Chair backs

I scored these chairs at the flea market in Atlanta this past week- 

Flea market chairs

These Louis XVI style chairs were found in Belgium (I think? can't remember. I'm a terrible listener at the flea market) and are upholstered in this really cool, embossed leather. Worn-in and vintage looking.

But oddly enough the selling point for me was the BACKS of these chairs. I don't have a picture because... there's nothing there. The upholstered backs are currently exposed and covered in muslin. Which MEANS: I can have the backs redone in a contrast fabric!! (while visions of fabric samples danced in her head)


 I love seeing classic chairs with different backs- it provides for a nice surprise when you catch it at a different angle. Tradition with a twist!

I can't wait for these puppies to be delivered to Nashville so I can start picking out the perfect fabric. Should it be bright? solid? pastel? bold pattern? geometric? floral? Can you tell the fabric samples are still dancing in my head?? The possibilities are endless. I guess it depends on what room they will go in. Don't know that yet either.

For inspiration...

via House Beautiful; designer Jonathan Berger; photo credit: Francesco Lagnese

via House Beautiful; designer Leslie Klotz; photo credit: Laura Resen 

Saw this settee in a Lonny article recently...

And the back?? 

Lonny mag1 
Oh yes.

Not a fabric I would pick personally but I still think it's cool. 

source unknown, sorry

IMG2 via Cheryl Tague website

  Joe nye
 designer Joe Nye

via Suzanne Kasler website

via Country Living, photo credit: William Waldron

Screen shot 2010-07-11 at 11.57.59 PM via Domino magazine

Veranda 6 

via Veranda magazine

Right now I'm liking those last two pictures with the pop of blue fabric on the back. Hmmm....