Peace. Love. Les Indiennes.

Les Indiennes has been around for nearly 10 years and has made an appearance all over blogs and magazines. But it's popular for a reason.

<via architectural digest>

Their beautiful textiles have always appealed to me. It's probably because I'm so exotic.

I'm kidding.

…. I just think they're pretty

And calming.

And I don't get tired of looking at them. 

This beautiful Nashville home designed by David Netto was just featured in last month's Veranda. The matching upholstered walls and bed hanging renewed my love for Les Indiennes (hence this blog post)...

Their subtle prints fit into just about any setting...

(above rooms by Tom Scheerer

I'm thinking about incorporating it in my house somewhere. (And I might just not ask Hoyt's opinion about this one.) 

But what pattern to choose? The options are endless. These are just a few...

I really like their latest collection.

This bedcover in particular...

And I think their fabrics would make great shower curtains. Let's be honest- tasteful shower curtains are hard to come by. 

If it's in budget I always recommend purchasing the real thing, but for an inexpensive version:

West Elm has a great looking block print bedding collection

Alright, enough bohemian flare for the day.