With me on a shopping spree

Went to Scott's Antique Fair in Atlanta last week and found some great things.

I buy things with a specific client in mind so,  as you can see, I have projects with ALL different tastes.

But the common thread being that I love every piece I choose to get, for different reasons. And then I come across things that might not have a specific home YET but I just can't go back to Nashville without it.

Alot of it was not photographed but this is what I took away from the day:

*hutch piece in background, only 8" deep, perfect for concealing a flatscreen!

A bust. why not.

old vintage hardware,  and pillows.

And my personal favorite:

Obsessed with this antique mirrored coffee table!! Had to get it. Might need to test it out at my house for a while?? :)

The girl to the left is one of my best friends- Katie. I stay with her everytime I go to Atlanta and whenever she has days off from work I somehow convince her to follow along as my "assistant" for the day.

Apparently they were expecting us:

I texted Hoyt this picture and he responded with: Where are you? A homeless shelter??

Hmm.. the setting does look questionable. 

No, just shopping for my clients digging through junk outside of South Building. Apparently it was on the verge of raining so they were covering things up. All these factors making it impossible to find someone to take our picture, and even more impossible to convince Hoyt that I'm actually working, and Katie's actually helping.

 Another whirlwind trip that was fun and successful. But also exhausting. After traveling every single week over the past month I can't tell you how satisfying it was to finally press that beloved button on my GPS- 


And stay a while!

Hope you had a good weekend.

 (thanks "and friend" for helping me all day. love ya)