Brass Revival

I saw this kitchen in the recent Canadian House and Home- The hardware. OMG.

Stylist Sasha Seymour did the design of her own kitchen. (to see more of the home- click here) The chevron floors, the tile around the fireplace, the glossy white cabinets, the sweet puppy dog, the windows- I love it ALL. Oh yeah, and the cabinets are from IKEA! She just customized her own hardware- apparently "from ebay and misc antique stores." Great- So we can't copy her. :/

Also, it says that they were planning on doing the open shelves wrapped in brass but decided last minute to instead run it along the toe kick. Genius. !!

And then a few weeks ago Bill Ingram's charming cottage was featured in House Beautiful. I fell in love with the kitchen island- especially.. the brass hardware.

I love the juxtaposition of the rustic wood and the shiny brass. Also see how he didn't try to match the faucet with everything? Follow his lead. It's good to mix and match.!

Another shot of the kitchen...

One more- A kitchen by Amy Meier...

And the gorgeous hardware combination...

What can I say? I'm into inset unlacquered brass hardware these days.

1. Flush Ring Pull

2. Card Holder Drawer Pull- by Rejuvenation

3. Campaign Hardware- by Ansaldi & Sons

4. Flush Finger Pull- by Rocky Mountain Hardware

And while we're on the subject... check out this tub fixture from Waterworks Etoile Collection

Isn't she pretty ?

Vintage Hardware

Often I recommend updating hardware in certain spaces or on furniture pieces. Out with the old, in with the new. 

But sometimes I like the opposite and throw in some vintage flare.

<via anthropologie>

I'm almost finished with our tiny bathroom re-do! It has taken For.Ev.Er. For all of you who think my new house is near completion- HA! think again. I tend to view my house as a "hobby" or a side job. Considering I don't have time for any of the above, my own home has gotten left behind. Yes, I am the plumber with the leaky faucet.The shoe cobbler with no shoes. The old lady who lived in a shoe….and ate a cobbler. Now I've gotten my sayings confused.

Anyway, back to the (almost finished) bathroom.  I had a custom vanity made and now I'm looking for vintage hardware. The vanity is very cleaned-lined and simple so I wanted to add a little funk with some unique knobs or pulls.

I found a shop on etsy that sells just that...

Here are some I found appealing...

For $8-$12 bunches, you can't go wrong. The only thing is that quantities are limited.

But luckily I only need two.

Quatrefoil pulls...

Interesting pulls...

I'm liking these.. for some reason.

I think these would look cool if they mirrored each other...

Timex cabinet pulls…? … by JCrew???

Greek Key Design

Simple, handsome

These remind me of vintage earrings..

A few for the women bowlers in the house… You go girls.

All of these were found in Violette Slippers Shop on Etsy- she has really great stuff!

Any other vintage hardware resources out there? Would love to hear. 

AAAnd the search continues!


Photo 4  

  • There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. I had a friend one time say "If I had ONE wish right now it would be that the world would just STOP for a few hours- so I could GET STUFF DONE!" It makes me laugh because.... seriously??? THAT would be your one wish?? But let's admit- we've all felt that way at one point. For me? It's been lately.
  • Working Hard. Playing Hard. 
  • And trying my best not to melt in this HEAT!



  • I've spent time on a plane
  • Meaning... time to sketch up ideas and rooms. Something I love to do. 

Airport sketch  And YES the people sitting next to me usually inquire:

"Is that your bedroom, honey?" -woman in window seat

"No ma'am. It's just a room I sort of designed." -me

"Mmm-hmmm....For a SCHOOL PROJECT ??"

(Can't blame her. I look like I'm 18 and travel with my pillow for crying out loud.)

 Before I can answer the gruff man from the aisle seat chimes in-  "My wife just bought a bed like that.... cost me a freakin' FORTUNE!"

Hmmmm....Well, highschool is a dream. Excuse me while I pull out my neon pink chewing gum and turn up my ipod. 

  • Time in the plane also means: time to look through all my catalogs.!! Seriously guys- they're some great stuff out right now.  Here is what I've found:

Slipcovered sofas for DAYS...

Love this! From none other than.... Z Gallerie? Oh yes. Rock ON, Z!!

The Ikea slipcovered sofa (click HERE to read Joni's post on this at Cote de Texas- it's a good one)


The Wisteria

from West Elm.

Westelm rug2 

West Elm is looking masculine lately.. and I like it! Especially the rug-

And I can't decide if I like these pillows or not... very Nashville, I must say. 


I actually like them better in this picture:


And these martini tables are awesome!! You can tuck them in anywhere.


Garnet Hill is now carrying Brahms Mount throws! These chevron cotton ones are SO soft and great... Trust me. You want one.


This rustic headboard from Sundance Catalog caught my eye...

51604  51604_1  

So did this one from Anthropologie...


Some cool barstools from Wisteria...

Wisteria stools  Picture 4
And I'm loving this Darth Vater alarm clock from Urban Outfitters...



Wake UP, everybody! 

It's Tuesday....And it's HOT. again!

Be back soon. 


Holy Tile

If you love Heart hardwood floors like I do- you'll love Nashville designer Jamie Beckwith's floor "tiles"... Oh yes, people- it's hardwood. Feast your eyes on this...

Picture 14

Made from quarter-sawn white oak, these exotic hardwoods come in all sorts of shapes and sizes....

Picture 11  Picture 2  Picture 10  Picture 5 Picture 8  Picture 9


Picture 12 

Picture 15 

Picture 12 

Picture 13  

And not just for floors.

There's the line called Projection that can be installed on walls, ceilings,... wherever! 

Picture 14 


I think it would be a great backsplash...
Picture 16 


How cool is that??

To see more (and find retailers near you) visit Jamie Beckwith's website, HERE.


Bring on the Burlap

Just when I thought I was tired of seeing burlap...

GBED110 enlarged
GTAB272 enlarged

Burlap bed and side table from Noir (available to the trade)

FT100_1 Wisteria burlap table cloth 

Burlap side tables from Ballard Designs (left) and Wisteria (right)- I prefer the one without fringe.

AG burlap cube 

Cube ottoman from Aidan Gray Home

PB burlap table overlay 

  Kenaf table runner 

Burlap table overlay and table runner from Pottery Barn- both are great for parties!

Burlap dome chandelier 

Dome chandelier from Restoration Hardware

Burlap shoe  Picture 1

Stylish, burlap shoes from anthropologie

Picture 2 

Burlap pendant from Currey & Co.
OTT105 enlarged
Loving this ottoman by Noir

Last But Least $

Ballard burlap
 Great looking tote bags from Ballard Designs, only $20!


Let It Shine

I was looking through past magazines recently and flipped through an old favorite. A successful family's Hampton home designed by Emma Pilkington...


I'll just take the back house, thanks.







Seen in Elle Decor; photographs by Roger Davies

After looking through the photos again I realized a common thread in each of these rooms. Light reflecting objects that add an unexpected energy to the room. Apparently a bit of shine is a Pilkington hallmark. 

Here are some other rooms with mirrored touches...


Suzanne Kasler's bedroom for Ballard Designs


The infamous living room by Jill Brinson via House Beautiful

Zebra elle decor 2_thumb[3] 
Monique Lhullier's living room via Elle Decor

Domino photo by melanie acevedo 

via Domino photograph by Melanie Acevedo

Jenni kayne domino 
Jenni Kayne via Domino Mag 

So don't be afraid to jazz it up! 

Shine on, friends.


PS I am extremely behind on emails. If you have contacted me and not gotten a reply I sincerely apologize for the delay. And you will hear from me soon! 



Pretty soon I won't be talking about fires and fuzzy sweaters- I'll be talking about green grass and bare feet!!! But while we're still here, moping around in the cold,  let's talk about fire screens. Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn have come out with great looking screens. I recommend them ALL the time. Simple, functional, handsome - all you need. 

Rip out your bulky brass inserts...

Picture 3
 and update it with a sleek, attractive screen. 

Picture 4  

Fireplaces are almost always the focal point of a room so a simple change like this will make a world of difference.

Vintage Iron Fireplace Single ScreenRivet Hearth Flat Screen with DoorsRivet Hearth Arched Panel ScreenRivet Hearth Flat Curtain ScreenRivet Hearth Arched Tri-Panel ScreenRivet Hearth Flat Tri-Panel Screen

Decorative Fireplace Screen Mission Custom Flat Screen

For PB firescreens click here.

For Restoration ones click here.


Gotta Get A Gourd

Robert Abbey 31" Taupe Ceramic and Brass Table LampRobert Abbey 22 3/4" Lt. Green Ceramic and Silver Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Lt. Pink Ceramic and Brass Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Light Blue Ceramic and Bronze Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Oxblood Red Ceramic and Brass Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Apple Green Ceramic and Bronze Table LampRobert Abbey 22 3/4" Egg Blue Ceramic and Silver Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Bone Ceramic and Silver Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Light Blue Ceramic and Silver Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Peacock Blue Ceramic and Bronze Table LampRobert Abbey 22 3/4" Yellow Ceramic and Silver Table LampRobert Abbey 22 3/4" Dark Brown Ceramic and Bronze LampRobert Abbey 31" Light Green Ceramic and Brass Table LampRobert Abbey 31" Cinnamon Brown Ceramic and Bronze LampRobert Abbey 22 3/4" Pink Ceramic and Bronze Table Lamp

A bright, colorful gourd lamp will update ANY room. Guaranteed. I find myself recommending them almost as often as I recommend changing a paint color.

(The lovely ladies above are all from HERE, around $150-$200 each)

Some other affordable ones....

Pb gourd 105 

a few from here , $105

West elm gourd lamp 

 two from here, $179

 one from here, $119

And if you are near a TJ Maxx HomeGoods store you should swing by to check see if they have any gourd lamps. Nine times out of ten you'll find an inexpensive pair. I always do. Then I pace around TJ Maxx trying to decide if I should buy them or not, finally manage to awkwardly hold them while standing in a line, get irrationally annoyed after 5 minutes of waiting, put the lamps back, and walk out frustrated and empty handed. (P.S. This is how Hoyt shops ALL the time) Anyway, don't repeat after me us. If you see some good gourd lamps, think of me and wait patiently in line. 

And last but least $
Picture 1
Target one, $25 

Get a gourd, 

Thank me later. 


This Thanksgiving- Branching Out

This Thanksgiving Hoyt and I are branching out,

and hosting his parents in Nashville. !

This Thanksgiving I can barely remember to feed my cat,

so the turkey is coming from Whole Foods. :)

This Thanksgiving I truly have A LOT to be thankul for!!

But not a lot of time to decorate...

So, If you're like me and you're looking for an inexpensive and quick way to spruce up your home for Thanksgiving try taking a look in your own backyard (or your neighbors! :). I am always inspired by the rooms that have branches (dead or alive) as their main source of decoration. 

Pottery barn branches 

via pottery barn


via house beautiful

Birch indoors 

source unknown

Bhg branches 2

 via bhg

Branches stevengambrel
steven gambrel, via habitually chic


Bhg branches 

 via bhg


 via martha stewart

*I realize some of these branches are not 'in season' but you get the idea...

Maple centerpiece
 via martha stewart

via restoration hardware

Domino mag branches 2 

 via domino mag
Methome branches
via met home

via hgtv

Elle decor branches
via elle decor

via restoration hardware


via house beautiful
**fig branches (Where can I find these?! If you live in Nashville and have these in your backyard- call me! I'll gladly swap decorating advice for a few figs)


 This Thanksgiving I plan to get out my pruning sheers and get creative.

and by 'get out my pruning sheers' I mean: Go to Target and buy some. 


Hanging Advice

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I saw this picture in the most recent anthropologie catalog and thought it captured my excuse quite well:

<except that I don't look near as cute as that little precious>

Switching gears....I've been wanting some sort of change in my home and this usually results in me rearranging artwork and pictures. Why? Because it very often requires no money, it is instant gratification, and it always makes each room feel brand new. It does not have to be artwork- it can be anything that hangs on a wall: mirrors, photographs, sketches, pictures, quilts, you name it. Here are a few things to keep in mind when hanging artwork or picture walls:

1. *One of the biggest mistakes people make is hanging artwork too high or too low. The center of the piece  should be 66" from floor. So basically it is hanging at eye level (on an average person).. if you are taller than the average person, hang it a touch higher. You're the one who will enjoy it every day so hang accordingly. 

Elements of style art 

via elements of style

2. Try to avoid hanging photographs (or anything with glass) in spots that get direct sunlight. You'll end up seeing GLARE more than anything...

Picture wall ED031 

via Elle Decor

3. When you are hanging mirrors on a wall make sure they are positioned in a way that does not reflect the ceiling... Who wants to see the ceiling??

Picture wall Domino025

4. Position them on the floor in front of the wall before you hang!! This is where most of the rearranging happens. When it comes time to hang I usually start with a middle piece and work out from there. For a quick tutorial on how to do it the right way: click here.

1miles redd
miles redd

5. Use a leveling device*- your eyes will undoubtedly play tricks on you. Which brings up my next tip- as much as hanging pictures makes you want to drink alcohol and curse at anyone who offers help, keep away from the glass of wine. There's nothing worse than tipsy pictures :)

6. Use picture frame bumpers to prevent your frames from sliding around every time someone slams the door or sneezes.  They are right next to the picture hooks at Target. You put two at the bottom 2 corners of each picture frame- (i like the clear ones)


7. Most importantly***- Find the style you like. There are many more tips when it comes to hanging pictures and artwork but it depends on the look you are going after.

Do you like this look?


Design esquire 

or this look?

Picture wall domino035 

 Lana beale designer 

(1) Erin Martin (2) Steven Gambrel (3) via domino mag (4) source unknown

Let's do that again. 

Do you like this look?

Style court 


or this look?

Dominomag blue room
Picture wall SA028 

(1) via style court (2) via velvet & linen (3) via domino mag (4) via Southern Accents

To be honest I usually opt for the 'mix it up' walls... but this week I am really liking the more structured hanging style. There's something about that simple continuity that is speaking to me. 

So, what picture wall style do you prefer?

Martha stewart 

image via martha stewart


Throw a Punch


With the cold weather approaching I find myself coming home from a long days 'playing Rachel' and all I want to do is plop on a comfortable chaise lounge and curl up under a cashmere throw.

Picture 1
via oyuna

Throw blankets not only add instant comfort to a room but they also can be a key design element. Which brings me to my lesson of the day:

Do not underestimate the power of a throw.

Sometimes, it is all you need to add a punch of color to your room! 

To sum it up: Throw a punch. 

And why not make it cashmere? 

Mcalpine bedroom 

Ever since I saw this Bobby Mcalpine bedroom in House Beautiful I have been wanting this bright baby blue cashmere throw. This particular brand is Yarnz and it's a little too pricey for me. So I've been on the lookout for the perfect blue throw ever since. I am YET to find it...under $100.

 Mcalpine tends to throw punches in many of his rooms... 
Example A: *LOVE*

Example B:


*that actually might be someone's shirt. Oh well....

James michael howard throw 

That throw needs some fluffing!!

james michael howard via things that inspire

Country living 

via country living

Veranda, sferra cashmere 

I love the purple color here. This particular blanket (on the bench) is a beautiful Sferra cashmere and runs around $400 a throw. Yikes... but Yummy. 

via Veranda


via cote de texas


William sonoma cashmere throw 

Williams Sonoma has a popular collection of cashmere throws for $268- and as you can see they have every color of the rainbow.

Restoration cashmere throw, $103.99
Restoration Hardware's cashmere throws are on sale from $300 to $103.99 

Pretty good for 100% cashmere- might be my best bet! Has anyone been able to find a good one for less?

"A good home should gather you up in its arms like a warm cashmere blanket, soothe your hurt feelings, and prepare you to go back out into that big bad world tomorrow." - Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa)


first image on post- via coco and kelly

I SPY... Pumpkins

If you haven't gotten your pumpkin yet.... it's time. 

And if you're bored with the usual jack-o-lantern theme here are a few ideas...

Good housekeeping 3
via good housekeeping

Country living pumpkins BHg
fun displays via country living and BHG

Drill holes bhg
drill hole pumpkins, BHG

Glitter pumpkins martha stewart Tracery interiors
**glitter pumpkins** via martha stewart, and tracery interiors

Good housekeeping

Good housekeeping2
pumpkin stripes, and pumpkin candles via good housekeeping

Katy elliot
I saw this alot in New Hampshire, pumpkins over the door. If you have the house to pull it off, DO it! It looks really cute.      via katy elliot

Pumpkin House Numbers! Another great idea. via apartment therapy

Or you could add a little harmless humor to your decor...

Pumpkin-cork_rect540 apt therapy 
via apartment therapy

Pumpkin couple 

And if you have all the time in the world you can try to pull off Martha's pumpkins. (If you do, please send me pictures!)  

Lace patterned pumpkins martha
lace patterned pumpkins, via martha stewart

Martha stewart
 pumpkins as flower pots, via martha

Thorny vines country living
flowery vine pumpkin via country living

Pumpkin tower country living
pumpkin tower via country living

Polka dot pumpkins bhg Patchwork pumpkins
polka dot and patchwork pumpkins via BHG

LAST BUT LEAST $ (and amount of effort)

Pumpkin candle Pumpkin place cards country living 

pumpkin candle and pumpkin placecard, via country living

If these ideas aren't enough you have a REAL problem you can check out martha stewart, better homes & gardens, and country living- I found most of these images on their websites and they include tutorials for each one. Just google the title I gave for each picture and you'll find it.

Happy Carving!


Ways to Organize Jewelry

Situation: A woman is getting ready for the night and, as always, is running late. “I promise I’m ready now!!” she yells to her husband who has been pacing at the bottom of the stairs for 30 minutes now. She takes one more look in the mirror before flipping the bathroom light off- But wait! She forgot to put on earrings. So she quickly rummages to the bottom of a drawer and pulls out a WAD of mixed metals: necklaces wrapped up in bracelets tangled around dangly earrings.... <woman inserts expletive here>

Oh, the joys of unwadding your jewelry in the car on the way to an event! Jewelry is one of the hardest things to organize and to keep organized. Not only have I found some practical ways to organize your collection, but you can now DISPLAY your precious jewels. Because after all, they are supposed to be our best friends. 

1. Frame It!


 I found this cheap frame at Big Lots (random, i know)-- painted it “Orchid” from Benjamin Moore, took out the matting and glass and replaced the entire back with screen, then got some trendy knobs from anthropologie and drilled them across the bottom. Voila! Jewelry Station. <you can also put a mirror in the center if you need less jewelry storage>

2. Display it like a teen!

Pbteen jewelry

You’ll find that I’m a big fan of Pottery Barn TEEN... it’s like shopping in the Juniors section of Macys to find equally great clothes for half the price. These dress forms are super cool- for a less “teen” look get one in the ‘natural linen’ color.

3.  Cup o’ Tea?

Teacup jewelry

What else are you going to do with the old tea sets you got from your grandmother? Let’s be honest- not too many tea parties happening this day in age... Display your jewelry in tea cups and saucers- either on your dresser, or arranged in a drawer! 

<image from martha>

4. Branch it Up

Jewelry branch


Jewelry twig

All from Urban Outfitters

5. Make a Medicine Cabinet

Jewelry cabinet

Or if you'd rather just buy this particular one, click here.

6. Last But Least $


Convert this hand towel rack into a jewelry holder; displaying your necklaces and dangly earrings (much like the twig one above) Find it here. Only $18!!?? Well worth it when dealing with tangled jewels.