New Orleans style

I've been doing some research.

Me? Research??? Shocking, I know. This was more like "client research" as one of my clients is a New Orleans native living in the middle of Nashville, TN. Her style is chic, effortless, and very "New Orleans." So.. what does that MEAN exactly? How can I understand my client if I don't really fully understand this Creole style?

Parlange Plantation via flickr 

I borrowed a few of her NOLA books and went on a mini-mission to find out for myself.

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New Orleans style is so interesting to me because it's heavily borrowed from so many different cultures and styles but yet it's uniquely New Orleans at the same time. 

 A timeless aesthetic...

Creole houses

There is always something in a room that you couldn't find anywhere else.


 I learned that Lagniappe actually translates to "a little something extra"... which, in my opinion, totally defines the style.  


It's an eclectic mix of French, Spanish, African, Native American, West Indian, Creole, tropical, romantic, rustic, classical.. the list goes on.

But if you're anything like me, you're going to skip right over the history part and just look at the pretty pictures. Pictures explain it better, anyway.

A house by A. Hays Town, via Things that Inspire...


A Hays Town via TTI

Interiors by Gerrie Bremermann that I snagged from Cote de Texas and Southern Accents..

Gerrie bremermann via CDT
Rowan2 southern accents

Bremerman southern accents


And some more beautiful rooms by New Orleans interior designer Tara Shaw ...

Tarashaw veranda 2005-via CDT 
Tara shaw 2veranda 2005 via CDT

Tara shaw veranda 2005 via CDT

Veranda tara shaw

Veranda tara shaw4 

In the book Creole Houses I found a lot of great insider info AND beautiful pictures... (photographs are taken by Steve Gross and Sue Daley)



New Orleans Home & Lifestyles magazine had some good pictures too...

New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles 1NO7

So much character!

A recent Elle Decor issue featured a young, fresh New Orleans home decorated by Tommy Clements. I love that it mixed the owner's New Orleans heritage with modern elements. 

Elle decor new orleans house

OK, Time Out- let's review the entire house because I'm OBSESSED with this place...

The bathroom is unreal. Everything about it I love- even the robe. 

Elle decor new orleans clements 2

I, personally, would not have chosen that artwork for the kitchen- mainly because it doesn't seem to flow with the rest of the house.. but hey, it's not a deal breaker. 

However, the dining room. Is. Awesome. That glossy trestle table paired with the unique, rustic chairs, the black/white photograph and the pop of greenery !! Love.

Elle decor sure thing clements

AND the bedroom!!! I can't even talk about it.

So chic. So interesting. SO New Orleans.

See, now that I've done my research <insert air quotes> I can say things like that: SO New Orleans.- I mean- NAH'lins.  

 At this point all I need is a shopping trip. Who's with me??

(image #1- via flickr, image #2- via Creole Houses, image #3- interior by Gerrie Bremermann, image #4-via House Beautiful)