Scotts, Market, Lake Rats and Bee Stings

When I write a blog post I always enter the title last. Because even if I have intentions to write about a certain subject you really never know what's going to come out. 

Looks like we have some hot topics today!

Let's start with Scotts Antique Show in Atlanta.

Here are some of my finds...

I love a good pile of babydoll heads in the morning. 

Next day: Market

Quick trip, but I took a bunch of pictures so I could remember what I saw. 

Nancy Price/ Design Legacy showroom...

Blue Ocean Traders...

BoBo's Intriguing Objects (always a favorite):

Then I headed down to Lake Martin for a much needed girls weekend. Felt good to be a lake rat. 

Oh, and I was excited to finally eat brunch at Spring House- the new(ish) restaurant that people have been raving about. If chef Chris Hastings has anything to do with the food I'm there!Tracery Interiors also did such a great job with the furnishings and details. 

I loved the plank walls...

and the rock garden...

To see more pictures of the restaurant (I was clearly too busy stuffing my face) visit their portfolio here

Last Topic:

My dad has recently become a beekeeper, which I find really cool. (Yes Dad you read that correctly) It's such an intricate, fascinating process.

So despite my minor fear of bees, I got all strapped in, zipped up and ready to enter their busy territory.

"They won't bother you, Rachel."

Riiiight... Honey badger don't care. 

I learned the hard way that bees don't mind stinging you through custom fitted skinny jeans. Ouch. 

Note to self:Don't try to be a hipster while harvesting honey. You already lost the battle when you put kitchen gloves on.