Bar Hopping

Today I'm over at Interior Canvas- a new Nashville blog that showcases interior designers and provides insight from many local design professionals. I'm truly honored to be a part of it! I am a guest blogger today providing tips on how to create a bar in your own home. (Highly recommended.)

I must have been feeling inspired (or thirsty) because shortly after writing this post I found an old cart at one of my favorite local stores- Preservation Station.  

It was a steal so I snagged it "for somebody!"

But this weekend it ended up finding a home in the corner of our dining room...

I realize we need to stock the bar- Hoyt gladly offered to help- but the liquor stores were closed yesterday. So please excuse the dusty bottles of God-knows-what. 

I also realize that if a handful of kids runs through here I'll have to take every single thing off the cart and set up my bar some place else.... But for now it'll stay put. 

To read my Top 10 Tips to creating your own wet bar at home click here. 

Thank you Interior Canvas!