Deals and Steals

Peace. Love. Les Indiennes.

Les Indiennes has been around for nearly 10 years and has made an appearance all over blogs and magazines. But it's popular for a reason.

<via architectural digest>

Their beautiful textiles have always appealed to me. It's probably because I'm so exotic.

I'm kidding.

…. I just think they're pretty

And calming.

And I don't get tired of looking at them. 

This beautiful Nashville home designed by David Netto was just featured in last month's Veranda. The matching upholstered walls and bed hanging renewed my love for Les Indiennes (hence this blog post)...

Their subtle prints fit into just about any setting...

(above rooms by Tom Scheerer

I'm thinking about incorporating it in my house somewhere. (And I might just not ask Hoyt's opinion about this one.) 

But what pattern to choose? The options are endless. These are just a few...

I really like their latest collection.

This bedcover in particular...

And I think their fabrics would make great shower curtains. Let's be honest- tasteful shower curtains are hard to come by. 

If it's in budget I always recommend purchasing the real thing, but for an inexpensive version:

West Elm has a great looking block print bedding collection

Alright, enough bohemian flare for the day.


Hey eggheads!

I've been really busy these past few weeks and unfortunately the blog has taken a hit. I posted the video yesterday to distract you guys... and apparently it worked! :) 

First of all,  thank you for all of your sweet comments and emails. Not only did you make my day better yesterday but your comments always cheer me up. I realized the other day that one hard thing about being on my own is that I don't have the built-in support team of coworkers. That's one plus of working in an office- work friends, team mentality.

But in a weird, cyber-space way I really feel like you guys have been my support team.!! Even if you've never commented or we've never met in person it means a lot that you're reading... So, thank you for encouraging me and lifting me up day after day.

NOW, cheese aside, let's talk about the Home Shopping Network, shall we?

Hi Nate Berkus...

Picture 3

Can I have your job?? 

OK fine, can I sit on my couch and order all sorts of stylish things from your HSN line for under $200 ? Thank you.

Picture 2
This snazzy pillow was in the latest House Beautiful, on clearance for $19.99!! 

Picture 4
$19.00 each, they come in electric blue too. 

Nate also carries these pillows that resemble TIES- would be really cute in a boy's room, don't you think?

Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7

Pillows all on clearance for $14.95... ridiculous!

And this jute rug- Great for anywhere! 

Picture 8 

$29.90, can't beat that.

 Granted, it's only 2' x 3' but maybe you could attach a bunch of them together somehow. Make a long runner...

And these rugs are cool- an 8'x10' is only $160!  

Picture 9 

You could totally jazz up a room with a big striped rug. Remember this twin bedroom? Need I say more?

Twin bedroom stripe rug 

via Domino

And I'm really digging this sleek sofa by Nate... and notice the jute rug underneath:

Picture 10 

I don't know if it would be practical in a den or living room where you lounge on your sofa every day- personally I like arms on mine-but for $499 throw some extra seating in your playroom,bedroom, office? 

And this slipper chair also comes in many different colors, complete with nailhead*..

Picture 11
$329.00 !!! 

(No, Home Shopping Network has not hired me to do this. I'm just that dorky.)

This hexagon ottoman- simple, tailored and stylish:

Picture 12
or in more neutral colors...

Picture 13 Picture 14
$399.95 each

He has good headboards too but the only downside is you're limited to white or beige-

Picture 18 Picture 19

SO, I would be more inclined to get his plain-jane welted headboard for a great price (a KING is $299!) 

 Picture 17 

and then have a slipcover made here in town. Then I can switch it up whenever my mood changes seasonally!

Today I'm thinking a pattern would be nice- much like this: 

Headboard pattern
source unknown

Bored with your bathroom? Take down your wall-to-wall, spec-house mirror that sits above your bathroom sink. Paint the newly exposed wall a fun color- something that makes you happy- and put this mirror up (for $159):

Picture 20
A little Nate, a little personal flarelittle smidgen from your {nestegg}.

Picture 21
This sunburst mirror for $179 is definitely a statement piece... Very cool. Don't believe me? Ask Veranda:

Veranda sunburst mirror

I also like this cute marble table lamp for $159-

Picture 25 


Picture 26
A classic bolster pillow, a whopping $11.

All of these products can be found HERE.

And while you're shopping around HSN, go ahead and get a snuggie:

Picture 22
One size fits all but don't worry it comes in exciting patterns too:

Picture 23 Picture 24
You know you want one. 



My mother-in-law sent me an ikea catalog in the mail with a note that read "I thought you might be interested in some very affordable pieces!"

Ikea 1
She was right. 
I (always) am.

With images like these--
Ikea 2Ikea 3
Ikea 4Ikea 6

and prices like that--!
It's hard to not be intrigued.

I'm constantly inspired by people who use Ikea pieces to makeover a room. 

For example:
Just recently Camila at high-heeled-foot-in-the-door posted an amazing room makeover! She used several ikea elements and pulled the rest together from Joanns, Burlington Coat Factory (oh yeah, you heard me) and much more for under $500!
Danay reveal 037[3]
She went with the Malm dresser:
Malm dresser 179 Kullen
for $179, and $39.99! can't beat that-!
To find out what else she pulled together read her post. It's very inspiring!

Remember this article from Domino? It's an Ikea bed... !! 
Ikea bed
The Edland Four poster bed starting at $279.00
Edland four poster bed 279

Eddie ross ikea
He used the Manstad sectional- that also doubles as a sleeper sofa!- $899.00
Manstad sofa

Apartment Therapy did a post about Lack shelves and where you can put them:
only $19.99-!
Lack shelf 19.99
They included 12 ways to use this shelf...
Use in entryway, Domino mag
Click here to read more.
<images via apartment therapy and domino>

The Expedit bookshelves... same type concept- can be used anywhere:
Expedit bookshelfExpedit 2
Expedit 3Expedit 5
<images via elements of style>
A few other things I liked:
*some I didn't provide links because I ran out of time- just type in the title at and you should be able to find it!
Knappa pendant
Knappa pendant, $29.99
Ribba frames
Ribba frames, always a staple.
Engan bed frame 129
Engan bed frame, $129.99- very sleek! Would look great with an upholstered headboard..
Ekby valter bracket
Ekby Valter Bracket- $9.00!- would look great if you painted it the same color as your wall and put shelves on it- great for displaying art, photographs, books, etc.

Erktorp bromma

Erktorp Bromma footstool, $99 (storage ottoman= double function!)

PS Gullholmen Rocking Chair 59.99
Gullholmen Rocking Chair- for the outdoors, and stackable!! 
Sigrid rug 24.99 
Sigrid Runner, $24.99
Stockholm rand rug 179 
Stockholm Rand rug, $129.00
Alex drawer unit 
Alex drawer unit, $119- I need one of these for storing blueprints, drawings, etc.
It's too bad I find the Ikea department store too much to handle. I think it is because I always end up in the Atlanta Ikea on a Sunday afternoon,  'swinging by' on my way back to Nashville with a minor headache after a long wedding weekend, elbowing my way through the crowd to see the ikea rugs---my hungry husband is texting me that he's lost in the kitchenware department, while a random child is tugging at my shirt and picking his nose.

Ahhh... gotta love Sunday at Ikea.

A client of mine said she heard that Ikea is having "Kids Eat Free" day over Labor Day weekend. I had to investiate. Sure enough, I found the flyer:
Kids eat free

I'm sorry... but can you imagine anything worse? Whoever thought a furniture store, meatballs and children-under-12 go together must be smoking cr@#k!
As for me? I'll stay here, look at the pictures on the website, and renew my mother-in-law's Ikea subscription. 

Lamp Sale

Don't overlook the lamps in your house. If you have a lamp with a stained, warped shade that you've just been 'living with' for years it might be time to replace it. A new lamp will do more for your room than you can imagine. And why not buy it on sale?

Wisteria lamp 150

Wisteria lamp used to be $299 now $149.50

West elm wavy glass lamp
Wavy Glass Lamp from West Elm, was $139 now $99.99

Urban outfitters lamp
Urban Outfitters Lamp- not even on sale, $88
Nate berkus
A marble Nate Berkus Lamp? You heard me. $139.95

Adrian boom task lamp
Pottery Barn Adrian Boom Task Lamp- used to be $229, now $169
Ballard amber
Ballard's Remy Table Lamp- used to be $199 now $99
Restoration library floor lamp
A great floor lamp from Restoration Hardware, used to be $229 now $159
Glass Base Lamp world market
Glass lamp (that you can display things under) from World Market, $69.99

Fluted column rh
simple, table lamps from Restoration- $84.99 each

Last But Least $

Pier 1 saw table lamp Blue medallion pier 1
Pier One's Saw Table Lamp, and Blue Medallion Lamp- both $42!

**I'll piece together the twin bedroom winner tomorrow- so vote now if you haven't already!

Imperial Trellis? Yes Please.

Remember when I told you my current favorite wallpaper The classic Imperial Trellis inspired by Kelly Wearstler)? Did I mention has fabrics too? It might be even better than the wallpaper... and apparently F. Schumacher agrees with me since it's priced at $120/yd. Yikes!

Trellis fabric

Since I've been on a 'pillow find' kick I thought I'd give it a whirl
I was cruising around etsy and typed in "imperial trellis" and Voila! The find of the week!!! 
$65 kelly wearstler pillow !!!!! 

*I don't want to false advertise- it does have a solid back but that won't stop me from ordering two for myself :)

Want it in orange?

How about chocolate brown?

Or navy?

Or yellow?
Not interested in the pillows? How about clipboards?

If you are wanting a more finished look I also found this one from another seller for $125- the difference being that the back is done and it has a welt instead of a knife edge.

This seller also sells this pillow that I found intriguing...

Consider this day like Oprah's Favorite Things- 
I take that back. I can't throw free pillows into the crowd or hand out refrigerators with LCD screens, in addition to keys to your new car and a lifetime supply of scented candles and self-help books...

But a good day nonetheless.

Happy Wednesday!

Pillow Find

Several people commented or said something to me about the Madeline Weinrib pillows I picked out for the hypothetical Seaside Room:

Madeline weinrib Mor

Yeah, I don't blame you. I love her pillows~! They cost about $300 a pop so I thought I'd give you guys some less expensive options- less $$ from our nestegg! (Husbands, you can thank me later.)

Yhst-6312588961719_2054_710005 Ikat
click here to buy from fabricadabra, $40 for the pillow cover.
Price? On sale for $57.00

Or how about some nice slippers to match?
TTN: I'm kidding.

These two choices below are different colors but have the same feel:

$115 from Bourke Decor, here.

$20.00 from west elm- what a find!

Last But Least $

This pillow is (drum roll please).... only $19 ??!!! 
And probably the best match I could find.

See what you get when you post a comment?? :)


p.s. I by no means am saying that these are better versions of Madeline Weinrib's pillows- she is the cream of the crop! And I will spec them to any client who can afford them! But for now, you can set up a lemonade stand and get a pillow that resembles it. 

I ran into....

I love a good sale.
a) because I'm an American
b) the Big E can't hold me down!
c) Designers can get the lovely 'to the trade' items but they rarely (if ever) go on sale.
d) I love to brag about the deals and steals I find... mainly so I can share them with everyone else!

Z Gallerie "Circa Pillows". White circles embroidered on linen... pretty good for only $40!

Pbteen chairs

Ooh La La Armchairs from PB Teen.... so cute! And on sale for only $199?? Click here for more info.

Then I went cruising around anthropologie....

Lathe turned lamp anthro 70
Originally $150, now only $69.99! Great deal.
Laveau floor lamp anthro $199
Originally $500 (What!?) Marked down to $199! (Holla!)

*Here is where Hoyt would begin his "Sale" argument: 
(We will use this floor lamp as our example)

"Just because something is on sale or 60% off doesn't mean you have to buy it. It is still money out of your wallet! (nest egg)" -Hoyt

 (he does have a point.)

And for my rebuttal:
"But if you are 'in the market' for a floor lamp you have found a steal! For the following reasons (I count on my fingers during this part for effect):
1. The lamp is better quality! 
2. Therefore it was made better and will last longer (throw out your third finger on that last part)
4. It is much more unique than a $200 Restoration Hardware floor lamp. (no offense RH)
5. Meaning it will bring a punch of style to the living room and all we did was buy a little lamp!?
<Hoyt has most likely left the room by this point>
6. And lastly!! (yelling to make sure he hears this one) You know how important I think lighting is!"
... He knows I'm right. :)

(Feel free to use my bulletpoints in any future argument)

Moving right along...
Tauboret table anthro 199
Originally this glass-topped steel table was $700! (Reeediculous) Currently it is for sale for $199!  
(A steel steal!)... Mom, I'm turning into you.

West elm stool

West Elm pierced drum table... you could put it by your sofa, use it as a bedside table, prop your feet up on it, put it under a console table and bring it out for extra seating, or just look at it because it's pretty and reminds you of summer.

On sale for $159.

Pottery Barn has these extremely, super-duper, unbelievably soft throws that used to be $150 each and have finally been marked down to $49. AND, they are faux! 
Faux fur throw pottery barn 49

(For all of you who have ever been to my home and snuggled up on the couch to watch a movie- it's that blanket! (Cream color. Love it.)

Speaking of cream...
Pottery barn lumbar pillow

That sure is a sweet little cream pillow for only.... $19

Pottery barn journal
This monthly journal box is so darn cute- it makes me want to color-code everything in my closet and design an entire office based on this organized, colorful box. The only reason I haven't splurged on it is because (unfortunately) I never journal. It used be $100 and is marked down to $49. If you journal, please get this. And then tell me all about it! 
I know I'm all over the place with this sale post. But I hope at least one of you found a steal!

Last But Least $

Zgallerie flower tea light 10

I thought these flower tea lights from Z Gallerie were pretty, cool and 'pretty cool'... And for $9.99 each! A row of them would look nice on a long table. And they would also make a great gift! 
(My birthday is not until June so you still have time.. :)