Laundry, Laundry

I have to do laundry.

And I'm dreading it this week. 

If only it didn't take so long... or require my attention. 

OR if I could do laundry in a well-designed, fully functional room designated for cleaning clothes only. Ahhh, one day.

If you don't have a designated room for laundry you have to be creative about how to disguise those 2 big loud machines. 

Fabric is an easy choice- (probably the least expensive too)-

Or you could have doors built to hide them:

Or if you're going to show them off, make them a design feature:

Or make them go away...

Nice details/ideas I've seen...

Love the idea of somewhere to put baskets!! 90% of the time they are just left on countertops or sitting on floor. This way they are out of sight!

And a few other laundry rooms I just like:

(via martha stewart)

(via Urban Grace) 

This one is the size of my kitchen. 

(via southern living)

In this laundry room I like how they are using concrete planters and basins to hold detergents, etc.

(via two ellie)

(via southern living)

This laundry room was treated like an actual room- with a unique light fixture, wallpaper, chicken wire mesh cabinetry, etc. Love it.

Life is good.

But a nice laundry room would make it just a little bit better.

I'm just sayin'... 

(all images via pinterest)