The In-Between Season...

has me cussing at the weathermen longing for spring. 

Here are a few pics to whet your appetite…(OR have you running to the nearest Walgreens to purchase a SAD lamp.) -hey, no judgement here.



(from Children's Letters to God- have you read it? It's priceless.)

Jeffrey Bilhuber 

Ahg dining room

Nightowlpeek2: via little green notebook 


Ruthie Summers 2 

Via greige


Dear God,

I agree with the children- please don't forget! But thanks for making February the shortest month of the year. You know us well...


(1) via Dress, Design & Decor (2) Jeffrey Bilhuber (3) Atlanta Homes & Gardens (4) via little green notebook (5) source unknown (6) Ruthie Summers via Domino (7) via greige (8) source unknown (9) tracery interiors