Etsy Treasures

Etsy continues to be one of my go to resources. Lately I have been narrowing down my search to "Vintage" (from the drop down menu in the search bar) and coming up with some really great finds!

 When I'm supposed to be coming up with a blog post I am actually just getting lost in the world of etsy...or pinterest. Too many outlets, not enough time.

    I created a few Treasury Lists- a compilation of some of my finds. Considering it's the holiday season (omg.) these are also great gift ideas. 

So, now it's your turn--get lost!

'Nestegg treasures' 

Easy Art

Artwork wall elle decor


a must have in the home.

Cannot be forced.

Tends to be expensive.

With that being said, there are some easy and affordable alternatives to dressing up your wall. Although a little elbow grease IS involved. But just think- a trip to Hobby Lobby and 4 glue sticks later you could be on your way to becoming the next Picasso.

(And just to clarify- These pieces of art below are all valuable. And I do not discredit the artists! I just see things like this and think DIY. Do it yourself, it doesn't look too difficult.

Easy silhouettes...
Rashida Jones Domino

Carolina irving lonny

A framed tapestry...

Framed tapestry simon upton

Chalkboard Art...

God bless america nate berkus elle decor

Blow up a photograph or print on canvas...

Lauren from Pure Style Home sent her favorite print (which was originally an 8x10) to be enlarged at (I've used it before too- it's great!) Look at how much of an impact it makes in her dining room now...

Pure style home dining

An 8x10 print, now a 4'x7' piece of art. Amazing!

Here, Palmer Weiss blows up charming photographs in a girls room and hangs them above each bed...

Palmer weiss lonny 

Tom scheerer dining paintings

OR you can display the small photographs...

Domino polaroid

Cookie magazine

Framed Foliage...

Via little green notebook
(I saw on Little Green Notebook that she found these 2 prints above at Art.Com- see here.

Book At Home with Color

Framed wallpaper or fabrics:

Domino via little green noteboko

Canadian House and HOme

Framed Collections...

Vogue via domino 

Erika from Urban Grace framed a collection of match boxes she found at a flea market... It adds so much to the room!

Urban grace matchbook

Recently Elle Decor featured a home where a collection of old clipboards was displayed in the hallway. I love this idea! How unique...

Estershon Elle Decor 

Aerin Lauder's breakfast room features her kids' artwork... Tastefully, ofcourse.

Aerin Lauder kitchen elle decor

Organized color...

Artwork inspire

Tape off a canvas in a grid and let your kids "color in the lines" with a few selected markers. Rip off the tape,

and Voila!

Easy art!


(1) via Elle Decor (2) via Domino mag (3) Carolina Irving via Lonny (3) Simon Upton via Elle Decor (4) Nate Berkus via Elle Decor (5) Lauren Leiss via Pure Style Home (6) Palmer Weiss via Lonny (7) Tom Scheerer (8) via Domino (9) via Cookie magazine (10) via Little Green Notebook (11) via At Home with Color (12) Domino via LGN (13) via Canadian House and Home (14) via Domino (15) Erika Powell via Urban Grace (16) Estershon via Elle Decor (17) Aerin Lauder via Elle Decor

Tid Bits {take 1}

I'm back. From a long weekend at High Point market.... It was my first time and I had a blast! I have many stories and pictures to share with you soon.

In the mean time... I was unloading all of my iphone pictures from my camera (since I took a million at market- as in-I exceeded the limit) and found old snapshots of random 'tid bits' of my work. It's hard for me to let go of perfection when it comes to these crummy phone pictures ("OH no, there's a trash bag in the corner of this shot. Delete.") but I'm beginning to learn that, for me, it's the process that is most interesting. So I'm starting a 'tid-bit' series- in hopes that you might enjoy some of these random "along the way" pics with me...

{take 1}

This past summer I installed some new outdoor furniture for a dreamy pool area...


Relaxing much?

And here's a custom table I designed and had made for a client- (Thanks to Woodstock Vintage Lumber!) I was so pleased with the end result...


Can't wait to show you where this table ended up- pictures to come.

A small swing, mid-construction:


A gorgeous custom light fixture installed... (inspired by one I adore from Niermann Weeks- unfortunately theres was too small for the space so we had a similar one custom made in town)

I'm in love.

Another thing I love to do is draw and sketch. (I'd like to think I get this from my mom.) I sketched a series of black ravens for a certain project. Sounds eerie, but hey- Tis the season!

Exhibit A:


I had them framed with old barn wood and crisp, white mats....


Then hung the series in a powder room...

See, this is where the iphone doesn't suffice. I'll have to come back with my real camera so you'll believe it's actually a bathroom.

Speaking of sketches...

Apparently I parked illegally somewhere- or in front of a store that didn't appreciate me walking right past them to go to dinner next door. So I walk out an hour later and found a folded note attached to my car. Anticipating a HATE message I was surprised to find a nice little drawing... that got the point across clearly.

I laughed by myself for a good 5 minutes...I kind of want to frame it.

And I kind of want to end this tid-bit post on that note. 

Be back soon with Highpoint pics!


(and be careful parkin')


ETSY art-- affordable finds!!

I started looking around ETSY for some good artwork and could. not. stop.

There is SO much affordable art out there!! So I'm here to share some original paintings I found and liked. All of these are under $300!! 

And if you are one who thinks "I have a traditional home, I can't pull off modern art. (or vice versa)" I am here to tell you- YOU CAN. When it comes to artwork I believe you should go with your gut. If you see a painting and it sings to you then believe me- your home will find a spot for it. 

Since most people have a hard time visualizing paintings in a space I included some photos of rooms with similar artwork. In other words: I'm proving my point with magazine photos. (something I do quite frequently :)

Barn Peaches 
Cows Swing 

RozArt, click HERE for her shop.

 Can't visualize a cow in a living room? ... 

Cow painting 

via House Beautiful, artist Linda St. Clair

 Nature and Art's "The Crossing", click HERE to shop. 

Could be paired with neutral paint and furnishings making a statement like this:

TTI yellow painting 

via Things That Inspire, artist unknown



Jenny shultz ballerina
Jenny Shultz, click HERE for her shop. 

I couldn't find a picture in a room like these but just visualize that lovely ballerina painting in this bedroom:

Hb room

I'm loving these watercolor portraits...

Pp2 Pp3
Pp4 Pp5 

Corinne Galla portraits, click HERE for more.
A collection of these in a dining room?

Nanette Lepor:Elle Decor 

via Elle Decor, designer Nanette Lapor
 Siiso abstract

Siiso abstract City painting, click HERE to shop.

The piece above reminded me of a painting I have in my own home. It was passed down from my grandparents because I loved it so much growing up. Something about it has always intrigued me... And now I get to see it every day!


via yours truly


Kaylee Hull's abstract painting, click HERE for her shop. 

Reminded me of this awesome bedroom..

via urban grace; artist unknown

Nancy hughes
Nancy Hughes, click HERE for her shop.

And here, a similar traditional painting in a modern setting...

Elements of style
via elements of style, artist unknown   


Abstract pieces by Sarah Giannoble, click HERE for her shop.

For some reason it reminded me of this room by Steven Gambrel...

Steven gambrel 

via Steven Gambrel website  

 Lollie waterscape 

  Lollie Belle's "Waterscape", click HERE for her shop.

This is my dear friend Laura. Remember her from this post?  As you all know I LOVE her work.. almost as much as I love HER. Here is a small landscape (same size as above) in my own home. I put it in my kitchen to add some color and make me happy while I cook.


Amy haught square
Amy Haught's modern painting, click HERE for her shop.

Suzanne Kasler designed the room below using a very similar modern piece. I know I know, Suzanne can put anything together and make it beautiful. But atleast you get the idea...
 Dusty griffith painting: TTI
via Things that Inspire, artist Dusty Griffith 

All of these beautiful original paintings can be found on etsy along with MANY others. I'm thinking about getting one myself... 


Bo Berry Art

A while back I promised you all that I would share my secret resources and introduce an artist every month. Well, if you're keeping up with my promises I obviously skipped October. And you've also probably found that I have skipped 2 notes to months. Ahhhhh just give me some time- I'll catch up. 

This November I'd like to introduce you to another artist, one of my very favorites, and she just so happens to be... My mom.

Bo Berry

Mom Shapeimage_1 

Born and raised on a farm in a small town outside of Greensboro, Alabama my mom began to paint the beautiful, rural scenery around her... And it stuck. Growing up I used to tell my friends: "My mom? She paints farm animals." 

 Drawn to the simplicity of that country life  her oil paintings reflect "the beauty of rural scenes, the farm animals and the bounty of the good earth."
I asked this talented-mother-of-mine some questions:

To get to the other side 

to get to the other side

 What is your favorite luxury in life? 

    Only one? There are lots of mini- luxuries that I appreciate more and more everyday... like summer tomatoes, heated car seats (she's being polite here- we like to call them 'butt warmers'), walks, thunderstorms, driving down a country road, working in my garden, coffee in the morning with my husband, my devotional and a dog or two at my feet. 

Rainy day at home 

(She isn't lying here, folks. Cats, dogs, everywhere!! Each with their own bed!)

But if I have to say one, it would be the freedom we have to enjoy all of the above and more.


Picture 2


Something to squawk about 

remember seeing this chicken in this room: ??


   What has inspired your artistic style?

 I have always been inspired by artists who have strong use of light in their paintings like Edward Hopper, some of Fairfield Porters works and many Russian artists in the last century. Of course, the masters inspire us all. I particularly like the rich colors of Pierre Bonnard. 

Goose necks 

Goose Necks

Picture 3

Dont Cry for Me Vidalia

Who would you most like to collaborate with on a project

   I have collaborated with my sister in law, Murray Johnston, who is a wonderfully talented textile artist. She creates contemporary art quilts that are stunning. (that's for another month!) For our collaborations she will prepare a piece of canvas, I paint on it leaving a border of a few inches and then she quilts the border incorporating fabrics that blend with the painting. We appreciate each others work and have had a couple of "sister shows" together.


"Cowlaboration"- *double click on it for the full effect- you can see the perimeter is quilted on and the middle section is painted. Stunning in person!


What books are currently on your bedside table?

   I have a couple of stacks in different places but to name a few.. The Art of Racing in the RainThe Story of Edgar Sawtelle, The Ragamuffin Gospel, Driftless, To Kill a Mockingbird...

Quality time 

Quality Time

What inspires your creativity and designs?

   Usually I am inspired when I see the subject and I visualize it on a canvas. It can happen when I am driving on a rural road (like I mentioned above) and I see a clothesline moving in the breeze or cows grazing in the late afternoon light. I love walking through the Farmers' Market surrounded by a plethora of colors and shapes.


Carrots and raddishes 

Picture 5

Of all of your paintings which one is your personal favorite and why?

  I don't think I have a single one.. there have been lots of favorites over the years. Some of them have 

sentimental value and there are a few that come under the "wish I hadn't sold that one" category. I am not a hugely prolific painter so each one is significant and if I can't keep it, I want it to have a good home. :)



Unsold cat   Unsold chicks

Unsold sheep 

Since you've always painted out of your home have you ever run into any problems with that? 

Picture 4
 I have done pen and ink renderings of homes for many years. If is very detailed and tedious work. (see above) Years ago when our children were small I worked in our dining room. This one particular day I had been working long hours on a drawing and leaned it on the hutch to go into the kitchen. My son who was about 4 at the time was charging around the house in his red cape (his wardrobe staple for most of that year)...

Cooper cape And as he swept through the dining room with his sword in hand (a magic marker) he took a swipe at the drawing leaving what looked like a Zorro mark straight across the middle. Luckily Dad was at home and stood between me and my son- who knew by the color of my face that he was in deep trouble.  Bless his heart! Lesson learned for both of us. 

Just in case you don't believe her- here's a picture of me and my brother Zorro at that age:


(Another one of our fine Halloween moments... do we look drugged or what?!) *And if you're wondering where I come up with these old pictures so fast- it's because most of them were used for our wedding video and thanks to my mother-in-law they are now on my computer!)


What is your most unusual request?

  I had a young woman ask me to paint her father's favorite pet...his chicken. She said she would take some pictures and send them to me.  Of course I expected to get pictures of her in the chicken yard but instead I get ones of the chicken sitting on the sofa eating spaghetti off her Dad's plate!  

(Mom, that's so weird. Please send pictures...)

Picture 6


Lastly, what are the things in life you cannot live without

 My faith, my family, my friends and the critters. 

Dogs Linville August 2006 076
And yet another one from our wedding slideshow (for kicks):

Whoa, Watch out for those cheeks!    Now if only I could only get Mom to find the picture of a chicken eating spaghetti...


Although many of the paintings above are sold works, some are unsold. {Contact her for more info}

To visit the Bo Berry Art website click here.

You can also email her at bo.berry(at)


Hanging Advice

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I saw this picture in the most recent anthropologie catalog and thought it captured my excuse quite well:

<except that I don't look near as cute as that little precious>

Switching gears....I've been wanting some sort of change in my home and this usually results in me rearranging artwork and pictures. Why? Because it very often requires no money, it is instant gratification, and it always makes each room feel brand new. It does not have to be artwork- it can be anything that hangs on a wall: mirrors, photographs, sketches, pictures, quilts, you name it. Here are a few things to keep in mind when hanging artwork or picture walls:

1. *One of the biggest mistakes people make is hanging artwork too high or too low. The center of the piece  should be 66" from floor. So basically it is hanging at eye level (on an average person).. if you are taller than the average person, hang it a touch higher. You're the one who will enjoy it every day so hang accordingly. 

Elements of style art 

via elements of style

2. Try to avoid hanging photographs (or anything with glass) in spots that get direct sunlight. You'll end up seeing GLARE more than anything...

Picture wall ED031 

via Elle Decor

3. When you are hanging mirrors on a wall make sure they are positioned in a way that does not reflect the ceiling... Who wants to see the ceiling??

Picture wall Domino025

4. Position them on the floor in front of the wall before you hang!! This is where most of the rearranging happens. When it comes time to hang I usually start with a middle piece and work out from there. For a quick tutorial on how to do it the right way: click here.

1miles redd
miles redd

5. Use a leveling device*- your eyes will undoubtedly play tricks on you. Which brings up my next tip- as much as hanging pictures makes you want to drink alcohol and curse at anyone who offers help, keep away from the glass of wine. There's nothing worse than tipsy pictures :)

6. Use picture frame bumpers to prevent your frames from sliding around every time someone slams the door or sneezes.  They are right next to the picture hooks at Target. You put two at the bottom 2 corners of each picture frame- (i like the clear ones)


7. Most importantly***- Find the style you like. There are many more tips when it comes to hanging pictures and artwork but it depends on the look you are going after.

Do you like this look?


Design esquire 

or this look?

Picture wall domino035 

 Lana beale designer 

(1) Erin Martin (2) Steven Gambrel (3) via domino mag (4) source unknown

Let's do that again. 

Do you like this look?

Style court 


or this look?

Dominomag blue room
Picture wall SA028 

(1) via style court (2) via velvet & linen (3) via domino mag (4) via Southern Accents

To be honest I usually opt for the 'mix it up' walls... but this week I am really liking the more structured hanging style. There's something about that simple continuity that is speaking to me. 

So, what picture wall style do you prefer?

Martha stewart 

image via martha stewart


lollie belle

 If you haven't noticed already I like to brag about my friends. I guess you could call it 'brag blogging' or BLAgging... if you were so inclined. I am blessed to be surrounded with talented, creative people and lately I have been feeling a tinge of guilt for hoarding these artists to myself. Artwork is such an important element in a home but many people just don't have the resources to find a painting that means something to them. You can walk through galleries all day long, spotting beautiful artwork here and there, but alot of times the story behind them is missing. In hopes that I can help provide a story I've decided it is time to unlock my secret resources and try to introduce one artist every month on the blog. 

This is not an advertisement or a ploy to make money. I don't want to sell my friends, I simply want to share them with you.


 I've been preparing this post for a while now- with the help of Lollie- because I've been really excited about this particular introduction. I apologize if it's a little lengthy but I've had trouble cutting it short! 

So, without further ado, I'd like you to introduce you to a lovely artist. This girl is one of my closest friends who carries an innate gift of creativity and style- Laura Roebuck. (also known as Lollie)

Lolli belle 


(I know, she's hard to look eyes!!)

I met her at UGA and we've been besties ever since. She now lives in Oxford, Mississippi with her hubby who's finishing up law school. She's painting and doing some other creative stuff- I could go on and on about how lovely and artistic Lollie is but I decided to do a little Q&A so you could figure that out yourself. (From here on out I'm in blue) (to get the full effect of some of these pieces, double click on them to enlarge)

What is your favoriteluxury in life?

Lollie: My first thought is good food. It gratifies  your senses.  It looks beautiful, it tastes good, and the experience creates an avenue for quality time with people. Thus, leading to my second answer, which would be the relationships that I have been given.




<the small watercolors above are in her etsy shop! click here for more>

Who has inspired your artistic style?

My first love, like so many, was Van Gogh. Then came Gustav Klimt’s beautiful figures, Toulous Lautrec’s quirky night scenes and beautiful, acidic colors,  and the expressionist form of Egon Schiele’s lines. There is also, of course, Degas and Monet for the way that they apply paint and use color, as well as much of Piet Mondrian’s work.  This list goes on….



Water tower

I have to insert here that when Laura first started painting classes in college she'd come home with these HUGE paintings that were absolutely stunning!!  This water tower in particular was one of her firsts (which is taller than me)... You should have seen our jaws hit the floor when she brought it home from 'art class' :) 

She came home soon after with yet another life-size painting of her boyfriend (now husband) that is amazing in person.. and charming.


Who would you most like to collaborate with on a project?

I would be thrilled to learn a thing or two from any of the above masters, but as far as today goes, I love to work with individuals. It is exciting for me to work for someone on a commission to put in their new home or to memorialize a past moment or even give as a gift to someone they love. Tailoring a painting to each person’s needs and wants keeps the process fresh. Every one is different, and so each painting brings new ideas, different inspirations, and learning.  And the best part about it is that it becomes very personal to the individual that I’m working with and myself, which is really gratifying.





What books are currently on your bedside table?

I have a stack of books beside my bed that I just ordered  and are on my “to read” list. There is “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle,” “Catch a Fire” a biography of Bob Marley, and “Masterpieces of Ancient Jewelry”- a beautiful book on another love of mine, metalwork.  On top of those, is a rotating copy of one in the series of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. I’m a nerd, and I will never get enough of those books. Then, there’s a book I most recently read, “Same Kind of Different as Me”-so good, and finally, “The Book of the Dunn Cow”- one of my most favorite books. It sits there, because I love the cover and the story is so dear to me... I told you it was a stack. (Wow. Way to make me feel like a slacker!!)


What inspires your creativity and designs?

I love scientific illustration and botanical prints. Much of my work is based on the study of a singular object. So I flip through books, magazines,  and photographs to find curiosities that I think will translate well through paint always feeds me when I am in a rut. I love to find and photograph landscapes, as anything flora or fauna* will usually end up in my work. When I am beginning a new painting, I will look through the books I have on my friends Egon, Vincent, Gustav, etcetera and will find inspiration for color palette, composition, and technique. (*You used the term 'fauna' in this paragraph... Lord of the Rings Nerd Alert!! :)

 Here are some 'bug prints' she's been working on recently:

100_6774 100_6785100_6779


Wouldn't a group of these look great in a kid's room? Or any room for that matter.

 What is your most prized possession?

My wedding band and engagement ring.

 Ginko 100_6753

Her husband had it made based on her favorite leaf- the gingko leaf. So pretty, SO laura.

What are the things life you cannot live without?

I can’t live without Jed, my most wonderful hubby and best friend. Of course, I can’t live without my family or friends-this includes you lovely! (thanks :)Then there’s the vitals such as mechanical pencils, cereal, a good paint brush, makeup- think about it- I get to paint on my face, bath tubs, the South- I could never leave for too long, farmer’s markets, old things, Tim Keller, windows, books, a good movie, potted plants, coffee!,  jewelry, magazines, slow meals with people that I love, and my kitties-Lucy and Prudence.


(this is not one of her kitties, it's actually a goat..? Whatever, it seemed fitting.)

100_4162100_4027_2 Art

just like PAINT, a little bit of lollie goes a long way... for example, the piece above is in the background of this photo: 

Last supper 001(told you she does life-size!)

Not all the time though. For example, this little painting...100_6798

in a setting:


I think it would look good propped up against a kitchen backsplash... Instant color that you can enjoy every day. Another one that's the same size:


What outfit would you wear to your art show?

*I have to insert here that Laura is by far my most fashion-forward friend I've ever had. She is always ahead of the trends... I remember when she first walked around in Uggs. We were all thinking 'what the h*ll is she wearing?!" Anyway, all that to say- I asked her to put together an outfit for us:

I am lovin’ this gorgeous jumper. (from here)


I think it is very regal, but I would want to funk-tify it a little (of course!). So, I would add my short, vintage cowboy boots, some chunky gold jewelry, 

art show
art show by lolliewroebuck featuring Anthropologie

layers of necklaces included my favorite feathered piece,

100_6813  this poppy red clutch, and- if it’s cold- this great scarf with some red lipstick to boot!... nice.

Do you miss me?

Too much. 

UsLast supper 034

(I miss her, too.)

I feel much better now for sharing her with you. Isn't her work great?? Feel free to spread the love to your friends, your blog readers, whoever. 

*Some of the paintings I included in this post are SOLD, some are not! If you fell in love with one that is sold- have no fear! She does commissions all the time and can create one specifically for YOU.

Email Laura for more information:


For her website click here.

For her etsy shop click here.