France Answers (Franswers)

The title of this post explains a lot about me.

a) I think it's funny.

b) I talk really fast- so in real life it probablydoes sound like Franswers.

c) The thoughts in my head run together, often merging and creating NEW thoughts.

d) I entertain myself with these things and quickly deRAIL. 

Where was I?

France Answers:

Thank you so much for your kind comments! Keeping honest- When I share a lot on the blog I sometimes wake up feeling.. sheepish. Like- oh no, maybe I shouldn't have included my dad doing a JIG. But your comments remind me that y'all actually like reading my weird commentary… and that makes it all worth while. So thank you for your feedback- it means a lot. 

I thought I'd answer a few frequently asked questions. 

 I love your boots! Where did you get them?

Thanks. I love them too. And I'm about to give you an answer that is just as annoying as "I got them abroad."… They're vintage. 

But the good news is: they are from Imogene and Willie in Nashville.

If you've never been to their store, you need to go. They are friends of mine- (actually I've had a crush on them since the moment I walked in and then I just forced them into being our friends. It worked.) But seriously, it's one of the coolest stores in Nashville… and home of hundreds of vintage boots and jeans. A few months back I did a last minute photo shoot with them, sporting their Chambray dress. They put me in some of their vintage boots they had lying around and I would not. could not. take them off. 

So they went home with me. 

They have plenty of vintage ones- all shapes and sizes. Give them a ring and they'll hook you up. 

Where did you get your green shirt?

Get ready…..


Mossimo Military Tunic in "seaweed". Nothing special.. but it's super comfortable and I liked the color. (and yes I like that y'all notice my Target shirt while I'm on the coast of the Mediterranean) 

Is your brother single?

Yes, he is.

Will he kill you for sharing that?

Yes, he will.

Can you share more of your mom's sketches?

This one she did of Shakespeare and Co.- 

She's good.  I'm going to convince her to open at etsy shop.  If it follows through y'all will be the first to know!

In other news...

When we got back from France we had a lot going on with our own house, I was playing catch up from all the work I missed, and Hoyt had one week of freedom before starting his job. One morning he asks "How can I help?" To which I spout out a million things that are running through my head, things that I expect to be written down but not necessarily executed in the way I delivered them (girls at the office call it my "word vomit"--- it's a daily thing.) 

I actually didn't think he was listening… but I found his little working "to do" list later that day: 

Hmmm.. Not sure what to think about the fact that the two NOT crossed off are still pending completion. But really- it's the list listening that counts.

We didn't have plans for the 4th but ended up sitting in a field with some friends watching the U2 concert in the Vanderbilt stadium. We could hear it perfectly and practically see everything. It was great...

It was a pretty laid back weekend which we both enjoyed thoroughly. (And for the record, we did kill the house spiders… and somewhat clean.)

Last week highlights in design world:

Wallpaper was installed in a clients house...

Love. Phillip Jeffries grasscloth is always so handsome.

That little side table to the right I actually spotted in an antique store in Birmingham- for a steal!

I thought the top was interesting but the legs were a little too traditional. So I had my wood guy make a more modern base that fits the style of the room much better.

AND these amazing counter stools I ordered for my client finally came in last week: 

Casamidy's Varenne Counter Stools in Perennials Pygmy Stripe Fabric. 

I'm obsessed.