Tool Belts

Almost daily I find myself at construction sites saying things like "Where did I put my phone? Did someone take my tape measure? Can I borrow a piece of paper? Please excuse me while I dig through the dark corners of my bag to find my pencil.

It's annoying. If everything were in hand's reach I would save hours* a day!               *slight exaggeration

So I've been thinking.... 

Sister needs a tool belt. 

And not just your regular one..

I have to alternate colors a lot. It makes my day better.

The architect scale: for figuring out the dimensions of the plan drawings while on site. You can also use it as a weapon. It really came in handy when we were swarmed with cicadas.. like batting practice. 

The 7" hammer: (for effect)

A client gave this to me as a gift- isn't it the prettiest hammer you've ever seen? I've never actually used it but that's beside the point. It looks good and it plays the part for our stylish tool belt. You can get them here

A notebook: These hold up best. I prefer graph paper. 

Heavy Duty Tape Measure: If you ever find yourself on a jobsite trying to balance a cutesy tape measure 11 ft in the air while everyone stands around watching you're history. Believe me, I've been there. Get one that works...

Fat Max is your friend.

The chocolate: For your 3pm meetings...

This local treat is my current favorite. 

Burt's Bees: A must have. Do not offer it to workmen.

So there you have it- The Lady's Tool Belt.

Who's in?