Happy Thanksgiving

I'm heading out to our farm for Thanksgiving with the family. I can assure you there will be: lots of eating, lots of napping, lots of football, and lots of fishing.

(flashback 20 years)

Oh yes. I could catch a mean fish with that (dirty) outfit. I know y'all want those boots but unfortunately I don't think they sell them online anymore. Or anywhere, for that matter.

I'm looking forward to spending time with loved ones and taking a breather. It seems that time is flying by lately and before we know it another year will be behind us.

This year I have a lot to be thankful for. And I felt like making a list. So here goes… (in no particular order)

  1. My parents. Blog words cannot express how thankful I am for these two.BHwed078 
  2. My best friend. Happens to be good looking and really funny.


3.Boots. All shapes and sizes.

4. A good cup of coffee.

5. Sweet animals… who love you even when you torture them.


*We lost Hobbes (our orange kitty) this past summer. :( I guess I haven’t wanted to admit it on the blog. But I am thankful for Hobbes- thankful that he was our ‘little buddy’ for 3 years. He will be missed.

6. Sleep. Gotta love it.

7. Iphones. Sometimes I curse the day they were invented but I have to admit- they do make life/work a lot easier.

8. My younger brother, Cooper. We used to fight like cats and dogs when we were younger- now we compete together for our parents attention. Us vs the cats and dogs. 

Linville August 2006 075
9. The little things in nature that are so beautiful I have to stop and take a picture.


 10. Music!

11. My friends (old and new). I don’t know where I would be without you guys. This picture is from our wedding and although it doesn’t include everyone I think it accurately illustrates my friendships.

Wedding professional pics 361_2

 12. Hoyt’s side of the family. My in-laws, his brothers and their wives, his sweet grandparents… I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch. And we miss you all this Thanksgiving!

13. This includes my painfully cute nephews and nieces. This pic was a while ago (and it's only half of them!) but I love it. 


14. Fabric samples that show up at my doorstep. And when I find the downtime to sift through them, oooing and ahhing.

15. Help. I’m thankful for Amy who works her boots off in the office and is my right brain. And Leslie who is my part of the brain that I think I was born without- the accounting and bookkeeping part. Thank the Lord for them!

16. My clients! I’m thankful that doing what I love results in lasting friendships. It makes everything worthwhile.

17. A booked schedule.  Although at times it’s overwhelming, I’m thankful for work.

18. Funny youtube videos that have me in tears from laughing.

19. Photo Booth, Yearbook Yourself, FatBooth (Ohhh the tears.)

Photo on 2010-11-24 at 15.41
(anonymous freak)

20. A comfortable bed.

21. My only living grandparent- Elsie Lee, aka “Mimi”. She’s adorable and hilarious. She inspires me to stay young at heart, and I’m thankful for that.


22. FOOD!!! Good, good food.

23. Running Water. (I just asked Hoyt to insert one and this was his.)

24. Marrying a utilitarian. :)

25. Good wine, good conversation.


26. Scrabble with Friends (the real life version). Ok, and Words with Friends (I’m addicted.)


27. Shelter magazines and design blogs.

28. YOU. Seriously… thank you for reading. And for always being encouraging!

29. God’s grace. (See evidence: #1-28)

  Wedding professional pics 629 

Happy Thanksgiving!