This week in Nashville we are celebrating... Fashion Week 

And I have been asked to be on a panel this year. Me??? Fashion and public speaking?!! I had the same reaction.

But really- I'm quite honored that I was asked. 

I will be debating the importance of social media in developing a brand. Don't get me wrong- I'm a little nervous. I'll be discussing this topic with 4 industry PROS including Mike Wolfe from American Pickers and Susie Crippen, cofounder of JBrand jeans. (Seriously, putting me next to Mike Wolfe is like putting a 4th grader next to Oprah. I'm getting flashbacks of my high school drama teacher: "Rachel, make eye contact, articulate, and try not to say "Uhhh" or "like" so much." )

But the beauty of this discussion is that my story is simple: my brand created itself. It's true. In fact, it's hard to even call it a brand because it's just me. By simply sharing my passion through this blog and staying true to myself I have gotten to where I am now. And, of course, the amazing support and encouragement I've had along the way. I am truly humbled.

That's what I plan on saying anyway.

And this is what I plan on wearing: 

Oh wait, it's what I wear pretty much every day.

1. The Elizabeth high waist jeans from Imogene + Willie... Love.

2. Aviators from Urban Outfitters (because I am rough with my sunglasses- these are only like* $15.) 

3. Clarks Water Row Ankle Boots... I've worn these to death this year. Super comfortable.

4. Burt's Bees "Peony"- a staple for sure

5. I wear this little gold necklace every day. I love how simple it is. I got it at The Perfect Pair here in Nashville....and I have no idea who makes it. They'll know- contact PP if you're interested. It looks great with any other necklace but most of the time I wear it by itself. 

5. The cuff in my picture is also from Urban Outfitters. I couldn't find it online but they always have inexpensive, funky jewelry. This turquoise cuff looked similar. I think I might need one.

6. My purse- chock full of non-stylish things like* receipts and broken finials. Available through The Perfect Pair

7. Imogene + Willie's new "Jeanne" blouse... The material is perfection. Feels like* you're wearing a top that has been washed and worn thousands of times.  It's actually longer and hits across the hips but I tucked mine in to my high-waist jeans... Because, Uhhh, I'm stylish like* that. ;) The Jeanne is coming soon to I+W store and website. Call ahead for pricing and details. 

*** If you're interested in coming to these discussions it's not too late! Click here for easy registration. Panel Discussions start at 10am and run throughout the day. All panels are free to attend and those who attend have unlimited access to galleries for the day. All the info can be found on Nashville Fashion Week's website. If you do attend feel free to make funny faces at me, shout about nesteggs, and tally up the amount of times I say LIKE*(-4)