Easy Art

Artwork wall elle decor


a must have in the home.

Cannot be forced.

Tends to be expensive.

With that being said, there are some easy and affordable alternatives to dressing up your wall. Although a little elbow grease IS involved. But just think- a trip to Hobby Lobby and 4 glue sticks later you could be on your way to becoming the next Picasso.

(And just to clarify- These pieces of art below are all valuable. And I do not discredit the artists! I just see things like this and think DIY. Do it yourself, it doesn't look too difficult.

Easy silhouettes...
Rashida Jones Domino

Carolina irving lonny

A framed tapestry...

Framed tapestry simon upton

Chalkboard Art...

God bless america nate berkus elle decor

Blow up a photograph or print on canvas...

Lauren from Pure Style Home sent her favorite print (which was originally an 8x10) to be enlarged at wizardprints.com. (I've used it before too- it's great!) Look at how much of an impact it makes in her dining room now...

Pure style home dining

An 8x10 print, now a 4'x7' piece of art. Amazing!

Here, Palmer Weiss blows up charming photographs in a girls room and hangs them above each bed...

Palmer weiss lonny 

Tom scheerer dining paintings

OR you can display the small photographs...

Domino polaroid

Cookie magazine

Framed Foliage...

Via little green notebook
(I saw on Little Green Notebook that she found these 2 prints above at Art.Com- see here.

Book At Home with Color

Framed wallpaper or fabrics:

Domino via little green noteboko

Canadian House and HOme

Framed Collections...

Vogue via domino 

Erika from Urban Grace framed a collection of match boxes she found at a flea market... It adds so much to the room!

Urban grace matchbook

Recently Elle Decor featured a home where a collection of old clipboards was displayed in the hallway. I love this idea! How unique...

Estershon Elle Decor 

Aerin Lauder's breakfast room features her kids' artwork... Tastefully, ofcourse.

Aerin Lauder kitchen elle decor

Organized color...

Artwork inspire

Tape off a canvas in a grid and let your kids "color in the lines" with a few selected markers. Rip off the tape,

and Voila!

Easy art!


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