You might work too much/ need a vacation IF:

You have more food in your office fridge than in your home fridge. 

More furniture in there too...

The UPS delivery guy honks you down on the highway, rolls down the window waving, and yells HEY GIRL, SEE YOU TOMORROW!

You're talking to your mom about landscaping tips for the new house and she asks you "Where does the sun shine during the day?" 

Uhhhh……..  I. don't. know

You catch yourself talking to your husband as if he's another subcontractor: "I need it to get done before Friday. Period."

"Excuse me?"-Hoyt

"Oh.. I mean….. Pleeeease?? (sweet smile)??"

You pinterest all night and your husband tells you to stop working. "It's not work!! Ok, maybe a little. But I. can't. stop."

Your friends and blog readers start to worry when you haven't blogged in a week- that must mean she's REALLY busy. No chance I'd actually take a long vacation?? No. Just overworking myself as usual.

Well, this time I'm taking one.... I leave today for a family vacation to France!!(actually by the time this posts I will be there)

I've never been to this country… can't even tell you how excited I am!!

Flying into Barcelona…. then traveling up to:



Saint Jean de Luz

and ending in Paris! 

Ever been?? Would love any recommendations…?

Although I'm definitely going to explore these wonderful cities I can assure you I'll take time to relax, drink wine, eat good food, and take lots of pictures! 

Be back soon.