Catalog Shopping

Last Minute Gifts!


Long cashmere gloves from Jcrew...

Cashmere long gloves

Bookends from Restoration...

Book ends

Moleskine anything... you can find these great litle journals at Barnes & Noble.

Moleskine journal

Games. Fun for all ages- Scrabble, Catch Phrase to name a few...

Scrabble Catch phrase

Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc- it's the perfect bronzer that can also be used for eyeshadow, etc. I love this product...

Laura mercier shimmer block
Faux Furry Throws- I buy these ALL the time for clients. Not only are they the SOFTEST things you've ever felt they also add texture and coziness to any room. (West Elm has some very similar) 

Fur throw

Some great coffee table books...
Victoria Hagan Suzanne book

Home within Bilhuber

(1) (2) (3) (4) 

This is so random but it's one of those things that makes my life so much easier. My lazy spoon... It's the only one I use when I cook. It's kind of sad how much I love this wooden spoon.

Lazy spoon 

Cosmetic bags at Target- they come in bright, fun patterns and are the perfect size-

Contents cosmetic case

A good candle. Two of my favorites...

Archipelago candle black currant Frasier fir

(1) (2) 

For all the people who are impossible to shop for because they "have everything"- donate to a charitable cause in honor of their name. 


Click here for some ideas.


OK- Off to go shopping!! 


(Queen of Last Minute Gifts)


Mirror Shopping

After looking through my iPhone pictures I've realized something-

I do a lot of mirror shopping...

Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4

Photo 5 Photo Mirror8

Either that or I like to take pictures of myself. 

(No really, try to take a good picture of a mirror without yourself in it. And while you're at it- try rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time.! :) Eeek.. trainwreck.

When flea market finds aren't enough I like to kick it old new school and surf the web for the hottest mirrors on the market. Here are a few...

WM772_1  WM774_1 

Prod1613074 W3430-large 

Jacob mirror 

Screen shot 2010-09-27 at 9.42.38 PM  Screen shot 2010-09-27 at 9.42.54 PM Screen shot 2010-09-27 at 10.22.54 PM 0907_RopeMirror 

2442826  Prod1671470 


Screen shot 2010-09-27 at 10.05.55 PM 4203 

W3965-large  W3839-large

*And a special thanks to Liza from Style Blueprint for the lovely write up and nestegg mention in a new online magazine- Southern Flourish. Check it out! Her {super flattering} article is on pages 49-55. 


FIRST 6: iPhone pics via My So called life.

ROW 1: both from Ballard Designs

ROW 2: Levico from RHardware; Venetian from Wisteria

ROW 3:  Jacob Mirror from Clayton Gray Home

ROW 4: both from Crate and Barrel

ROW 5: from Made Goods; Rope Mirror from Jamie Young

ROW 6: Honeycomb from Pier One; Rope Mirror from RHardware

ROW 7: Crescent Wood Mirror from Aidan Gray 

ROW 8: Paris Mirror from Hickory Chair; from Currey & Co.

ROW 9: both from Wisteria

LAST LITTLE GUY: from Stray Dog Designs



Photo 4  

  • There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. I had a friend one time say "If I had ONE wish right now it would be that the world would just STOP for a few hours- so I could GET STUFF DONE!" It makes me laugh because.... seriously??? THAT would be your one wish?? But let's admit- we've all felt that way at one point. For me? It's been lately.
  • Working Hard. Playing Hard. 
  • And trying my best not to melt in this HEAT!



  • I've spent time on a plane
  • Meaning... time to sketch up ideas and rooms. Something I love to do. 

Airport sketch  And YES the people sitting next to me usually inquire:

"Is that your bedroom, honey?" -woman in window seat

"No ma'am. It's just a room I sort of designed." -me

"Mmm-hmmm....For a SCHOOL PROJECT ??"

(Can't blame her. I look like I'm 18 and travel with my pillow for crying out loud.)

 Before I can answer the gruff man from the aisle seat chimes in-  "My wife just bought a bed like that.... cost me a freakin' FORTUNE!"

Hmmmm....Well, highschool is a dream. Excuse me while I pull out my neon pink chewing gum and turn up my ipod. 

  • Time in the plane also means: time to look through all my catalogs.!! Seriously guys- they're some great stuff out right now.  Here is what I've found:

Slipcovered sofas for DAYS...

Love this! From none other than.... Z Gallerie? Oh yes. Rock ON, Z!!

The Ikea slipcovered sofa (click HERE to read Joni's post on this at Cote de Texas- it's a good one)


The Wisteria

from West Elm.

Westelm rug2 

West Elm is looking masculine lately.. and I like it! Especially the rug-

And I can't decide if I like these pillows or not... very Nashville, I must say. 


I actually like them better in this picture:


And these martini tables are awesome!! You can tuck them in anywhere.


Garnet Hill is now carrying Brahms Mount throws! These chevron cotton ones are SO soft and great... Trust me. You want one.


This rustic headboard from Sundance Catalog caught my eye...

51604  51604_1  

So did this one from Anthropologie...


Some cool barstools from Wisteria...

Wisteria stools  Picture 4
And I'm loving this Darth Vater alarm clock from Urban Outfitters...



Wake UP, everybody! 

It's Tuesday....And it's HOT. again!

Be back soon. 



A few of my faves...

As seen in:

Jill Sharp's kitchen! (I read in the resources that these are Ballard Design stools) Can be found HERE.

Picture 1 
as seen in:

a kitchen by Susan Ferrier. The barstools can be found HERE.  

2modern barstool 

As seen in:

Picture 2
A stylish kitchen designed by Erika from Urban Grace. Can be found HERE

Picture 8
as seen in:

this bright kitchen from Met Home;  stools can be found HERE

Something similar (with slipcovered 'hat' which I LOVE)...

Source unknown; stools can be found HERE.

Picture 3 

as seen in:

James radin
 a kitchen by James Radin. Similar ones can be found HERE

And some others I like that don't have a picture to go with them:

Picture 4Picture 68-kitchen-best-1208-xlg-84309211

Noir stoolPicture 7 Picture 5 

(1) Bungalow 5 (2) Z Gallerie (3) Bungalow Classic (4) Noir(5) Pier One (6) World Market

Musical barstools, anyone?



Spring Awakening

Spring is upon us!! 

And the recent catalogs are showing it. 

How about waking up in one of these fabulous bedrooms?

Are you kidding?

This room is amazing. Restoration is killin' it, lately.

Bench Prod1671452
Prod1671167 Prod1608099
To shop the rest of this room click HERE.  

Meanwhile, Wisteria's latest bedroom is looking serene and welcoming...

Picture 2
W4005a-large W4009 

W4063r2-large W3240a-large 

 To shop the rest of this room click HERE.

West Elm is going with the all-white look. Can't go wrong with that!

Wisteria room
Img54m Img65m 

And Pottery Barn is pairing white, cream and a pretty pale blue.

I love these colors together... very refreshing.
Pottery barn
Img74m Img9m 

A then I came upon a lovely, spring-inspired room from Anthropologie... 

   Picture 3 

Picture 5
Picture 6  993366_095_m

Garnet Hill's Eileen Fisher collection is one of my very faves. She's a staple in my book...

Picture 7
Picture 8 T_Detail

I'm loving all these bedrooms-- but loving being outside MORE!

I hope you are enjoying the spring weather too...