diary of a trucker… or something like that.

It's June, folks. JUNE.

I had every intention of sitting down tonight a week ago and blogging about Linville, Camp Cousins, some recent installs, other lovely things. (And I will- I promise.)  But you know I love to remind you that my job/life is extremely UNglamorous. And honestly, after 12 hour work days I can't help but want to sit in front of the computer and mash the keys like a toddler. These are the things that run through my head as I try to come up with a decent post. Some complaints, some praises, a few things I hate (excuse me- my grandmother taught me to use "strongly dislike"!), a few I love, and some good ole' random thoughts.

I've decided I...

Strongly Dislike: Uhauls.

Yes, I drove one by myself this past week to a clients house. Had to get a few things down south prior to an install and just made sense (at the time) to take matters into my own hands. So, I tried it. And now I think it's safe to say this trucker has retired. Every time I jumped {a good 4 ft} down out of the front seat I felt like I was in the traveling circus. And my leg was sore for days from pushing the accelerator. Who knew?

Love: Cruise control. Missed it.

Oh, and LOVE: what was INSIDE the Uhaul: Some pics of a few...

An antique french chaise lounge- love the legs on her. 

A new headboard- this fabric is so much prettier in person. Wool heather gray with soft pink… Yum.

OK, back to complaints.

I Strongly Dislike: Cicadas. Ever heard of the Cicada Swarm in middle Tennessee? Neither had I- until a few months ago. Every 13 years millions emerge from their underground nests and swarm the air. It's kind of like Leap Year but with bird-size loud flying red-eyed creatures that look like this

and sound like this

And they emerge from the ground by the millions. 

They latch on to you when you least expect it. Today I was on the phone with a client and had my phone sandwiched between my shoulder and chin. Reached up to pull my hair in a pony tail and BBBRRRRRRRRRZZZZ A giant cicada nested IN my hair, rattling behind my ear. I screamed, yelled a very enunciated curse word, threw my phone across the room and did what appeared to be an African tribal dance across my office. Luckily my client is a local Nashvillian and didn't think anything of it.  Rattle-Scream-Cuss-Stomp? Must be cicada.

Although I do appreciate getting the experience of living through a natural insect phenomemon- who am I kidding- GO AWAY CICADAS.!!

Love: Home cooked dinners out on the porch with people I love. 

Cicada Enchiladas- dig in. I'm kidding, but some people aren't.

Love: little makeovers- making average things look fabulous.  

Tolias chair before. 

After a little custom fit mini-skirt in Donghia vinyl fabric (with a little sheen!) you get Sassy Tolias Chair! Form, Function, glam it up. Check.

That bird claw coming into the photograph would be MINE. I try to illustrate that the top slides off the barstool in an effortless, Vanna White way and my hand defaults to claw position., which I strongly dislike.

Love: Owning my own home.

Strongly Dislike:Construction on my own home. Especially when you don't have the time to manage it.  I deal with unreliable subcontractors and vendors ALL day long (everyone has their days)- and yes, it is difficult to manage at times. But now I fully understand the client's perspective. I become a raging bull when people are careless and forgetful with my home. We're having the roof replaced. Today I showed up at 7pm to a explosion of old rusty roof debris all over my kitchen. (A month ago I took down the microwave that goes above the stove and gave it to my electrician.) Exhaust fan/hole in the wall is still there- OOPS. Debris-everywhere! Sure wish I kept that microwave there. Minutes later I get a knock on my door- one of the roofers who doesn't speak English asking if he can use my microwave to heat up his dinner. I laughed. I communicated that actually I had ROOF on my stove and in fact, NO microwave. ROOF… ON THE STOVE.!! I think he thought I was speaking another language so I just gave him a fork and said I was sorry about his frozen dinner. I still feel bad about it. 

Love/Strongly Dislike: when my mom sends me text pictures of puppies down in Hale County, AL that need homes.

I'm on the market for a dog- a medium sized, rescue dog that desperately needs someone to love him or her. But I can't get one until July, so don't worry-Y'all have some time to help me.:) I would prefer puppy. I love labradors, golden retrievers, boxers, spaniels, any medium sized dog will do. However, I have found a love for a small little friend that lives with one of my clients named Cricket. She likes to show off when she just gets her haircut, so she runs up to me and snuggles everytime I come in the house.

Can't get much done with that face…

Love: The new Calypso Line at Target- I recommend their travel bags and their jewelry. Go getcha some.

I've been wearing these earrings non-stop lately….

Confession: I buy too much crap at Target. Not enough groceries.

Love: this photo I saw in some coffee table book I was perusing through recently: 

Despise: Packing and Unpacking within 2 short days.

Love: when clients turn into good friends and ask you down to their beach house for the long weekend. 

Rosemary Beach of all places- heaven on water.

Loved: getting to relax, enjoy the ocean, sit on the beach at sunset and drink a Corona while the sun goes down. 

Strongly Disliked: Leaving.

Although we did fly back from Panama City Airport (took ONE hour to fly back to land-locked Nashville! Love.)  

Thanks for listening to the Trucker Diaries. 10-4, good buddies.