happy, happy,


We're all stocked up here- with festive trees, 

pumpkins and fall flowers,

and LOTS of candy!! 

that Hoyt and I have been "testing" to make sure none of it is poisenous. 

Busted with the skittles.

Busted spoiling my dog.

Busted making 2 normal jackolanterns and 1 really creepy/dead corpse one. 

I put Mr. Jolly in charge of Finley for tomorrow night for when all the kids come a' knockin. Mr. Jolly, meet Finn.

Finn, Mr. Jolly.

I'm starting to think I should have a sign outside my door that says "Please say 'trick or T-R-E-A-T (spelled out) else you're going to end up with a hungry puppy pummeling you to the ground."

Have a great night! Be safe! Eat lots of sugar.  

Happy Happy.