Pack. Move. Unpack.

This is what I've been doing.


The bulk of my days have been spent doing the following...

  • Unnecessary trips to Target
  • Necessary trips to Good Will
  • Shifting around boxes instead of unpacking them
  • Make a "fix it" list, that continues to grow
  • Figuring out where switches are and stumbling across dark rooms
  • Sweeping the floors (repeat)
  • Getting to know my neighbors-  Heart They are the type that bring you dinner and wine.. Oh yes, these neighborhoods still exist.
  • Wine drinking (survival)
  • Speaking of survival!: We have NO internet, phone or cable. (OK-we have our cell phones but it just sounded more dramatic) I know some of you might not need these things on a daily basis (if you are one of those people, I salute you. And please speak up.) It scares me how much I depend on these things... What's a girl to do when she's tired of unpacking and can't watch The Bachelor or read blogs????? 

Several things, actually: 

  • act like a 10-year old and find ways to entertain myself. Numerous times I have popped out of big moving boxes and scared the bejesus out of Hoyt. 
  • Then I draw pictures of the re-enactment:

Blog post

  • Then I sketch million-dollar renovation plans for our tiny new home and leave them on Hoyt's bedside table. Hint, Hint.? 
  • Dreaming about all the things I would do if I had a bigger budget. 
  • Thinking of all the things I need to do, and all the emails I need to respond to.
  • Blogging at work.
  • I'll be back soon with something more substantial
  • .... Just wanted to say hey.