Boys Room- Winner!

And you thought I forgot… :)

Just to recap: Two months ago (wow, that's scary) I posted a bunch of pictures of boys rooms.  If you missed it- click here. Y'all voted for your favorite(s). The judges deliberated. (my mom volunteered to count up the votes. Thanks Mom. I think she got the hint when she asked me nicely one day while I was up to my eyeballs moving the house, scheduling subs, answering millions of phone calls,TOTAL chaos-

 "Have you counted the blog votes yet?"-Mom

<insert jaw-dropping death glare>

"….. Hmmm… Ok.-Why don't I just do it."

Anyway, back to the game. If you're not familiar- I basically piece the winning room together on a budget. Yay! Game for me. Treat for you.


  A tie!!  between #6 and #17


Peter dunnham boysroom


 Kristen Buckingham  elle decor 

Nice choices!

I've noticed from past voting contests that y'all always choose the room with the best view and the most amount of built-ins. Either y'all are trying to torture me or y'all just have good taste. I'm thinking the latter… :) Obviously the #6 room is more difficult to recreate without a big window and a trim carpenter (unfortunately neither are on sale at Pottery Barn).

So, with that being said, I recreated a hybrid of the two rooms… a room that would last a while. Not too "baby boy" but still youthful and cute at the same time.

1. Slipcovered Twin Headboards in Espresso French Stripe from Pottery Barn {on sale now}

2. Garnet Hill skier sheets (Apparently these aren't available anymore? I'm not surprised considering I started this post months ago. Darn! But Garnet Hill always has really cute sheets for kids. Sheets are also the place where you can do whatever THEY want. Let the boys pick them out. If they are heinous you can cover them up!)

3. Quilted Pillows from West Elm

4. Wool coverlet from Ralph Lauren Home {on sale now}

5. Ceramic table lamp from Pottery Barn

6. Hand Embroidered Turkish Pillow by sukan on Etsy

7. Tribal prints from Panteek

8. Woven basket from Pottery Barn

9. Kilim rug from West Elm

10. Benjamin Moore HC-80 Bleeker Beige

GiRLs… coming soon.