blog makeover, graduation, etc.

Do you like my new banner as much as I do?? 

The very talented Caitlin from Roost put together the perfect new banner for nestegg. I have always admired her work and knew she would be just the right person to help me! And ofcourse- she nailed it on the first draft. If you ever need anyone to help with logos or banners I highly recommend her. And please go look at her photographs on her blog- they are incredible. 

I have other changes I want to make to this ole' webpage... but for now I just wanted to show off my pretty new hat! 

In other news…

Hoyt graduated from Vanderbilt Business School this past Friday. Hooray! I'm so proud of him. He has worked his b*tt off these past 2 years and I probably don't tell him enough how proud I am.

I AM. so proud.

And congratulations to the rest of the class too…

We then took off to our family house in Linville, North Carolina (my favorite place in the world-seriously) for a fun weekend of "Camp Cousins."

Yes, I just said Camp Cousins.

I'll explain it all tomorrow- you can make fun of me then.

And just in case you were wondering: it DOES involve hoola-hooping on a mountain...