Southern Flourish & a holiday mantel

Need some festive mantel ideas??

Southern Flourish (one of my new favorite online magazines!) asked me to contribute to their first holiday issue!

Southern Flourish holiday cover
They had me put together a storyboard for a holiday mantel- my category being "Traditional with a Twist." 



Check out the latest issue to see the rest of the article (which includes several other mantels designed by talented ladies!) and all sorts of other holiday goodies.


Southern Flourish moved to a subscription based format of only $10/year BUT they are giving you readers a GIFT- If you use the code RACHELHALVORSON at checkout you will receive all issues for only $8!! (Cool huh.? Do a little nestegg name dropping and get a discount! :)

Thanks to Southern Flourish for including me in this festive issue- I am thrilled to be a part of it!