I've been cheating on the blog… with Pinterest.

I can't. STOP. pinning.

Please join Pinterest so you can sympathize with me. It's highly addicting. 

What is it? not sure. I'm still learning to navigate it but it's basically a virtual pinboard. It's like the concept of ripping pictures out of magazines- except there are no magazines, or stacks of folders, or pages you can't remember where it came from. Like I said- addicting!

And you can follow each other too. So you basically just share inspirational, pretty pictures with people who appreciate the same thing. 

This is an example of my board...

And you can start folders about all sorts of interests- like this is my board called "Style"-

If you're wondering how I go about blogging and coming up with ideas- THIS is essentially what I do. Look through pictures, save them in folders on my laptop, and come up with blog ideas that pull it together. Pinterest is going to make this so much easier because it has the link from where I originally found it!! 

Here are some recent pictures I found pinteresting...

It's never.ending.!!!

So, please follow me as I PIN my life away!! (For research, of course.)

*the only set back is that it's like a darn club. You have to either be invited in or you submit a request for them to invite you. Oh don't worry- I did the latter. No cool kids over here. I knocked on their door and said LET ME IN. To no avail, I waited my turn and finally got the acceptance letter 3 days later. And the PINS came flying...

If you're having any trouble signing up- leave a comment with your email address and I'll see if I can send you an invite.