full article click here.

photos via House Beautiful

Cheryl Tague

Last week I (somehow) stumbled upon the work of New York designer Cheryl Tague. Her website only contains 3 different homes- each one beautiful in their own way.  Her work is simple and edited, a good mix of old and new, and reflects her impeccable attention to detail...

Living room












All images from Cheryl Tague's website, click here for more info.

Neutral Love

Part of me wants to have a neutral home.

The rest of me wants to have a colorful, energetic home.

This is why I love my job- I can get both.

Meanwhile, my home will sit around in LIMBO waiting for me to make up my mind (and make more money). But this particular home has been sitting in my I love neutral files. It makes me want to strip out all the clutter, open all my windows, and breathe easy.

Veranda 1Veranda 2

Veranda 3 

*put a dog in it! 
Veranda 4

Veranda 5Veranda 6 

I just recently found that one of my favorite design bloggers/interior designers in California, Brooke from Velvet & Linen, posted about this house a while back because her husband was the architect!! Talk about talent in a family. They have three kids but with those creative genes I think they should bless this world with more.

Veranda 7
Veranda 8 

TTN: Slipcovered dining chairs... LOVE. I'll do a post soon about this concept- it deserves its own. Also, notice the neutral mixed with gold accents. In most situations I advise people to use "pops of color" in their rooms UNLESS they want to go all neutral- then I advise "pops of gold" accents. Or silver. Depends on the space...

Veranda 9 

There is nothing more cozy than simple, light bedding. *I also have a client that loves this house and thinks a flat screen TV comes out of that ottoman at the end of the bed.... Thoughts?
Veranda 10 

The artwork in this house is beautiful. 
Veranda 11 

TTN: I want to talk about this bathroom- the mirrored doors into the water closet(s)?... great detail. Imagine these with normal doors painted the trim color. Not worth a photograph, right? Consider replacing your doors with glass or mirrored inserts. Then painting a darker color. It would make a world of difference.

Veranda 12 

The bedrooms are my favorite part of this house
Veranda 13 

the kitchen wasn't really photographed in this article... Hmmm.. I'm very curious to see what it looks like!! I'm sure I'd love it.
Veranda 14 

OK, I'll buy it!

(Have your people call my people.)


All images from Veranda

Chairs and a little Windsor

I've been under the weather around here lately. Haven't been into the office this week YET, meaning- I have been laying around my house all day surrounded by kleenex. And not responding to emails (sorry guys!) When I'm not blowing my nose, watching Oprah, or sleeping I've been laying on the couch staring at ways we could change our place. Hmm.. I should hang out here more often.

I also realized that I haven't shared my chair story. It's recent too.

I'm helping my good friend, Catherine, with her living room. I wanted her to put a wing chair in the corner because the room needed some height. But we are working with a tight budget so we decided to stick with the existing chair and wait to get what we really wanted. (Which I recommend in most situations!) But as luck would have it- we struck gold... early. 

Where?     Craigslist, my friends. Yes, It is a hit or miss- much like flea markets and junk stores. But this one particular day I found a post titled: 2 wing chairs for sale, mint condition, $350 for the pair

 Picture looked vague, boring, but it had me intrigued. I called Catherine and said "Let's just go look at them- it's worth a shot." 

We roll up to the house in a pick-up truck, ready to talk business. (Husbands, no snide comments here please.) 


The chairs looked pretty nice up close- Score!... so I flipped up the cushion to see the brand:

H chair 1

(gasp!!) Hickory Chair?!

Catherine gave me the cut-your-throat hand gesture while I scrambled to compose myself: 

"We'll take them... but the fabric is faded in the back-....We'll only pay $300." 


So, as I promised- I took one and Catherine took the other. We rode off in our pick-up truck all excited that we scored a Hickory Chair wingback (retails up to 2K) for $150. Pretty darn good.

 For me- I wanted to dress it up and make it a little more feminine. Believe me, our place needs a little femininininity. Casual, slipcovered, relaxed.  I was inspired by Windsor Smith's home featured in House Beautiful several months ago- let's just say the woman is not afraid to go bold or feminine. I wanted this chair to have a pleated skirt that puddled ever-so-slightly- like these:


And have the simplicity of this:


And I wanted it slipcovered in light sunbrella fabric so I could use it anywhere and get away with white.

Thanks to my slipcover lady I got myself a Windsor inspired chair. Isn't she cute?...




The back is my favorite part. It was a last minute decision and I love how it turned out. And guess what? I can rip it off and throw it in the washing machine. Nothing better than that!


Voila! My little craigslist chair got a facelift. And a sex change (?)... It's possible.

I'll post pictures of Catherine's chair soon. I can hear the Oprah episode now: "Twin chairs separated in childhood, one went through sex change, the other did not. Their FIRST interview together- NEXT Oprah."

Just in case you haven't seen the rest of Windsor Smith's fabulous house, here it is:

















My next step (after taking a long nap) is going to be: find tall black boots... and something orange.

What do you feel inspired to do?


<pictures via House Beautiful>

mary evelyn

I'm in love with this kitchen by Mary Evelyn McKeeIN LOVE:

Picture 1

It's what 90% of us strive for in a kitchen-

open, inviting, family-friendly

and yet she adds a contemporary element by using a bulthaup kitchen right in the middle of a very American cottage.

This is actually her current kitchen.

In the LAST issue (*sniff) of Southern Accents there's a Molly Pastor writes a lovely article about Mary Evelyn. At one point she reveals how to achieve a modern- but not cold!- kitchen:

Kitchens that invite cooking together seem to have more celebration about them. All of our boys cook, and we like to cook as a family, so in my kitchen I want plenty of air and multiple workstations so everyone can pitch in. For floors, I favor wood (Amen!!). For countertops I like natural stone, such as marble or limestone, or a combination of teak, stainless steel and stone. It gives the space a contemporary edge. As for my backsplash- stainless steel or tile with contrast grout that is hand-hewn.

I used to work for Mary Evelyn in Birmingham and feel that it was such a stepping stone in my career path. She is like a walking art history class- always tying in the story behind a particular fabric or an architectural element. It was fascinating to be around, and inspiring to say the least.

You've got to go get the lastest AND LAST Southern Accents- not only to read more from this article but because it also includes her favorite paint colors, fabrics, and a chart titled "In Mary Evelyn's Opinion". I want to share this with you because trust me- You want to know this woman's opinion.

(and it helps that I agree with almost everything she says)

In Mary Evelyn's Opinion...


Love it: A One Color House     Leave it: Unbalanced color intensity

Picture 11


Love it: Conte crayon drawings Leave it: Excessive personal photographs

Picture 9 


Love it: Wide-plank wood  Leave it: Composite; man-made



Love it: Dish pantries  Leave it: islands that are too large

Picture 2


Love it: Simplicity of Line  Leave it: ruching or frills

Picture 10


Love it: LEDs; dimmers  Leave it: too many recessed cans and ceiling fans

Picture 12

If you are ever in Birmingham you should definitely go by her beautiful interiors shop...

Picture 13

Click here for more information on Mary Evelyn.


<all images from her website>

Erin Martin

I came across work by Erin Martin... and a teeny tiny girl-crush developed.







She has unique and effortless style-   and let's face it, this designer has EDGE.
How can I tell? Check out her interactive website


Picture 3

Picture 4Trinchero1-6-lg

<interview via here>

*The fact that she finds it entertaining to watch squirrels try to cross the street is enough for me to consider her a new best friend. Let's face it- watching squirrels do anything is entertaining.






And remember this charming home from House Beautiful a few months ago? 


Once again- Erin Martin.

Stop to check out the fine details in each photo. 






<Love this bedroom.>

You know what else I like about her? She's totally random. On her 1st dibs store she is selling things like fencing masks, ship rope, and "speed-racer sconces."

Dsc_0001-01Ship rope  Speed racer sconce

I love designers who are SO creative you could never guess what they're going to do next.

They inspire me...

and keep me on my toes.


The Target Train

Target dog

Who doesn't love Target? Or, as the design world likes to call it: Tar-jay. They came up with a genius campaign called "Design for All" where they bring high end designers all under one roof with affordable, stylish products for the masses. 

It's creative, relevant, and now I sound like an American Idol judge. 

The "Design for All" slogan reads: Great Designers. For Everyday. For Everyone. 

I get the "for everyday, for everyone" part- (mainly because I'm there almost everyday and run into everyone I know in town) But the "Great Designer" part is what I want to focus on. I want to tell you about these designers that have jumped on the Target train....So that you too can appreciate the latest home section of Target. 

Because, let me tell you- these designers are LEGIT!

First stop:

 Thomas O'Brien

Oh, Thomas... Recognized for his trademark style of "warm modernism" he has truly done it all in the field of design. Thomas O'Brien deserves an entire post of his own so I'll save his HUGE portfolio for future nesteggers (Hmmm.. I realize I just named my own audience). Who am I kidding? Hey Mom :)

Thomas obrien
House and Garden did a feature on Thomas and his own home... I always notice that he does a great job of mixing feminine and masculine styles.
Thomas O'Brien has a line of furniture through Hickory Chair... (A few images below but you should check out his full line- there are some seriously great pieces with his name on it.)

Thomas obrien hickory chair

Hickory Chair ad

Thomas obrien furniture

another Hickory Chair ad 

Oh, and let's not forget his 'lighting' line through Visual Comfort:
Feminine/Masculine, Vintage/Modern

Anyway, point of the drooling is:
This talented designer also carries a line at Target! Guess what it's called? Vintage Modern.
Target ad thomas
(alert dog not included)
Thomas obrien bookcase
great Target bookcase, has the "Thomas" look but half the price: here you go.
You could even paint them white* for a fresher, more modern look: 
Design within reach shelves

(this picture above is from design within reach back in 2007- These particular bookcases were for sale for $2400!!...) I hate to say it but: Suckers!!!

Thomas obrien bench
TOB upholstered ottoman... very sleek. Could be used in any room.

Tob towels
He also has really great towels at Target. Seriously, they're good

Seriously am I talking about towels on my blog? 
<Train derailed.>
Rachel Ashwell
interior designer and entrepeneuer- 
Calling all shabby chic'ers!! 

Shabby chic bed
picture from Shabby chic

I like her. Because not only does she advertise the 'all white' bed, but she promotes an unmade bed! My friend Katie would say this would directly result in a bad day (see post "I.Heart.Home")

Rachel ashwell shabby kitchen
Oprah did a special on Rachel- and snagged a few pictures of her Malibu rental home- which I directly snagged from Oprah. (it felt good to take something from Oprah, almost like she wanted to give it to me anyway)
Anyway- the kitchen: ofcourse it's precious, chic and all white! 
So Rachel Ashwell took her creative little ideas and hopped on board the Tarjay train- and now we can ALL enjoy a dose of shabby chic in our homes:

Shabby chic stool
Isn't she sweet?

Shabby chic linen bedskirt

A neutral, linen* bedskirt- for only $24.99! 
Her bedding collection is really cute (especially for little girls rooms) but the pictures on the website aren't great- so go check it out yourself. 

Next Stop: Products.

I am totally the girl who buys things based on how the packaging looks. For example:
Martha dish  VS Dawn
Martha vs Dawn
Measuring spoons VS  Measuring spoons 2

Michael Graves from Target vs Sams Club

I'm a sucker for product design, I judge a book by it's cover, all of it. I'm terrible.
You should see me at a wine store... it's bad. My utilitarian husband is not quite fond of this 'habit' of mine:
"Babe, why did you get this bottle?"-Hoyt
"Because....Because of the pretty font, and the cool line drawing. in. the.. background...."-me

This guy is my weakness:

Michael Graves
Another one of those guys that has 'done it all.' Architect, Interior Designer, Product Designer, Entrepreneur, the list goes on... (Seriously, how do these people do it? Do they ever sleep?) 
I'm sure you've seen his practical, simple, classy designs at Target. Michael and Martha- they have got the marketing down to a T. 

Michael graves and hagan kitchen
This is a kitchen he designed with Victoria Hagan (see above)... look closely on the cooktop and you'll see his own tea kettle design:
(And I'm sure he's got those great' measuring spoons in there somewhere!!)

Michael graves teapotToaster

Check out his other Target products here.

Victoria Hagan
Bring your napkins back out- it's drool time.

Victoria hagan kitchen 

Victoria hagen 1
 Victoria hagan 3
Victoria hagan 4
images from Victoria Hagan's website

Her pictures say it better than I can- she's an incredible interior designer with such an eye for style- FRESH style. Nothing looks outdated, nothing too frilly or boring- it's simple, classy- good mix of antique and modern, much like (our friend) Thomas. Her line at Target is worth going to check out

Hagan bedside    Hagan bedside 2
Side Tables...

Hagan side table  Hagan side table 2
Hagan side table circle  Hagan bins

Hagan pillow
Thanks Victoria for hopping on the Target train! Us (commoners) really appreciate it :)

next stop: Bed time.

Dwell Studio:
I've always loved Dwell Studio products so when I heard they were selling at Target I was thrilled! They mainly feature unique/ stylish nursery bedding and furniture, but have come out with adult bedding as well. (Adult bedding doesn't sound right, does it?) (Mom, you still with me?) 
I'm too tired to link each picture to the Target site (sorry!) but if you click here you can find all the images below in Target stores.

Dwell studio nursery

I love this nursery- And to think it's affordable!... guess I should start making babies before Target decides to drop Dwell.

Grey and yellow target
There's my lemon and charcoal...

Dwell changing table

Changing Table- But it could definitely be a bedside table! (this piece is in the nursery picture above)

Dwell pillow 2
Dwell studio pillow
Some more fun pillows...
Dwell blush circle

"adult" bedding 

Dwell studio rug
-great area rug!

The End
The train ride is over, because the conductor is exhausted from a long day. 
But there are many more great designers in Tarjay stores- from cosmetics to shoes to outdoor tools. The finds* are endless!

So I hope you now have a little background check for your next Target visit. So when you see a Victoria Hagan vase in the clearance aisle, you'll think 'I loved her kitchen. I trust her sense of style. Ring me up, buttercup!'