Inspired in New Mexico...

Work life vs Real life. 

The line tends to get blurry when you love what you do, and you seek that sort of beauty in everyday things. It's why my iphone is a curse. Because I'll find myself editing a picture of pumpkins while walking through the airport. It's obsessive. 

I get writers block on the blog because I am inspired by so many things I don't know where to begin. Babies being born, weddings,..- ofcourse those are all special. But in terms of design, my passion, I am truly inspired when I travel. 

This particular weekend the stars aligned and not only did I get to celebrate the marriage of close friends, but it was in New Mexico... in the oldest chapel in the country.... Under the endless, stunning Santa Fe sky.

I can't get enough of the rich colors and textures that are so indigenous to Santa Fe. And how they played into the details of the wedding evening. The flowers, the table setting, the place cards, the pumpkins.... it was beautiful. 

And it feels good to be inspired again.

Iphone pics from our trip... starting with Hoyt renting a ridiculous red mustang convertible-

but I'm not going to lie I enjoyed it...

I'll let the rest of the pictures tell the story...

Thanks for a special weekend, W&B. Love ya.