First things first-

The comments from my last post were so refreshing and honest- As I read through them all I laughed and cried. Thanks for taking the time to share the little snippets of your life that make you happy. Seriously... I am going to make y'all talk more often. 

On a totally separate note- I've been working on several bunk rooms and have been searching for inspirational images.

I'm referring to a bunk room as a room with multiple built in beds- they don't have to necessarily be stacked on top of one another. I guess I shouldn't call it a bunk if it's not stacked...OK now I'm curious...

Ahhh yes, a tier of berths. Thank you for clearing that up, Merriam

Anyway, you get the point. Maximizing the space to sleep as many children or traveling musicians as possible. Kids LOVE them.

If your budget allows I think building them out is the best solution for both function and overall aesthetic. 

Here are a few...

{above 6} purmamasquarespace.com; justine hugh jones; domino magazine; suzanne kasler; via material's girl; alys beach bunks via wide open spaces

{above 5}  via cottage living; via dwell; via elle decor; via flickriver/ pinterest, via swish and swanky

{above 5} giannetti via velvet and linen; bunks by Kelly Harmon; bunks by Steven Gambrel; Studio ohm via remodelista; bunks by Suzanne Kasler

{above 4} Tracery Interiors; Turner Davis Interiors; via pinterest; via nooshkids

{above 7} via marie claire maison; BPC architecture; via pinterest; Kristen Panich Interiors via twoellie; via the zhush;  Tracery Interiors; via Apt Therapy

(Bottom bunker 4 life)