First Home! And Opinion Game-Take 2

Happenings in the Halvorson Household: Hoyt and I bought our first home!!! We are beyond thrilled to be new homeowners. We have lived in 2 rented places over the past 3.5 years. Obviously, we've been comfortable but my heart has never been in either of them, which has driven me  c r a z y. (Good thing I can take my creative energy out on everyone else!!) But I knew that God had a plan for us and so we waited patiently until the time was right. A few weeks ago a tiny, old Tudor home in a fantastic neighborhood became available so we jumped. I walked in and immediately had that good feeling (which I believe goes a long way in home buying!) We are currently refinishing floors and painting everything so we can have a clean slate to move into in a few weeks. There's a LOT more to do- the old house needs work!- but I PROMISE I'll post before/after pictures as soon as the paint is done. Y'all will probably want me to shutup about my little cottage by the end of it. (click to unsubscribe?)

Anyway, all that to say- we are SO EXCITED and can't wait to share the process with you! In the mean time, I've realized that Hoyt and I have never really made many joint "design' decisions together. As visions of Jill Brinson's house dance in my head, I have to remember that only numbers are jumping around in Hoyts. So I thought I'd bring back the Opinion Game, a game I invented to help me figure out what my husband likes and dislikes. And apparently it was a hit- or so some of you say! (if you missed out on the first one: Opinion Game 1)

Here we go.
(I'm in PINK)  (Hoyt's in BLUE)

Hoyt, do you like this room? (I hold the computer in front of his face)

Atl hms

That's awesome. Nothing bad to say about that…

I take that back- The goose over the table is a little weird.

It's ART.

What about this room?

Via elle decor

Absolutely not.

Really?? ! I like it.

Looks like a hotel room in Vegas.-Wait, are you making me play that blog game again?


What about this?

That's awesome.

Does it remind you of anything? Any.. STORE?

… Nope.

It's a Restoration Hardware room. You really don't even glance at the catalogs- do you?..

Do you WANT me to??

Moving along.

Everything is great, except those chandeliers. I just don't like chandeliers.

Yeeaaahhh….. that's going to be a problem.


I LOVE chandeliers. We WILL have them in our home.

Ugh...I just don't like them. They make me think I'm old.

I'll make you change your mind- just wait.

Vincent wolfe via rue
Love that. That's really neat.

I'm not surprised you like it. A man designed this room. Do you want to guess his first name?

Mikel?-- I don't know... somebody Polish.

Vincente Wolf- he's genius.

Of course. Vincente would have been my second guess.

She's pretty hot.

I'm talking about the floors.

I actually think that's really cool.

Still talking about the floors….

OK, yeah- I like the floors.

Umm, I REALLY like that room. -Hoyt

It's pretty masculine, but a gorgeous room. -me

I love books… I mean, I LOVE books. They're the easiest decorating pieces-… right?

Riiight. (may or may not have rolled my eyes)

You like this kitchen?



Do you like the hardware?

Not particularly.

I like the simple, sheer roman shade….

(silence from Hoyt's end)

Do you know what a roman shade is??

Yes..A shade from Rome.

Ha! I love you.

.. But we're getting nowhere with this game.

Domino Oct 2006
Is it a bedroom?? I mean, WHAT room is that?? I'm so confused.

Babe, it's a den.

A den?!!!….I don't get it. It's a BED covered in painter's cloth.

You're right- it might be a bed.

These people need to make up their mind. Is it a bedroom or is it a den?? (clearly flustered)

*Note to self: Don't let our bedroom look like a den, or our den look like a bedroom. Husband. might. fall off his rocker.


I like this kitchen- you have an island and a table all in one spot. -me

Yup- that's awesome- Wait,.. is THAT a "chandelier"??? (points to the light above the island)


LOVE that!!! So.. I DO love chandeliers!! -Hoyt

I'm sorry, could you repeat that? I couldn't hear you.


Aaaaaand my work here is done. :)


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