Painting My House

So when we first bought our little cottage I knew a lot of paint would completely restore the curb appeal. 

Don't get me wrong- some brick is beautiful and I would never paint it. But for me, this brick made the entire yard look dark and bleek. And the contrast of the white trim was taking away from what I loved most about this Tudor style house: the steeply pitched roof, the arched enclosed entry, etc.  I wanted to give it a fresh look while still staying true to this 100 year old cottage.

So we did just that.



I'm not gonna lie- I had a hard time figuring out the perfect paint color. Exterior paint is really tricky. Before committing you really have to guess and check, apply samples on all sides of the house, see it in different lights/ different times of day, after a few drinks, etc. 

It will make you go a little crazy. (as you can see below:)

 I say this because I learned the hard way. I felt confident in my decision of Benjamin Moore's Tapestry Beige until I pulled into the driveway after work one day and half of my house was painted yellow.

I panicked.  And told everyone to stop while I ran to the paint store to get more samples. 


Hoyt was up on the ladder kindly painting swatches trying to convince me that it "wasn't yellow" while meanwhile one of the painters is yelling from the street "I LIKE the yellow!"

"See Hoyt- He's saying it's YEL-LOW."-me

"Probably because you are calling it yellow."-H

"Because IT IS!!"

This goes on until a random neighbor walks by and confirms that it's "a bit yellow."

(see. it was totally yellow.)

After hacking away at the formula- taking out black, red, who knows what- we ended up with...Benjamin Moore OC-30 "Gray Mist".

My initial plan was to paint the window trim a contrast darker color to match the front door. 

But after everything else was painted light I felt like the windows disappeared. So I had them paint one side with gray mist windows, and all of a sudden they came to life. (see difference between left and right window) 

I was also planning on putting shutters back up but once the paint was done I felt it looked nice as is. We can always add them later. (Changing my mind-Strike 3.) 

It's amazing how changing the paint color made our house finally feel like home...

Other notes:

-We had long window boxes built to span the width of the windows. 

-We replaced the roof with Landmark"weathered wood" architectural shingles. A favorite.

-kept the original clay roof caps and put them on the new roof to give it back it's old feel. 

-painted the entire house, trim and all- Benjamin Moore's Gray Mist. 

-replaced the gutters with 1/4 round/ "musket brown" finish. 

-painted the door Sherwin Williams "Black Fox".

-replaced the light fixtures with these copper ones by Visual Comfort 

-And we did a little landscaping, but that's for another post. 

*see if you can spot Finley in one of these pictures. 1,2,3.go.