Note to Year {2010}

Dear Two Thousand and Ten,

It's time to say goodbye.

Just when I got used to writing you down,

you leave me high and dry.


You were a good one, and I'll try to recap-

but there is no way to attest.

The adventures of this year- seriously-

I've never felt so blessed.

Market trips and antique shows-

I've become quite the scout.

But after a full day of shopping,

I'll admit- I get WORN out.


Wrapped up some projects and started new ones,

Taking (few) pictures along the way... 


Lots of work and travel, 

including a trip to Santa Fe.

SF sky

Fell even more in love with light fixtures,

and porch swings- for an outdoor recline.

So I decided I wanted to make my own

and dabbled in product design...

Screen shot 2011-01-02 at 9.56.32 PM


We experienced a FLOOD in Nashville-

Boats were cruising down streets.

Then suddenly it was summer

and we fled to avoid the heat.

Went up to New York and the Hamptons

IMG_8575 IMG_8878
and on tour with Brooks & Dunn-!

Then back to Nashville to find a familiar face

on the cover of Garden and Gun. !

Spent some time outdoors,

fishing with my favorite guy-


Planned a big party and a "Haunted Trail" 

IMG_0452 IMG_1581IMG_1583 

And that mask makes me want to cry.


I've moved to a bigger office

piles of fabric books galore.

But I don't care how messy it is,

I'm happy to spread out on the floor! 



This year I've struggled with balance-

business woman + friend + wife,

but I listen to the advice of my coffee mug-


"Don't let your inbox run your life!"


Just went to Sunny California to visit Hoyt's family-

it rained the entire time!


then down south to Alabama- 

first White Christmas since 1889.


(OKay it was 1880-but a girls gotta rhyme.)

For me, the best "recharge"

is time with the people I love.


So tell 20 11, I'm officially ready  !!

Wellโ€ฆ.. sort of.