I come bearing gifts...

Here comes Christmas...

like a freight train.

My mom keeps calling me "Will you PLEASE just tell me what you want for Christmas?"

I've been avoiding it because my real answer is: NOTHING. I really don't need anything. But I also know that that answer will make any mother go insane 1 week before the holidays. !! <insert train horn>

So, fashionably late, I came up with a few ideas.

(And mom, I do NOT expect any of these to show up under the tree. This is just for fun.:)

1. Honeycomb artwork by my good friend Laura Roebuck

2. Patagonia Pouch

3. Rustic Leather Notebook/{or Diary}-depends on the day

4. Diptyque candle- this scent makes me crazy it's so good

5. Turquoise necklace

6. Foldover clutch

7. Jeffrey Bilhuber's latest book

8. OK I cheated and already got this for myself but the new Black Keys album is amazing. Gold on the ceiling. 

9. Some new jeans from Imogene and Willie- their new Elizabeth cut is higher in the waist and so flattering. These jeans are the real deal- they last forever and keep getting better with every wear. Most of my other jeans live the opposite life. 

10. Shagreen iphone cover

11. The Diana mini-camera- Cuz she's so darn cute. Who wouldn't smile for pictures if they're looking at her?

12. Jewelry travel organizer- (see #5 and #14) 

13. Cognac clogs from the Perfect Pair in Nashville

14. Gold feather ring

15. Cococozy throw blanket- pretty colors and they are really soft!

16.  Stemless wine glasses- handbuilt porcelain pottery from two of my favorite artists and friends- The Cravens out of Foxfire, VA. (I could go on but that's for another blog post) I love these wine glasses and could use a few more to add to my collection! 

Or you can always give back! There's never a better gift. Check out my favorite charities under "Share your nest."

I know the train is around the corner and everyone is frantically trying to pull off Christmas miracles to make everything perfect for the weekend-- but don't forget to love on each other. :)