Bathroom Envy

Bathroom via heidi claire 

crisp white + 
Veranda bathroom 

an antique touch +

Southern Accents via things that inspire bates corkern studio 

natural light +

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clean white towels +

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House beautiful2 

the shower to end all showers.

Heavenly, huh?

 (1) via heidi claire (2) Vincente Wolf via Elle Decor (3) Bates Corken via Things that Inspire (4) via Habitually Chic (5) via Nskwood (6) via House Beautiful

Mix & Match.... Bathrooms

If your bathroom feels BLAH, you're not alone. It probably needs a little facelift. Most of the time it's just a matter of swapping out fixtures and adding some personality. New paint or wallpaper, an interesting mirror, maybe some new sconces, and hardware for your vanity will do more than you can imagine. No need to replace your tile... just give it some good jewelry. 

rustic & chic...

Pb sconce  Rest oval mirror
Picture 15 Picture 6
Leo double sconce from Pottery Barn; Oval Mirror from Restoration; Coiled rope knob from Anthropologie; Heavenly Blue by Benjamin Moore
traditional & timeless...

Campaign sconce restoration Traditional mirror wisteria
Fb CK370_BL
 Campaign single sconce from Restoration; Gilded beaded mirror from Wisteria; Farrow and Ball wallpaperCabinet drop pull from Rocky Mountain Hardware

young and fresh...

Giraffe sconce             Wood mirror
Ballard wallpaper Picture 10
Jonathan Adler giraffe sconces from Lamps Plus, Chunky wood mirror from west elm; Pistachio dot wallpaper from Ballard Designs;  Zinnia knobs from Anthropologie  

feminine and flirty...

SC10002PN-01Picture 5 

Farrow and Ball's Silvergate wallpaper, Devon mirror from Z Gallerie, Runway wall sconce from Shades of Light; Cocktail ring knob from Anthropologie

masculine & handsome...

Pivoting mirror restoration Prod1155204_FFLS-09
Sun valley k211 pull Tah_07_20
 Pivoting Rectangular Mirror and Fluted Column Sconce by Restoration Hardware; ring pull from Sun Valley; Tahitian Grasscloth by Thibaut  

vintage & eclectic...

Picture 16 5022

970020_sil_b W3835-large 

Vanuatu twilight wallpaper from Anthropologie; Venus wall sconce from Currey & Co.; Arthurian knob from Anthropologie; Porthole mirror from Wisteria; 

hip and edgy...

Whitby mirror M_SL2922HAB

 Picture 12 CK260_WB 

Whitby Mirror from Restoration; Boston Library Lamp from Circa Lighting;  Modern Trellis wallpaper from Schumacher; Rail cabinet pull from Rocky Mtn Hardware

simple & classy...

Prod170170_WIN08  M_AH2016PN-NP M_AH2016PN-NP 
 5201 bouvet knob WL053PRL_1
Cartwright Medicine Cabinet from RestorationBouvet's Classic 5201 KnobIda Wall Sconce from Circa Lighting; Trellis Wallpaper from Ballard Designs

Seriously, I recommend going to Anthropologie for some hardware inspiration. They have an amazing selection. For more great knobs and pulls check out Tracery Interior's favorites here! (They are some of mine as well :)


Dream Tile

Apparently you all know me well because every time I get an email from a reader saying "I think you'll like this..." I open it up and my jaw hits the floor. A few days ago I get an email with a subject that reads "amazing tile"- I was skeptical only because I rarely find tile that really excites me. 
I clicked.....I opened..... I gasped.

Beautiful marble tile1 

These marble tiles from Studium NYC were featured in the recent House Beautiful... have you seen them? (last page or so) 

Beautiful marble tile3

Beautiful marble tile2

This one is called Maharajah Stripe..... I think I'd faint if I walked into a floor done in this. (Or I would atleast pretend to faint so that I could be lying on the floor closer to it)

 But I'm not going to lie- it's pricey. So while I am in my pricey, fantasy bathroom with my Maharajah Striped floors I'd like to throw in a few finishing touches...

Gabrielle Chest f2 

This pretty chest from Tritter Feefer- I might darken the hardware a tiny bit and add a white marble top to match my gorgeous floors. With one of these for the sink...

Picture 1 

Paired with this Rohl country wall mount bridge faucet...

Rohl bridge faucet

Hmmmm... what else?....

Scalloped mirror windsor smithPicture 4

an antiqued scalloped mirror from Windsor Smith Home and two Mel sconces from Urban Electric.                

Clear Glass Pharmacy Bottles Picture 5
Apothecary Jars from Restoration and the Sunwashed Suzani hand towels from anthropologie.

 I am behind on returning emails but I really do appreciate all of your feedback and design finds. You guys keep me on my toes! And thanks to Jeana for the tile email... you were right. It's amazing.


Mr. Vanity

One of the biggest (if not THE BIGGEST) perks of my job is seeing things come to life. I feel like a lot of people have those perks- scientists, artists, builders... their ideas at some point turn into something tangible. 

It's no wonder the Disney creators assigned names to all of their little sketches. They made teapots, candelabras, rugs, and clocks come to life! It's why the anticipation of Disney World is so exciting for kids- because the Mrs. Potts that they've seen on paper and a TV screen for so many years--? You get to see her, shake her hand and even take pictures with her!!!

Mrs. potts

So when I get an idea in my head I sketch it out on paper, pass the sketch along to the builder or fabricator, and wait... hoping that it will come to life so I can experience my grown-up Disney World moment.

I'm finishing up a project where the the wife wants her powder room to be the one room with LOTS of color! In fact, at first she wanted her whole house to be painted different, easter-egg colors but I wouldn't let her. I think people get too excited about paint colors that they end up limited with what they put in the room. She agreed. So we stuck with a more neutral color palette throughout the house. But the powder room-? Her secret haven.

So we picked out red glass tiles for the floor and a bright, fun wallpaper for the walls (and ceiling!) 

 The husband, Mike, is a Master of the Arts. He is one of the rare people in this world that can visualize something AND create it!!! His talent is through the roof- literally. But as you can imagine when building his own house he was experiencing creative OVERLOAD! So he recruited me for help. 

When it came time for the vanity design I wanted something that was more masculine and industrial to counteract the wallpaper and tiles.
I quickly sketched a picture of an imaginary Mr. Vanity and handed it over to Mike....
Drawing of vanity
"Wrapped metal? Seriously?" was the response.
"yeeaaahh, but the wrapped metal legs taper a know, flare out at the bottom."
"I'll see what I can come up with."

Months went by as the house continued to evolve... plumbing, tile, wallpaper...

And just yesterday I went by to check on the progress, walked into the powder room, and 
My heart skipped a beat.
And there, right where I imagined, was  Mr. Vanity standing tall and proud.... 

with his nice, solid top and handsome, steel legs...
(that flare out a little, might I add!*)


A nice fit for Mrs. Potts, wouldn't you agree?

That's Mary Catherine. You'll hear more about her in the future as I plan on making her my full time assistant.

I realize that it's easy to love seeing things come to life when you miss all the work in between! So props to all of you who can build, fabricate and construct. I have no idea how you do it but I continue to be amazed...  And I'm thankful for people like you. In this case, a special thanks to Mike for making my Disney dreams come true!

More photos of the rest of the house to come...

For more on Mike's work click here.
And to book a vacation to Disney World click here.

Sea Glathroom

I'm calling this the Sea Glass Bathroom-- but it keeps coming out (in my head) as the Sea Glathroom. 

Must be the whole sally shells shee shells thing...

Inspirations: the towel:


AND this incredible shower I just saw in the recent MetHome:


Metropolitan Home, designed by architects Joe Tanney and Robert Luntz

This single piece of glass is the only wall in this shower... how sexy great is that?!

(DRum Roll please....)

Seaglass room

The Floors:

Main_492_Lagos Azul

Lagos Azul Tile 18x18 laid straight

The Walls (the ONE and ONLY shower wall, and the wall behind the sink) 


Lagos Azul Tile 2x2, laid straight

with a wide horizontal stripe of these green tiles that runs behind the pivoting mirrors-- 


Bistro pivot frame restoration hdw

Are you still with me???

Bistro Pivot Mirror from Restoration Hardware

Vitreous glass tiles from modwalls

Lagos Azul tiles from Mission Stone and Tile

Yes, I want two. 
(If you are married or live with a man you will surely understand) (No more stubble shavings mixed with toothpaste powder and scum)-It's too early for that-

Prod1290049_BB07 restoration hardware

Gramercy single metal wallstand

 Vintage collection faucet

Blue stripe plate
Blue stripe soap dish found here on etsy

Ashbury sconce wshome
Ashbury sconces from William Sonoma Home

Vintage clawfoot tub

Vintage clawfoot tub
with the base painted Paddington Blue by Benjamin Moore
Paddington blue benjamin moore
Garnet hill shower curtain

Eilien Fisher airy voile shower curtain by Garnet Hill
(only if you want to add a shower part to the footed tub)

Mercer bathtub caddy
Mercer bathtub caddy by Pottery Barn, *with that blue cup too
Holy stump
One of these "holy stumps" that will sit beside the clawfoot tub for towels, drinks, books,etc. from Design Public


Lagos Azul hexagon tiles in the shower floor, framed by the larger floor squares- also from Mission Stone & Tile
(I'm LOVING these tiles)

Turkish towels, breeze collection- from Restoration
I'll just go back to Cabo, sell sea shells on the seashore with Sally, and come home with a nice supply of the inspiration towels:

Last But Least $
Kohl bath accessories

Bath accessories from Kohl

The Sea Glathroom.

Going to go clean the sinks. Oh yeah, and get to work!

My Favorite Bathrooms

So.... Spring is among us!! Thank the Lord. The change of seasons always inspires me. But this time (to my surprise) instead of daydreaming about creating my own vegetable garden surrounded by happy hummingbirds- I keep fantasizing about my dream bathroom... ?? I would analyze this for next several paragraphs but I'll spare you. Regardless of my "issue" please enjoy some of my faves:


 Usually my rule of thumb is:  keep it classic in a master bathroom and be bold in a powder room, but this picture bucks my theory. Somehow this mix of industrial/eclectic/daring design comes off as somewhat classy. Bravo. Love the mosaic glass tiles and the pedestal sinks... 

This bathroom just makes me want to take a nap. When designing clients' bathrooms I find myself always going back to this picture... for a little inspiration on what a bathroom should really feel like.

House Beautiful, January 2008

There are no words for this marble...

House Beautiful, June 2008

Why not make a statement in a bathroom? The tall ceilings, light fixture, drapery panels and french doors make this room feel like a continuation of the house.... 
House Beautiful, sometime last year


Elle Decor, January 2008
This is the bathroom of (fabulous) fashion designer Monique Lhuillier. She designed my wedding dress! Maybe that's why I like it so much: simple, clean lines, graceful details, letting the bathroom be a backdrop rather than the main focus. Hmmm.. much like:


Simple, classy, to the point: brush your teeth. And that cute little stool!
Domino magazine, RIP :(
I hesitate to even call this a 'bathroom'... it has the feel of a screened in porch, minus the free standing bathtub. This heavenly room was done by a very talented designer in Birmingham, AL: Mary Evelyn McKee. I worked for her for a while before I moved to Nashville and it was such a great experience. One summer with Mary Evelyn and you walk away with a better understanding of the history of design, a fresh approach to today's design,.. and a picture of a bathroom you can't stop thinking about.
From the cabinetry style to the bathtub faucet---- it's all beautiful. My fave.
Traditional Home, March 2005
(for more on mary evelyn, click here)
Last But Least $
Bathroom ikea
go IKEA! I'm loving this look... click here to piece it together.

Okay, after all this bathroom talk I'm going to go soak in the tub.... maybe that is what God's trying to tell me this spring: Go relax in a bathtub. Take a load off. Spend more time in silence.
And get clean, Girl.